The officers of 90th Brigade – Merchiston, Oxford, Cheshire and beyond.

Cover Image of 17th Battalion Officers in front of Heaton Hall in April 1915

The network of connections between officers in 17th Battalion has always created intrigue.  Masters and pupils from Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh formed a large contingent of the Battalion’s Officers.  St Bees School Cumberland provided another group and there with other connections with Cheshire Rugby Club, Queens College, Oxford and varied Manchester organisations.

I hope this site contributions to the understanding of the men who enlisted in the Pals recruitment drive of autumn 1914.  The research them on this page addresses the undoubted “Pals” connection that also applied to the Officers who commanded the clerks and warehouseman in the Manchester City Battalions.  This page will take some time to complete, so please bear with me and don’t hesitate to add a comment if you have any thoughts at all.  The snippets of information and fantastic photos that have been gleaned over the years are a shared resource that makes this site so rewarding.

Biographies have being compiled or linked to help compile a picture of the overlapping connections between the men.  The date of birth of these Officers is provided with the rank and unit on 1st July 1916, when most of them first went over the top. The names of the men who died in hostilities are highlighted bold.

Capt/Maj James Kenneth Aitken 17th Bttn (1863) Comm Capt 8/11/1914. Maj effective 1/1/1915 Retired officer (2/Lt 1881). Overseas with Gen List – not 17th.
Chaplain Robert Wilfred Balleine 90th Bgd (1881) Pembroke College, Oxford (Maths). Chaplain to Bishop of Manchester
2nd Lt Arthur Horace Mortimer Brown, born and educated in London.  A former articled clerk and Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) working with J. Edwards Myers & Clark in London. Comm 27/10/1915.  France 21/4/1916. Joined Bttn 26/4/1916. KiA 9/7/1916.
Capt Macdonald Warriner Brown 17th Bttn Born Penarth 1890, Educated Cirencester Grammar. Uni London. Master North Manchester School from 1910. Resident Lytham. Public Schools Bttn 11/1914. Comm 12/5/1915. France 1/12/1915. Rejoined the Bttn for duty 17/9/1916. KIA Flers as OC C Coy.
2nd Lt Donald Harlow Budenberg 17th Bttn (13/7/1896) Resident Marple. Clifton College. Manchester University & OTC & 25/6/1915 Trinity College, Cambridge & OTC.  Officer Cadet from 29/6/1916 and commissioned in 4th Special Reserve Bttn 25/3/1917. France January 1917. Father was member of Manchester Reform Club.
2nd Lt Norman Butterworth 5th Bttn att 17th Bttn (Q2 1892) Born Holmfirth, Yorks. Apprentice Woolen Manuf. 1911 in his father’s woolen mill. Enlisted S Lancs Sept 1914. Comm 30/11/1915. Att 5th KLR. Arrived 17th Bttn 27/10/1916.  Att to RFC and DoW 9/5/1917 att from 5th Bttn.
2nd Lt Kenneth Henry Callan-Macardle 14th att 17th Bttn (1890) Irish born. Educated in Catholic Schools in Lancashire and Somerset. Banker in California prior to War. Comm 14th Bttn 6/4/1915. KiA 9/7/1916.
2nd Lt Robert Mayson Calvert 17th Bttn (1/3/1896) St Bees Old Boy, Queens College, Oxford. Comm 8/4/1915. Joined Bttn 12/3/1916. KiA 9/7/1916.
Lt Alastair Gregory Cameron 17th Bttn (10/4/1889) Merchiston Old Boy. Wounded 10/2/1916.
2nd Lt Thomas Cartman (17th Bttn) (1893) Attended Bury Grammar School. Emplyed in cotton mill in 1911. Enlisted as Pte in 16th Bttn on 1st Sept 1914. Comm November 1915. Bombing Officer 25th Bttn. Posted to 17th Bttn 30/7/1916. MC at Heninel.
Major Frank Casswell (14/4/1863) Enlisted 24/4/1883. Retired  Boer War Officer of Notts & Derbys Regiment. Comm T/Maj 23/10/1914. Relinquished rank 10/9/1915.
2nd Lt John Hanchett Chadwick born Wilmslow Q3 1897. Father – Fruit & Spice Merchant. Commissioned in Regiment 14th June 1915. France September 1916. Arrived with Bttn 27/10/1916. Later posted to 6th Bttn and promoted Captain.
2nd Lt Thomas Henry Clesham  17th Bttn. Portora School, Ireland. Trinity Coll, Dublin. Worked in S Africa and served in Natal Light Horse. Comm 17th Bttn 20/7/1915. Joined Bttn 9/5/1916. KiA 1/7/1916.
Capt Henry Rodham Cook 22nd Bttn (3/9/1883) Merchiston Old Boy
2nd Lieutenant John Francis Cottrell (17th Bttn) Born Pottiger, Ireland 19/10/1893. Moved to S London and went to Hitherfield Road School, Lambeth from 1907.  Employed as insurance clerk in 1911.  Entered France with 1/16th London Regiment, the Queen’s Westminster Rifles.  Discharged to be Officer Cadet 28th May 1915. Commissioned 17th Battalion 3rd July 1915. Accidentally shot by his own men on 22nd February 1916. Married in Balham on 7th December 1917 and returned to duty 25th December. Received MC
Lt William Harrington Hulton Dawson (22/3/1894) Queens College, Oxford 1912-1914. Comm. 30/10/1914. Wounded Flers. Comm 22/9/1914.
2nd Lt Brian Broadbent Dowling Born Alderley Edge, Cheshire Q4 1896 Educated at Repton School.  Commissioned 17th Bttn 11/1/1915 .  Under age to leave with Bttn Nov 1915.  France 15/7/1916.
Lt John Duncan France 14/10/1916. 17th Bttn 27/10/1916. Comm ? Later Capt.
2nd Lt George Dunscombe 17th Bttn Born Manchester (1893) Worked as a railway booking clerk, resident Newton Heath, Manchester. Lancashire Parents. Enlisted 15657 in 6th Bttn Royal Irish Fusiliers appointed L/Cpl.  Disembarked Gallipoli 7/8/1915. Promoted Sgt and transferred to 1st Bttn. Comm Regular Forces 27/6/1917. PoW 22/3/1918. Died in Germany 6/11/1918.
2nd Lt Elwell, Ernest Edward Depot late 17th Born Walsall 7/11/1891.  Educated Bilton Grange, Rugby and Gresham School. Owned tool manufacturers. Enlisted in Public Schools Battalion and volunteered as Despatch Rider in Royal Engineers, going to France on 28th October 1914.  He returned home sick and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant on 1st March 1915.  He will have known Lt Edward Lawrence Heyworth.  Ernest went overseas with 17th Battalion in November 1915 and returned home with sickness in Spring 1916.  He returned to France in 1917 attached to 21st Battalion.  He was killed at Passchendaele on 6th October 1917.
Lt Leslie Brian Humphreys 17th Bttn (1894) Born Bowden, Cheshire. Lived Knutsford. Employed by Tootall, Broadhurst & Lee.  Tootall was on Committee that formed the City Bttns. Comm 3/10/1914.  Captured PoW 9/7/1916.
2nd Lieutenant Lionel Welby Huntington 17th Bttn (22/10/1884) Commissioned 13/10/1914, shortly before his 30th birthday. Transfer to RNVR 7/12/1914. Educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge 1903-06.  Resident of British Columbia at the outbreak of war and returned to serve.
Capt Wilfrith Elstob 6th then 16th Bttn (8/9/1888) Ryleys School & Bluecoat. Manchester University, Merchiston Master. Father lived in Cheshire.
Capt Thomas Etchells late 17th Bttn – Became Lt Col Royal Fusiliers MC Comm 6/10/1914.  Lived in London after war.
2nd Lt Arthur Vernon Faux PHOTO 17th Bttn Born London Q2 1897 and school in Southport. Enlisted in Inns of Court OTC with brother. Commissioned Manchesters 2nd June 1916 with W T Jones and WJC Faux. France @ 15/7/1916.  Att 19th Bttn 11/8/1916 with W T Jones & Shapland.
2nd Lt William James Christopher Faux 17th Born Surrey 31/8/1889. Sold Advertising for W H Smiths on Railways 1911. Enlisted in Inns of Court OTC with brother. Commissioned Manchesters 2nd June 1916 with W T Jones and A V Faux. France 15/7/1916. Capt. Resident Southport in 1920.
Capt Edmund Fearenside 17th Bttn (2/6/1881) Queens College, Oxford 1900, Cheshire Rugby, Merchiston Master.  Proceeded to England to Cammanding Officers Course on 13/12/1916.
Capt Reginald James Ford 17th Bttn (?)  Queens College, Oxford 1906, St Bees Master and OTC Officer.  KiA 1/7/1916.
2nd Lt Henry George Frith 17th Bttn Born Dukinfield 27/2/1889. Lived in Bowden in 1891. Architects Clerk resident Hale, Cheshire in 1911. Weslyan. Enlisted No 1945 in 23rd (Sportsmans) Bttn Royal Fusiliers.  France 16/11/1915. Comm 25/4/1917.  Henry is commemorated on the Metro Vickers War Memorial in Trafford Park, indicating he probably worked there.
2nd Lt Clement Gadsby to be 17th Bttn Born Loughborough 20/5/1880. Chartered Accountant with Wentworth Price & Gadsby  resident Cardiff in 1911. Applied for Commission in Welsh R Artill 2/2/1915. Comm 4th Bttn (Ex OTC) 7/5/1915. France 21/6/1916. Went to Clatques with Trench Mortar School 14/8/1916. Resigned  SWB May 29/5/1918.
2nd Lt Roy Mackenzie Gourlay 4th Bttn 1917 (29/3/1897) Merchiston Pupil
Lt Eric Lindsey Goodwin 13th Bttn att 17th. Born Eccles 6/5/1894. Manchester Grammar & grad Uni 1913. Worked Stock Exch.  Comm from OTC 1/2/1915. France with 13th Bttn June 1915. Returned due to accident.  Att 17th Bttn on return to France.Att 30th Div Mining Coy 14/8/1916. Rejoined the Bttn for duty 17/9/1916. KiA 12/10/1916.
Lt Arthur Hyde Greg RAMC Born Cheshire, Marlborough Coll. Trinity College, Cambs, St Thomas’s Hosp. Left Bttn for Overseas service.  Comm 11/12/1914.
2nd Lt Malcolm Howard Grigg 17th Bttn (from 26th) (1894) Tottenham Grammar School. Formerly 1st Bttn London Rifle Brigade in 1914. Resident London. Probationer Institure of Actuaries. KiA 9/7/1916.
Lt Col H J Grisewood late Sussex Regiment Lt Col 17th Bttn CO from Trones Wood
2nd Lt James Charles Guillet 17th Bttn. Born Kensington Q2 1883. Surveying draftsman 1911.. Farmer returned from S Africa 7/10/1914. Address Kensington. Comm 22nd Bttn 8/2/1915.  Trained in A Coy 23rd Bttn. France 25/3/1916. Wounded with 17th Bttn 1/7/1916. Later address in Bradford.
Capt Alfred Harrey 17th Bttn (1876) Sgt in 1890. Comm. 7/1/1915
Lieutenant Aubrey Harris 6th Bttn & 21st Bttn Born 13/10/1893 in Wrexham. BA French at Manchester University, Rugby XV & Merchiston Master.
2nd Lt Herbert Haslam 17th Bttn.  Clerk in Bolton born 18/12/1895. Comm as Sgt from 24th Bttn to 14th 29/6/1915. Joined 17th Bttn in France 2/3/1916. Wounded 9/7/196.
Lt Edward Lawrence Heyworth late 17th – RFC (1892) Bilton Grange, Rugby. Resident Alderley Edge. Comm 18/9/1914
2nd Lt Herbert Victor Hobbs late 23rd Bttn to 17th (1878) Born in Birmningham.  Resident Levenshulme, Manchester. Employed as Tram Driver with the City Corporation. Enlisted as Pte 22822 in 23rd Bttn 5/1/1915. Sgt 26/3/1915. Severely reprimanded for Improper conduct in Sgts Mess 19/9/1915.  France 29/1/1916.  CSM 29/7/1916. Discharged to commission 12/2/1917.
2nd Lt Alan Thomas S Holt 17th Bttn (26/5/1895) Merton House & Rugby Schools. Parents lived in Hale. Comm 28/9/1914. Wounded in rifle granade accident 19/8/1916.
2nd Lt Charles Edward Hope 2nd Royal Scots prior to 17th Bttn. Born Dalston, Cumberland 1884. Cotton buyer resident north Manchester in 1911.  Served as Private and L/Cpl in 2nd Royal Scots.  Adjoining numbers relate to 15th Royals Scots which was known as the Manchester Scottish.  France after 1915, which was later that 15th Bttn. Photos show he was wounded at some stage. Comm Manchester Regiment 29/8/1917. KiA 22/3/1918.
2nd Lt John James Ilett 17th Bttn (1885) Born W Yorks. Clerk in County Education Dept 1911. Married in Yorks 1917. Comm 18th Bttn 18/7/1915. Joined Bttn 12/3/1916. Wounded 9/7/1916.
2nd Lt Reginald James Jackman 5th Att 17th Bttn b Q3 1885 Lambeth.  Enlisted in Artists Rifles. Comm 5th Bttn 11/12/1915. Arrived 17th Bttn 27/10/1916.
2nd Lt Cyril Thornton Jensen Cyril had been commissioned from 28th London Regiment (Artists Rifles) He had disembarked in France on 4/3/1916 posted to 25th Bttn and joined 17th Bttn on 15th March. His home address was in Dulwich. Cyril had been a clerk when he married in 1909. The couple lived in Sutton in 1914. KiA att 90th Bgd TMB
Lt Col Herbert Alfred Johnson 17th Bttn (10/7/1866) Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Pre-war Volunteer Officer & 6th Bttn Major. Cable Manufacturer. Wounded 1/7/1916.
Captain William Morton Johnson 16th Bttn (1881) Resident Altrincham. Harrow School & Trinity College, Cambridge. Ironmasters Factory owner. Comm. 10/1914.
2nd Lt Robert Loudon Johnston Former 1/6th Bttn 17th Bttn Born Devon (6/9/1891) Salford Municipal School. Employed Fred Taylor & Sons with Arthur Taylor. Resident Kersal. Egypt with 6th. Comm 10/5/1915. France 7/11/1914. Killed 13/12/1915.
2nd Lt R Jones (unknown) Att to 16th Bttn in command of D Coy to Festubert on 3/9/1916.
2nd Lt Walter Truran Jones Photo 17th Bttn (1897) Born S Wales. Family moved to Middlesborough where he went to the High School, then St Bees Pupil. Enlisted Inns of Court OTC 18/10/1915. Comm 1/6/1916. France 15/7/1916. Att 19th Bttn 11/8/1916-15/8/1916 with AV Faux.
Capt Stanley Kenworthy 17th Bttn (4/5/1884) St Bees Old Boy, 1903 Queens College, Merchiston Master, Sale & Cheshire Rugby. KiA 1/7/1916.
2nd Lt James Dunlop Kirkwood 17th Bttn (11/11/1885) Merchiston Old Boy.  Born Peterborough 1885.  Forestry Supervisor,  Ottawa. Commissioned 2nd Lieut. 5/1/1915.
Maj Lionel William Peppe de Hochepied-Larpent 17th Bttn Boer War officer wounded 25/81914 with Connaught Rangers and posted to Bttn to assist training. Left Bttn June 1915.
2nd Lt Douglas Munro Lauder 2/8th Bttn (8/4/1897) Merchiston Pupil
2nd Lt George Leach. LNL prior to 17th Bttn.  (1889) Loom overlooker resident Chorley in 1911. Served 200491 in LNL. France as Cpl 4/5/1915. Awarded MM as Sgt. Widow Jane Anne lived in Chorley. Disch Comm 25th Bttn att 17th 26/6/1917.
Lt Gerald Maitland Levinstein 17th Bttn (1887) Pembroke Coll Cambs. German father. Chemical Manufacture. Had sailed to Boston US in June 1914. Comm 6/4/1915 20th Bttn transf 26th Bttn before 26/10/1915 from Public Schools Bttn. Lt 7/9/1915.  Joined 17th Bttn 14/8/1916.
Pte Frederick Percy Leybourn 12/3/1893 Warehouseman & Clerks Orphans School.  20th to be Commissioned 19th, transferred to 17th and atta to 1/6th Chreshires. Born 1893. Insurance Clerk enlisted in 20th Bttn 16/11/1914. France 9/11/1915 MM. Comm 27/6/1917 MiD. DoW in No2 CCS 1/11/1918.
2nd Lt John Edward Lightburn Born Liverpool 19/8/1891. Resident Warrington 1911 Articled to Solicitor. Inns of Court OTC Comm Manchesters 9/9/1915. Arrived 17th Bttn 27/10/1916. Retired from 5th Bttn with SWB 9/8/1918. Address in Northumberland, then Warrington.
Captain Edward Lloyd Formerly 2nd Bttn and Boer War Veteran DCM.  Acting CSM 4th VB when retired in 1908.
2nd Lieutenant Kenneth Henry Callan-MacArdle (1890) Irish born. Stonyhurst Catholic School, Clitheroe and Downside Somerset 16/9/1901. Working in US in 1914.
Maj Charles Leslie Macdonald 17th Bttn (22/9/1881) Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Merchiston Old Boy, Master & OTC Officer.  Family lived in Bowden, Cheshire. Rejoined the Bttn for duty 17/9/1916.
Capt John Greville Madden 17th Bttn (21/3/1889) Raised in S London. Father worked at King’s College, London. Educated Pembroke College, Cambridge. Merchiston Master & OTC Officer. Wounded 9/7/1916.
Lt Percy John Mead 16th (1888) Born S London. Manchester University. Previously taught at Wadham House School Hale.
Capt Edward John Malim late 17th Bttn – MGC (28/11/1880) Born Balham. Boer War Officer in Imperial Yeomanry 1900-02 (Comm from L/Cpl in 11th Bttn 9/12/1901) working as planter in Ulu Rantau Estate, Negri Sambalan, Malaya. Comm 1/1/1915. with R J Ford.  No known Cheshire connection. Present with Bttn 29/1/1916.
Lieutenant Robert Forbes Mansergh 17th Bttn (22/11/1896) Merchiston Pupil
Lieutenant Percy John Mead 16th Bttn (1888) Merchiston Master
Capt Robert Hargraves Megson 16th Bttn (?) Carrington House, Fettes College.
2nd Lt Ralph Marillier Miller 17th Bttn (?) Related to Major Larpent. Resident Berwick. Glenalmond School. Formerly RASC. Comm 25th Bttn July 1915. Father was at Pembroke College, Cambs.
2nd Lt Ben Holt Mills 5th or 6th Bttn att 17th. Born Heywood 17/3/1895. Queen St Sch & Bury Grammar 1906-11 + OTC,  Employed Lancs & Yorks Bank. Joined as Pte 5759 Inns of Court OTC and commissioned in Regiment 21/12/1915.  Trained in 3/5th Bttn and initially att 6th Bttn overseas before att to 17th Bttn, arriving 27/10/1916 . DoW 26/4/1917.
Lt Hubert Hopkin Morgan, born in 1896, came from Nelson, Wales, where his father owned a coal mine. He was educated at the Penarth Tutorial School and Bloggs School of Commerce, Cardiff, and like the rest of the family, he was a member of the local Baptist Church.When the First World War broke out, Morgan, aged 18, enlisted as a trooper in the 1st Life Guards, and was commissioned into the Manchester Regiment on 5th October 1915. That same year he took the opportunity of a period of leave to marry. T/Lt 1/9/1916.  Joined Bttn 7/6/1917.Morgan served throughout the war in a variety of roles, including as instructor at the 5th Musketry School in France. In spring 1918 he was ordered to the front to help repel the German offensive. He was killed by a German shell on the morning of 30 March.
2nd Lt Joseph Nanson 17th Bttn Born 1894 Llangollen. Mostyn House & St Bees Pupil. Comm 21/4/1915.
2nd Lt William Kirkpatrick Orford 17th Bttn Att 90th Bgd TMB. Born Prestwich 14/5/1895. Educated Winchester (OTC) & entered Clare College, Cambridge in 1913. Enlisted in 20th PSB Bttn 7/9/1914.  Commissioned General List 4/1/1915 and posted to 17th Bttn 11th January 1915.  Killed in Action 1st July 1916, aged 21.
2nd Lt Sidney John Page Gen List. 17th Bttn University of London OTC. LLB King’s College. France May 1916. Wounded 9/7/1916. Later Border Regiment & 29th MGC. MC. Residence Carmalt Gardens SW15 AVL. CB in 1949. Comm 14th Bttn 24/7/1915.  Wounded 9/7/1916.
2nd Lt Walter Harvey Palmer PHOTO 17th Bttn Q1 1897 Resident W Didsbury. Father was manufactuers agent in cotton trade. Mother was Education Committee. Enlisted Pte 6861 Inns of Court OTC. KiA 23/4/1917 aged 19. Comm 4/9/1916.
2nd Lt Stanley John Owen 17th Bttn Comm from 28th London (Artists Rifles) OTC 15/1/1916. Possibly teacher from London. France 15/7/1916. Gassed 30/7/1916.
2nd Lt Dick Pickstone 14th Bttn att 17th.  Born Radcliffe 7/1895. Resident Beswick in 1911. Comm 14th 31/7/1915 from 4th Hants Reg.. Joined Bttn from base on 29th August 1916.
Capt Hugh Tonbridge Pomfret 3rd Bttn att 17th Bttn arrived 28/10/1916.  Arrived France at Lt 18/12/1914. MiD with Reserve of Officers att 2nd Bttn LG 22/6/1915. Later Lt Col. 1902 Capt 5th Bttn. Boer War KSA & QSA. Residence Eadtbourne in 1920.
Lt Geoffrey Fildes Potts 17th Bttn (1893) Manchester University & OTC.  Father was an architect and member of Reform Club. Comm 23/9/1914.
Pte Horace Taylor Prentis KLR later 2nd Lt 17th Bttn (26/1/1892) Born Wimbledon. Freedom of City of London Goldsmiths Guild. Furniture salesman resident Stoke Newington in 1911. Served overseas as Pte in 1/8th KLR. Disch Comm 11/1/1917. Missing KiA 27/4/1918
2nd Lt Victor Edward Rallison.PHOTO Born Ireland Q3 1887. Father was soldier. Soldier with 7 1/2 Yrs Service in 1911. France 22/8/1914. Commissioned from Sgt 7662 1st E Lancs 24/10/1916. Joined 17th Bttn 25/10/1916. KiA 7/4/1917. Family in Risca, S Wales. Married 9/1916.
Captain Rupert Edward Roberts 16th Bttn (?) Jesus College Cambridge. Former Merchiston Master and OTC Officer.
2nd Lt Charles William Robertson 17th att from 3rd Bttn. (1892) Accountant. Brought up in London. Formerly 3/14 London (Scottish) Regiment. Gazette 15/11/1915. KiA 9/7/1916.
2nd Lt Henry J Robinson Comm ? from Pte 2997 in Regiment. France 14/10/1916. Joined 17th Bttn 27/10/1916. Stockport after war.
2nd Lt Charles Sadler 17th Comm from L/Cpl Sussex R (France30/5/1915) 2/8/1915. Wounded Guillemont (retuned to duty 19/8/1916) & Flers. Capt with 90th Bgd HQ.  Won MC.
Lt James Nasmyth Wedgwood Sidebotham 17th Bttn (1891) Charterhouse School. Comm. 3/10/1914. Commemorated Bowden KIA Flers.
2nd Lt Geoffrey Bernard Penberthy Shapland 17th Bttn (5/3/1897) Comm S Staffs R 21/9/1915. Joined Bttn 31/7/1916.  Att 19th Bttn 19/8/1916. Went to fantigues to 1st TM School at Claques 14/8/1916. Att. KOYLI. SWB address in Brecon. Retired as Lt 10/4/1918. Died 1924. Father was master Taylor.
Lt Gerald Maitland Sproat 11th Bttn att 17th. Wounded Gallipoli with 11th Bttn. Winchester School, with William Orford and then Magdalene College, Oxford 1912. Cheshire resident. KiA 1/7/1916.
2nd Lt Cyril Ridgeway Stephens 17th Bttn Born Newport, Wales. France 11/1915. (1890) Student resident ConM 1911. Resident Victoria Park in 1922. Accountant in 1927. Comm 3/6/1915. Wounded 30/7/1916.
Capt Arthur Taylor 16th Bttn (?) Carrington House, Fettes College.  Worked with William Tonge.
2nd Lieutenant Harry Vivian Taylor MC (25/2/1894) Harry Taylor was gazetted for his MC on 26/5/17.  Harry was later promoted to Captain.  He was originally posted missing and presumably assumed killed on 22/3/18 near St Quentin.  He is buried in Savy Cemetery.  Aged 24, Harry was the son of Henry and Elizabeth Taylor, of “Netherly,” Rivington Road, Pendleton. Born 29/1/1894. Harry has originally enlisted in the 20th (Public Schools) Battalion Royal Fusiliers Number 5746. He was Chemistry Student resident Pendleton in 1911. He is commemorated on the Memorial Plaque at St James Church Hall, Eccles Old Road, Hope.  Also Old Salfordians Memorial. Comm? 1915
2nd Lt William Russel Tonge late 17th Bttn Carrington House, Fettes College.  Worked with Arthur Taylor
Capt Norman Vaudrey 17th Bttn Bilton Grange & Rugby School. His father had been Mayor of Manchester. Cheshire Resident. Comm 28/9/1914. KiA 1/7/1916.
2nd Lt Arthur Vernon Faux 17th Bttn Born London Q2 1897 and school in Southport. Enlisted in Inns of Court OTC. Commissioned Manchesters 2nd June 1916 with W T Jones and WJC Faux. France @ 15/7/1916.  Att 19th Bttn 11/8/1916-15/8/1916 with W T Jones & Shapland.
2nd Lt Richard William Leslie Wain 17th Bttn (5/12/1896) Born Penarth. St Bees Pupil. Comm from Public Schools Battalion 16/7/1915. Joined Bttn 12/3/1916. Wounded 1/7/1916. Returned to duty 28/10/1916.
2nd Lt George Frederick Ward had enlisted as Private 6697 in the 1st City Battalion on 29th August 1914.  He had previously been employed as a clerk and was 19 years old when he was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant on 26th September 1914. George had been educated at Manchester Grammar School, where he had been a member of the OTC for two years. George’s father was mining engineer and general manager of a coal mine.  The family lived in Bramhall, Cheshire.

2nd Lt Philip Ward was born in Q1 1898 Leigh, Lancashire. He was sent to Leigh Grammar School  in 1906. He joined Rossall School in September 1911, Philip Ward came as a mathematical scholar, and was placed on the Classical Side, but, shortly afterwards, when it was discovered that his bent lay rather in the direction of science, he was transferred to the Modern Side, where he rose steadily and rapidly to the Sixth Form, devoting the greater part of his time to the subject which was intended to determine his future career. He was one of those boys who got through their school-time without attracting much attention, not gifted in athletics, quiet and unassuming, but with a steady determination to make the best use of their opportunities. It was just these sterling qualities which marked his later career, when after preliminary training in the OTC of Manchester University, he obtained a Commission in the Manchester Regiment. Joned Btt 16/7/1917. His Company Commander depicts him ‘doing magnificent work in a very quiet way, almost most devoted to duty, and exceedingly unselfish about his work.’ His native grit, which came out in his patient endurance of a broken leg when almost a child, developed into a fine courage, of which brother officers speak in the highest terms. “A braver lad never walked; he was loved by us all and of late he has been almost worshipped by the men. He has shown himself to be as brave as a lion, and very fond of his men, who were devoted to him. He was greatly admired by us all, and only ten days ago he did splendid work in a counter-attack, for which I was only too pleased to recommend him for the MC.” Comm May 1917

Lt James Watson Comm 23rd Bttn. Appendicitis in 1915. (17/7/1893) Transferred 27thBttn att 17th. (19/11/1893) Family lived in Londonderry. Educated at Foyle College. Worked for Belfast Banking Company. Enlisted in 10/Royal Inniskilling Regiment – Derry Volunteers.KiA 30/7/1916.
Major John James Whitehead 17th Bttn (19/8/1871) Repton School. Manchester University. Formerly Capt 2nd Volunteer Bttn & 5th Lancs Fusils. Family Hale Carr, Cheshire. Comm. 11/12/1914.  Temp CO as Major in Aug. CO on 1/9/1916 when L/Col Griswood sick  in 96th FA.  CO from 20/10/1916.
Lt Frederick John Gordon Whittall (11/10/1888) Was A/Sgt 8348 2/9/1914 enlisted. Born Bowden, 1907 Bromsgrove School Cricket 1907. 1907 went to Worcester College, Oxford University & OTC, Sale Rugby Club Cheshire Rugby.  Employed as Clerk. Comm 19/10/1914. Proceeded to 1st Army School 14/8/16. Wounded Flers.
Capt Edgar Wigley late 17th Bttn MGC. ((10/11/1892).  Sandringham School, Southport and Manchester Grammar. Institute of Chartered Accountants. Comm 24/9/1914.
2nd Lt Harold Wilks 17th Bttn Born Utoxeter 29/4/1894. Thomas Alleynes School. Draper there in 1911. Member Nottingham Union Rowing Club. Enlisted Sherwood Foresters 11/1914. Comm 11/ S Staffs R 21/9/1915. France July 1916. Joined Bttn 31/7/1916. KIA Flers 12/10/1916.
Capt John Venables Williams 17th Bttn  (1881) Harrow School & OTC. Resident Bowden. Comm. 14/9/1914. Transferred to Gen List 28/9/1916 for Liason Duties with French Army 19/9/1916. French Croix de Chevalier 1917.
Ernest G Woodward PoW 22/3/1918.
Capt John Hubert Worthington 16th Bttn (4/7/1886) Ryleys Prep. School, Sedbergh School, Manchester University (1906-11). Architect resident Alderley Edge, Cheshire. City dignitary.
Captain Tom Arthur Yarwood 17th Bttn (1872) Pension as Sgt Major 1/ E Lancs Regiment and previously 5th RF. Enlisted as Pte 3/11/1914 and promoted RQMS the same day. Commissioned Honoury 2nd Lieutenant 14th January 1915. Resident of Broughton, Salford. Wounded 10/2/1916.
Kenrick Yorke-Jones 17th Bttn later 17th Bttn.  KiA 26/12/1917. Pupil Manchester Grammar School (1911-17)  When he left the school he was in the Modern VI, and had won an Exhibition for Modern Languages at Christ’s College, Cambridge. At Cambridge he joined the Cadet Battalion, and went to France September 1917. Member of MGS the Lacrosse Team. Scout and afterwards in the O.T.C., and at home worked for the Wesleyan Sunday School at Northenden. His sincere, unassuming nature and his gentle manliness endeared him to all who knew him, and no one leaves a more stainless record of
KiA Death 26/12/1917Age: 19 POELCAPELLE BRITISH CEMETERY Son of Herbert and Leila Yorke-Jones, of “Leekhurst,” Northenden, Manchester. Comm LG 29/9/1917.

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