Military Medal Awards

Sgt. Harry Guthrie. Courtesy Tony Bowden - Manchesters Forum
Sgt. Harry Guthrie. Courtesy Tony Bowden – Manchesters Forum
Guthrie HS MM 17-26327 Sgt
Guthrie HS MM 17-26327 Sgt

Sergeant Harry Sydney GUTHRIE MM  26327 – Awarded MM as Lance Corporal.  Gazetted 23/8/16.  Born Didsbury or Newton le Willows..  Resident Cheadle.. Age 27. Husband of Florence Guthrie, of 56, Cecil St., Whitworth Park, Manchester. Entered France 25/12/1915.  Former Officer from Didsbury Police Station. Left Manchester Police 30/6/15.   KiA 11th October 1916 at Flers  buried A.I.F. FLERS

Manchester Evening News 22 August 1916
Manchester Evening News 22 August 1916. © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Lance Corporal William Oven MM 9514 – LG 23/8/1916.  Arrived France 1916. Later transferred to 1/6th Bttn.

Sergeant  James Hulme MM 8641 Gazetted 19/9/16 “For Bravery in the Field” Enlisted  aged 30 3/9/14.  Previous employment at C.W.S. Born in Broughton and resident at 65 Orient Street , Cheetham.  Employed as Warehouseman at Co-operative Wholesale Society.  Trained with XII Pln C Company with 16 other C.W.S. men.  Promoted Lance Corporal 19/2/15 and reverted to Private 25/2/15 ‘at own request’. Sergeant in C Coy 2/7/16.  30/7/16 at Guillemont.  “He states that when moving through barbed wire he was knocked out by machine gun fire & afterward hit on back with shrapnel” He suffered a wound to the back of his left shoulder and back of his thigh. Operated on injuries in Boulogne, returned to UK on Hospital Ship St David and treated in Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich.  Leave at home for 2 weeks from 31/10/16. Following wounds posted Depot 3/8/16 and 69th Training Reserve Bttn 10/11/16. Discharged with Silver War Badge 1/1/18, receiving Pension at 34 Agnes Grove, Liscard, Cheshire.  James’ character described as  “A steady sober well conducted NCO & a gallant soldier in the field”. Emigrated to Australia with his wife Florence and two children.  Received Military Medal at Ceremony attended by Lord Mayor of Manchester at Platt Fields, 14/4/17. Requested commemorative medals in 1926 as resident of  ‘Broughton’  Anzac  Street, Canterbury.

Private John Charles Frawley MM 11186 Gazetted 21/9/16.  John had transferred from 18th Bttn where he had enlisted on 29/3/15, aged 19.  He had been employed as a Clerk and resident at 27 Thorpe Street, Old Trafford with his father John William Frawley. After training with 18th, he was transferred to 25th Reserve and posted to 17th Battalion on New Years Day 1916.  He had been transferred to the 13th in July 1918, and 9th Bttn in August 1918.  John was promoted Lance Corporal with the 17th Bttn in February 1918 after a period at Home, Corporal in March 1918 and then Sergeant with 9th Bttn on October, prior to acting CSM and then CQMS prior to discharge in June 1919. Trafford Archives tells us John had been a railway clerk and returned to this job after discharge.  He died in the New Forest in 1973

Private Cornelius Scholey MM 8875 Gazetted 21/9/16 ‘for bravery in the field’. Born St Andrew’s Salford. Former warehouseman enlisted 3/9/14 in Manchester aged 23. Following a GSW at Royal Dragon Wood near Vaux, serving with B Company  on 16/2/16 Cornelius was treated in 21st Casualty Clearing Station and evacuated from Le Havre aboard ‘St George’ on 22/4/16.  After treatment in Bradford War Hospital he had 10   days leave and returned to France on 7th April 1916. Maintaining a clean disciplinary record, he was Promoted Lance Corporal on 8/10/16 to be KiA at Ypres 27/4/18. Commemorated Tyne Cottage Memorial.  Cornelius’ sister Malinda acknowledged his medals in October 1919.

Private Fred Blakeley MM 8079 Gazetted 21/10/16 for carrying despatches at Guillemont 0n 30th July 1916. Born & resident Prestwich enlisted Manchester. KiA as Lance Corporal Heninel 23/4/17 . Aged 22.  COJEUL BRITISH CEMETERY, ST. MARTIN-SUR-COJEULSon of Mr. J. R. and Mrs. S. A. Blakeley, of 20, Arthur St., Prestwich, Manchester. Trained in D Company XVI Platoon.

Corporal John Thomas Hobson 9250 Gazetted 2/2/17 (Not listed in Official History) for action prior to 2/7/16.  25 year old former A Division Manchester Police Officer, born in Chesterton, Staffs  and resident of 35 Ruskin Avenue, Cheetham Road, John enlisted on 28/1/15 and trained with X Platoon of C Company.  John had a clean disciplinary record and was admitted in Hospital for in spring 1915 Syphilis and inflamed Pharynx .  He was promoted Corporal 19/2/15, Lance Sergeant 5/12/15 and on 31/12/15 Sergeant.   France 08/11/1915. Trained as Bomber. KiA 1/7/16 Commemorated Thiepval. John’s Widow, Mary Ellen Hobson received his possessions in 1917, resident with her father at Crescent Road, Cheetham Hill.  The couple had married at St Mark’s Church, Cheetham Hill on 22/8/14.  They had a young son named after his father and born on 10/1/15, a matter of weeks before John enlisted. Records indicate Mary and John Junior lived in Grantham until August 1915, while the 17th Bttn were posted to Belton Park.

Private Hervey Bennett MM 26256 Gazette 16/11/16.  Hervey  had been born in Stockport, enlisted with 17th Bttn on 25/5/15, aged 19 resident at his father, John William’s home, The Cottage, Tirley Garth, Tarporley, Cheshire. Occupation as Footman. Left Folkestone on SS ‘ ‘Golden Eagle’ and entered France 11/2/16.  Following a period at Etaples, he was posted to 17th Bttn on 31/3/16.Prmoted Lance Corporal and.  Still stationed in Manchester when admonished and forfeited 3 days pay for over staying leave pass for 3 days. Treated for impetigo in August 1916.   Gun Shot Wound to face at Heninel 23/4/17 and treated at Wancourt and 16th General Hospital at Le Treport…  Appears to have been treated in hospital in Etaples before posting back to 17th Bttn 14/5/17. Transferred to Border Regiment 29713 in  May 1918. Leave in UK September 1918. Promoted Corporal 22/10/18. Discharged May 1919.

Corporal Myles Blades MM 9126 Gazette 16/11/16 Also Mentioned in Despatches as Company Sergeant Major 21/12/17. Discharged Feb 1919.

Private William N Bolt MM 8409 Gazetted 16/11/16  Trained in B Company V Platoon. Subsequently promoted to Corporal and transferred to East Yorks Regiment 30117.

Private Albert Bowers MM 9500 Gazetted 16/11/16 Trained with William Bolt in V Platoon.  Also Drummer in Bugle Band and MM probably relates to action as stretcher bearer. Discharged fit 29/3/19.

Lance Corporal Norman Entwistle MM 8543 Gazetted 16/11/16. To Reserve 26 February 1919 as Corporal.

Sergeant Frank W Moxon MM 8742 Gazetted 11/11/16 Enlisted 3/9/14.  Trained with 13 Platoon of D Company. Discharged with Silver War Badge 28/11/17 aged 23.

Private H Rogers MM 8827 Gazetted 11/11/16 Transferred to Labour Corps.

Private Francis Noel Worthington MM 8935 Gazetted 16/11/16.  Resident of  Hereford Cottage School Road Sale. Wounded at Montauban or Trones Wood. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant 29/1/18.  Resident of Blackburn in 1920.

Manchester Evening News - 3rd October 1916 Cpl L W Wright

Corporal Leslie William Wright MM 8955 Gazetted 16/11/16 Enlisted 3/9/14 and trained with VIII Platoon of B Company.  Discharged wounded from Depot with Silver War Badge 26/7/17. Leslie had been born in 1894 and went on to live at Oakwood Avenue, Gatley, just around the corner from Arthur Bell.  He died in 1964.

Manchester Evening News 13.4.17 Thanks to Atherton of MRF
Manchester Evening News 13.4.17 Thanks to Atherton of MRF

Private John Kenyon MM 10286 Gazetted 22/1/17. Originally enlisted with 18th Battalion. Received Medal at Ceremony attended by Lord Mayor of Manchester at Platt Fields, 14/4/17. Discharged fit April 1919.

Corporal J Scott MM 8855 Gazetted 22/1/17.  Trained with I Platoon of A Company.  Discharged as Sergeant 28/2/19.

Lance Corporal A WIlkinson 8976

Private Arthur Wilkinson MM 8976 Gazetted 21/1/17.  Born and resident in Salford prior to enlistment in Manchester. Promoted Lance Corporal in C Company. Died of Wounds 25/4/17 after action at Heninel.  Buried BUCQUOY ROAD CEMETERY, FICHEUX. Son of John and Louisa Wilkinson, of 21, Walter St., Salford, Manchester.

Private Sydney Ackerley MM 8046 of C Company, Gazetted 9/7/17 Born St Ignatius, Salford, enlisted Manchester resident Salford KiA aged 22  as Lance Corporal 22/3/18. Son of Alfred Vernon Ackerley and Clementina Ackerley, of 17, Regent Square, Salford, Manchester. Commemorated Poiziers Memorial, Salford Lads Club, Weaste Cemetary and Regent Square Memorial. Records indicate Sydney received his honour  “for placing a machine gun out of action while he was under heavy fire” during the action at Heninel on 23/4/17.  Sydney trained with X Platoon of C Company. Sydney had worked at Thomas Collier and Sons, High St, Manchester.

Private Joseph Farmer A Company MM 9313 Gazetted 9/7/17 for deed at Heninel 23/4/17 . Enlisted with two other miners from Tyldesley. His friend 9314 Richard Owens was killed at Montauban on 1/7/1916.  Trained in XVIII Company  with Albert Hurst and two other miners from Tyldesley, before transfer to one of A – D Companies. His casualty form active service states he was wounded at Guillemont and confirmed he won is MM for action at Heninel.  The casualty record also states wounded at Cheluvelt 3-12-17 when the Battalion were in the line astride the Menin Road, east of Ypers when they assaulted Polderhoek chateau. In this assault B Company suffered over twenty casualties.

Private J E Fielden MM 46461 Gazetted 9/7/17 for deed at Heninel 23/4/17 Posted to D Company.

Private J Helsby MM and Bar 47427 Gazetted  9/7/17 for action at Heninel 23/4/17 posted to C Company. Gazetted with bar 13/9/18; awarded Guerville 31/5/18

Private Thomas Roberts MM 8818 Gazetted 9/7/17 for action at Heninel 23/4/17 posted in A Company.

Courtesy Manchester Regiment Group Forum

W.R.Spratley Courtesy Manchesters Forum
Courtesy Manchester Regiment Group Forum

Private William Robert Spratley MM 43337 Gazetted 9/7/1917 for action at Heninel 23/4/1917 posted to D Company.  William was a former member of the Royal Berks Regiment 20115; probably posted to the 17th Manchesters with a number of 5/ Royal Berks men on 1/9/1916, having arrived in France in early July 1916 and attached to 17th Bn on 11/07/1916 prior to the assault on Guillemont.  He was previously resident of 14 Wykeham Road, Earley.  He was later promoted Corporal and  transferred to 2nd Manchesters and posted as part of a draft to the 8th Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) Regiment G/69592. These transfers probably followed wounds or sickness. Pte 69598 of Queen’s had enlisted in E Yorks Rgt, served in 2/6th Manchesters. He was wounded in 1917 and returned to France in 1918, transferred to 8/Queens on 13/08/1918 and joined the Bn in the Field on 17/08/1918.  Pte 61132 of 22/Manchester was posted to 8/Queens on the same day and renumbered 69614 Harold John Pound.  William Spratley was probably part of the same draft.

301 Private John Ward DCM MM of B Company is identified in the Official History of the 17th Bttn – and War Diary entry 19th May 1917 as receiving the MM for action at Heninel 23/4/17. A Medal Card shows Private Ward received the DCM as published in the London Gazette 14th January 1916 (11/3/1916), serving with 2nd Battalion, to which he went baxk to serve later in hostilities.  He returned to help a wounded man who was lying next to a trench that was to be demolished by explosives and the fuse had been lit. He had arrived France 1st February 1915.  It appears his 1914/15 Star  and other Service Medals were forfeited for misconduct.

Private 41656 Ernest William Cutcliffe. Gazetted 29/08/1917 for action at Hooge.


Lance Corporal W Fearnley MM 9313 Gazetted 28/9/17 for deed at Ypres 31/7/17

Private A E Hare MM 43344 Gazetted 28/9/17 for deed at Ypres 31/7/17

Private J Murphy MM 21073 Gazetted 28/9/17 for deed at Ypres 31/7/17

Private R Armstrong MM 2271 Gazetted 22/9/17 for deed at Ypres 22/9/17

Corporal Albert Giblin MM 2163 Gazetted 13/3/18 noted in War Diary 16/12/17. Albert entered France 10/5/15, almost six months ahead of the 17th Battalion.  It’s likely he was a member of the Manchester Regiment Reserve, wounded and transferred to the 17th Battalion after recovery.  His Medal Card specifies Special Reserve. Probably for deed at Ypres as Corporal.

Private Edward Preston MM 245180 Gazetted 13/3/18 noted in War Diary 16/12/17 with C Company. Probably for action at Ypres. Later transferred to 1st Borders, 53011.  Post war pension resident Blackburn. Died 30/10/1965. Widow, Ada.

Private James Joseph Pickavance MM 33403  from Oldham was Gazetted 27/6/18 for action at Spoil Bank, Ypres 30/4/18.

Private F W Stafford MM 2702 Gazetted 27/6/18 for action at Spoil Bank, Ypres 30/4/18 where he was killed in action.  Son of Mrs. Mary Smethurst, of 69, Lord St., Oldham.

Lance Corporal C Turner MM 47317 Gazetted 27/6/18 for action at Spoil Bank, Ypres 30/4/18

Private J W Walker MM 203202 Gazetted 13/9/18; awarded Guerville 31/5/18

Sergeant George Royle Gazetted 1/1/19

Sergeant Norman Donald Crichton MM 9227 Gazetted 30/1/20 Police Officer PoW in Dulmen Camp. Escaped captivity and may have received Honour for his successful return to Britain. Joined Manchester Police 18/02/1914 Levenshulme Station aged 20 born Falkirk. Joined and disharged Cheshires SR in 1910. He was in the 6th Bn Cheshire Regt (TF) from 1911-1914. Enlisted 25/1/1915. Parents lived at 37 Berry St Preston. Discharged debility  Pension 21/9/1919.

Pte 9478 George Wilfred Reed transferred to 2nd Bttn. MM Award LG 6/2/1918. Later service with Yorkshire Regiment.

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    Thank you so much for this website. Managed to locate my husbands grandfather J J pickavance!

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      It’s great to hear from you. I had a quick look for more information and only found his full name as James Joseph Pickavance, from Oldham.

      The Regimental Number sequence suggests he may have enlisted in the Derby Scheme, as part of 25th /26th Bttn,during 1916 and possibly posted to the 17th Bttn in mid July that year. He probably served at Guillemont and then later battles, although unlikely to have served all the way through to April 1918 without wounds or sickness. Hence, not easy to know if he was present at all the actions.

      If you have any more information on James, I’d be delighted to add it to his MM post. Any photos of him or his medals would be brilliant.


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