La Targette French Cemetery, Neuville-Saint-Vaast

Located in the hamlet of La Targette, near Neuville St Vaast, this French Cemetery is truly awe inspiring.  The loss to the French people was huge – the camera image couldn’t even take in the full scale. Lest we forget.


La Targette French Cemetery was open in 1919.

It contains the graves of 11,443 soldiers killed during the battles of Artois WWI, and 593 killed during WWII.

The remains of 3,282 unidentified soldiers who died in the two wars were placed in an ossuary.

The cemetery contains also a few Jewish soldiers’ graves.

The men of the French Colonial Troops are buried in the cemetery’s Muslim section.

Their tombstones are turned towards Mecca.

La Targette French Cemetery and the British war cemetery cover nearly 50,000m2.