Casualties after Disbandment

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G Wild Manchester Evening News 30 July 1918

8335 Wild George 24 1/7th Bn (Formerly 17th Bn) 21/07/1918 BERTRANCOURT MILITARY CEMETERY Born 1894. Son of Thomas William and Harriet Hannah Wild, of 18, Peel Grove, Longsight, Manchester. HE WAS A BURNING AND A SHINING LIGHT. Ryland & Sons Ltd. Trained XI Pln, 17th Bn. L/Cpl France 08/11/1915. Later posted 2nd, 2/10th & 1/7th Bn. Lewis Gunner. MIssing, killed in action. His brother, Arthur died serving with R Fusils.

STELFOX ERNEST 26 27/07/1918 Lance Corporal  Manchester Regiment 12th Bn.    United Kingdom ‘8869’    France   HARPONVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION Son of William and Elizabeth Stelfox, of 20, Botham St., Moss Side, Manchester. Enlisted Sept 1914, trained III Pln. France 08/11/1915. Transfer to 2nd Bn, then 12th Bn. Killed in action. The Battalion’s war diary entry for the 27th reads “Night quiet. Hostile artillery shelling during day and about 9.30pm around Battalion HQ… special patrol sent out to reconnoitre enemy post with view to raiding same at a future date. Casualties – 3 OR killed, 8 OR wounded.” He was commemorated at Whalley Range Presbyterian Church Memorial and Kearsley Cross, Bolton.

WARRINGTON BERT  23 15/08/1918  Private  Manchester Regiment 1st/6th Bn. (Previously 17th Bn) United Kingdom ‘8332’   France   QUEENS CEMETERY, BUCQUOY. Son of William & Louisa Warrington of 53 Finchley Road, Warrington. Warehouseman at Ryland & Sons Ltd. Enlisted 2 Sept 1914 & trained XI Pln. L/Cpl & reverted to Pte. Treated for impetigo for 18 days at Grantham Hosp from 07/06/1915. France 08/11/1915. L/Cpl 28/09/1916. Wounded GSW Chest at Wancourt 04 or 19 /04/1917. Depot 23/04/1917. 3rd Bn 20/07/1917, then BEF 1/6th Bn 01/04/1918. . Killed in action.

POTTS   ALBERT EDWARD 23 20/08/1918 Private Manchester Regiment 2nd Bn. (Formerly 2nd Bn) United Kingdom ‘8798’    France   DAOURS COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION Son of John and Lizzie Potts, of 261, Claremont Rd., Moss Side, Manchester. Employed by S Hinrichson & Co, enlisted Sept 1914. Trained VI Pln. France 08/11/1915. Home summer 1916. 69th Training Reserve 09/09/1916. France and transferred to 2nd Bn. Died of wounds.

Manchester Evenig News 17 December 1918

HEAP JAMES 36  29/08/1918 Lance Corporal Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘8646’ France CHAMBIERES FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY, METZ. Husband of Mary Ann Heap of 62 Tame Street, Ancoats. Employed by Calico Printers Association. Enlisted 02/09/1914. Trained XIII Pln. France 08/11/1915. Captured D Coy, Spoil Bank, Ypres 26/04/1918. Died from pneumonia as POW.

WATSON   THOMAS   09/09/1918  Lance Corporal  Manchester Regiment 12th (Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry) Bn. (Previously 17th Bn.)  United Kingdom ‘8326’ France VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIAL. Son of Mrs Watson of the Spread Eagle, Hatherlow, Stockport; Husband of Ada Watson of 399 Hempshaw Lane, Stockport. Enlisted Sept 1914. Trained VIII Pln. France 08/11/1915. Missing B Coy, presumed dead.

GRIFFITHS SYDNEY 26 13/09/1918 (Death accepted) Private Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘30036’ France CHAMBIERES FRENCH NATIONAL CEMETERY, METZ Son of George and Ann Griffiths, of 87, Katherine St., Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs. France 22/12/1915. Captured IV Pln, A Coy, 28/04/1918. Medal Roll as 3rd, 12th & 4th Bns. Pension as 17th Bn.

MARKS  FRANK REGINALD  21 27/09/1918 Private Manchester Regiment  1st/7th Bn. (Formerly ‘8741’ 17th Bn) United Kingdom ‘377886’ France RIBECOURT ROAD CEMETERY, TRESCAULT Son of John and Mary Ann Marks, of 43, Farr St., Edgeley, Stockport. Employed by Melland & Coward Ltd. Enlisted Sept 1914 and trained with VI Pln. France 08/11/1915. Transferred to 2/10 Bn ‘277511’, then 1/7 Bn ‘377886’. Killed in action.

LLOYD-BRYANT  REGINALD 30 Military Medal 27/09/1918 Company Serjeant Major Lancashire Fusiliers 23rd Bn. (Formerly ‘9024’ 17th Manchesters) United Kingdom  ‘49723’ France TROIS ARBRES CEMETERY, STEENWERCK. Husband of Nellie Lloyd-Bryant of 285 Whitefield Road, Hust. Son, Reginald, born 12/06/1917. Employed by George Robinson & Co. Enlisted Sept 1914, trained XIII Pln. Won blindfolded boxing at Heaton Park Sports Day April 1915. France 08/11/1915 as L/Cpl. Transferred to Labour Corps ‘512288’, later Lancs Fusils ‘49723’. A/CSM. Killed in action. MM LG 11/02/1919.

BUTLER THOMAS ARTHUR 23 28/09/1918 Private Middlesex Regiment 20th Bn. (Formerly ‘8448’ 17th Manchesters)    United Kingdom ‘G/62099’ Belgium TYNE COT MEMORIAL. Son of the late Harry Butler and Margaret Ann Insley, previoulsy Butler. Employee of Tootal Broadhurst, Lee & Co, enlisted 03/09/1914. Trained IX Pln. France 08/11/1915. Posted ‘56342’ to 14th King’s Liverpools and later 20th Middx.

WILLIAMS JOHN JAMES  29 09/10/1918 Lance Corporal Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘302431’ France HAUTMONT COMMUNAL CEMETERY.  11 Penchwinton Terrace, Bangor. France after 1915 2/8th & 2/5th Bns. Captured 26/04/1918. POW death presumed.    

JESSOP  FRED 33 12/10/1918 Private Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘12641’ Germany NIEDERZWEHREN CEMETERY, KASSEL Son of Daniel and Jane Jessop; husband of Maggie Jessop, of 564, Oldham Rd., Middleton, Manchester.  Enlisted 19th Bn & trained with XVI Pln.France with 19th Bn 08/11/1915. Transferred to 17th Bn. Captured 26/04/1918. Died from feverish intestinal catarrh as POW. GRAVE

BROUGH ROBERT 29 15/10/1918 Private Border Regiment 1st Bn. ‘29690’ (Formerly ‘9220’ 17th Manchesters) United Kingdom     Belgium DADIZEELE NEW BRITISH CEMETERY Husband of Catherine Carter (formerly Brough), of 26 Nelson Street, Bradord, later 34, Carlisle St., Beswick, Manchester. Three children. Employed in Manchester Corporation Gas Works prior to enlistement 20/01/1915. Trained XVII with brother, Tom. France 08/11/1915. Transfer to 1st Borders 06/06/1918. Killed in action. OBIT

DIXON   WILLIAM 23 16/10/1918 Private  Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘47052’ Germany NIEDERZWEHREN CEMETERY, KASSEL. Son of William and Harrier Ann Dixon of 2 Bradford Street, Oldham.  Attested & Embodied 10th Bn 4346, at Hollinwood 07/12/1915.  Mobilised 3rd Bn, 47052, 07/12/1916.  France 09/12/1916 & posted to 19th Bn 15/12/1916.  Accidental wound to leg 17/06/1917, Transfer 17th Bn 06/02/1918. Captured 26/04/1918. Died from pneumonia at POW Hosp, Langenslsa.

HILTON JOHN HULATT 19 17/10/1918 Private Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘54731’ France MARPENT COMMUNAL CEMETERY Son of Hannah Hilton (later Dewsbury), of I, Sandfield Rd., Gateacre, Liverpool, and the late James Hilton. His brother, Arthur, also fell serving with 6th East Lancs. France after 1915. Captured at Spoil Bank, Ypres 26/04/1918. Died from Enteritis as POW.

KAY ANTHONY 19 19/10/1918 Private Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘54744’ Belgium ERQUELINNES COMMUNAL CEMETERY . Son of Anthony & Catherine Kay (Deceased) of 24 Charlotte St. Widnes. France after 1915. Captured C Coy, 26/04/1918. Died from Enteritis as POW.

WELTON WILLIAM 27 20/10/1918 Private Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘9488’ France JEUMONT COMMUNAL CEMETERY . Son of William & Mary Ann Welton. Engine Cleaner for Lancs & Yorks Railway in 1911. Husband of  Elizabeth Emma Welton of 53 Victoria Road, Gorton with daughter, Gladys. Father of child to Miss Martha Jane  Burke born 29/07/1916 of 40 Brick Street, Bradford. Fireman enlisted 17th Bn 26/02/1915. Trained XX Pln. France 08/11/1915. Captured C Coy 26/04/1918.

DUFFY PATRICK,  Distinguished Conduct Medal     22 21/10/1918 Private Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘28259’          Germany NIEDERZWEHREN CEMETERY, KASSEL. Husband of Mary Ellen Gorman (formerly Duffy), of 6, Broster St., Greengate, Salford, Manchester. Daughter, Eliza Emma, born 26/08/1917. Served 27th, 23rd & 3rd Manchesters, 2nd GB Lincs and transferred to 17th Bn before July 1917. DCM for action at Ypres 31/07/1917. Missing B Coy 22/03/1918. Died as POW. Possible accident in cement works.

GORNER John Frederick 31 22/10/1918 Private Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘8590’ Germany NIEDERZWEHREN CEMETERY, KASSEL. Son of Thomas & Mary Ann Gorner.  Husband of Elsie May Gorner of 53 Ford Lane, Crewe. Married 03/04/1915. Employee of S & J Watts. Enlisted 03/09/1914.  Trained XIII Pln. France 08/11/1915. Concussion admitted 31st Amb Train 24/04/1917 for Carmieres. Captured B Coy, 26/04/1918 at Ypres. Died from pneumonia as POW

DODD John William 23 22/10/1918 Private Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘48500’ Germany COLOGNE SOUTHERN CEMETERY Son of Albert and Mary Jane Dodd, of 153, Burlington St., Ashton-under-Lyne. Served overseas with 1/9th Bn 1391 and wounded at Gallipoli, 19th Bn and transferred to 17th Bn. Captured 21/03/1918.  Died from influenza as POW.

ROTHWELL CHARLES 23 13/10/1918 Private Lancashire Fusiliers    19th Bn. ‘48102’ United Kingdom (Formerly ‘8851’ 17th Manchesters France HASPRES COPPICE CEMETERY, HASPRES Son of Henry and Margaret Rothwell, of 52, Alphonsus St., Brook’s Bar, Manchester. Enlisted Sept 1914, trained XIV Pln. France 08/11/1915. Transfer Lancs Fusils. Killed in action. Btrother, Thomas, Henry was killed on Gallipoli with 6th East Lancs in 1915.

TURBEFIELD BENJAMIN  42 25/10/1918   Private  Manchester Regiment 17th Bn.    ‘45065’  Germany HAMBURG CEMETERY Son of William and Emma Turbefield; husband of Margaret Turbefield, of 11, Fern St., Coppice, Oldham. Two children. Born at Oldham. Drapers Salesman in 1911. Captured C Coy, at Spoil Bank, Ypres 26/04/1918. Died from pneumonia & cardiac weakness as POW. GRAVE

WHITTLE WILLIAM 27 26/10/1918 Lance Corporal Manchester Regiment   17th Bn. ‘8975’  Belgium ERQUELINNES COMMUNAL CEMETERY   Son of William and Ann Whittle, of Manchester; husband of Ethel Whittle, of “Westleigh,” Hazelbadge Rd., Poynton, Cheshire. St Helens Roll of Honour. Enlisted Sept 1915. Trained XII Pln. France 08/11/1915.  Captured C Coy 26/04/1918. Died from pneumonia as POW.

CAMP ALEXANDER 21 04/11/1918 Private Manchester Regiment 12th (Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry) Bn. (Previously 17th Bn.) United Kingdom ‘9159’ France ENGLEFONTAINE BRITISH CEMETERY Son of Hector A. and Margaret Camp, of North Shields; husband (Married Q1 1918) of Augusta Mary Johnson (formerly Camp), of 35, Nile St., North Shields. Daughter, Margaret, born 30/10/1918. Enlisted Jan 1915 aged 17, trained I Pln. France after 1915 with 12th Bn . Killed in action.

CRAIG    WILLIAM 28 05/11/1918 Lance Corporal  Lancashire Fusiliers (Formerly 8107 17th Bn Manchester Regiment)    1st Bn.   United Kingdom ‘22647’  France   PONT-DE-NIEPPE COMMUNAL CEMETERY Husband of Elizabeth Ann Craig, of 48, Mount St., Salford, Manchester. One son born 01/09/1918. Employee of Tootal Broadhurst, Lee & Co. Enlisted 02/09/1914. Trained X Pln. France 08/11/1915 with 16th Bn. Wounded July 1916. Home 69th Training Reserve 09/09/1916, 24174. Posted to 2nd Bn and transferred to 9th Lancs Fusils -22647, then 1st Bn. Died of influenza.

CROOK  SETH 37 06/11/1918 Serjeant Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘47426’ United Kingdom BURNLEY CEMETERY Husband of Isabella Hargreaves (formerly Crook), of 43, Temple Street, Burnley. 3 Children. Former resident of King Street, Bury. France after 1915. Died from GSW to head on 23/03/1918 and severe fits due to service at 4th London Gen Hospital, Denmark Hill.

DUNSCOMBE GEORGE    25 06/11/1918   Second Lieutenant Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. Poland POZNAN OLD GARRISON CEMETERY. Born Manchester (06.03.1893) Worked as a railway booking clerk and Mather & Platt prior to enlistment resident Newton Heath, Manchester. Son of Edward & Mary Ellen Dunscombe. Enlisted 15657 in 6th Bttn Royal Irish Fusiliers appointed L/Cpl.  Disembarked Gallipoli 7/8/1915. Promoted Sgt and transferred to 1st Bttn. Comm Regular Forces 27/6/1917.  Joined 17th Bttn from Base 8/11/1917. PoW 22/3/1918. Died Graudetz in Germany from influenza 6/11/1918. 29 Richmond St, Newton Heath.

PUGH JOHN OLIVER 31 17/11/1918 Private Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘9221’ United Kingdom MANCHESTER SOUTHERN CEMETERY Son of Mrs. Mary Pugh; husband of Emma Pugh, of 7, Ancoats Grove, Manchester. Police Constable C54 previously served 5th VB.  Enlisted 23/01/1918. Promoted Sgt XII Pln. France 08/11/1915. Reverts Pte 31/12/1915. Cpl 2/7/1916. Reverts Pte Drunk 2/1/1917. GSW L Thigh L Arm 31/7/1917. Hosp Boulogne 3/8/1917. Depot Home leeds Hosp 9/8/1917. Sgt 9221 John, Oliver Pugh of 7, Ancoats Grove, Every St Ancoats has received shrapnel wounds to his left arm and thigh, on 31st July. Sent to 13th General hospital Boulogne. Invalided to England and admitted to the East Lancs war hospital, on 9th August. Discharged as no longer fit on the13th February, 1918 aged 29. Wife Emma and 2 children. John, Edwin and Jessie. A policeman with Manchester police joined the force on 18th November 1910.Formerly served in the 5th VB Manchester Regiment. Discharged Unfit Pension 13/02/1918. Returned to Police 3/4/1918. Died of broncho pneumonia and Flu.

WILKINSON WALTER 0    23/11/1918 Private Manchester Regiment ‘34655’ Labour Corps    ‘572829’ 17th Bn. France  ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN.  Posted to 17th POW Coy. 10th Gen Hosp Rouen. Friend Miss Kay of 6 St Peter’s Street, Manchester. Sister Emily.     

NELSON JOHN    30 23/11/1918   Private  Manchester Regiment “B” Coy. 17th Bn.  ‘47306’  Poland POZNAN OLD GARRISON CEMETERY Son of Annie and Samuel Nelson; husband of Margaret Annie Nelson, of 29, Shaftesbury St., Chorlton-on-Medlock. Born in Manchester. Captured A Coy, Cherisy 23/04/1917.  France after 1915. Died as POW.

CONROY ERNEST 28 25/11/1918 Private  Royal Army Medical Corps 8th Coy ‘130510’ United Kingdom (Formerly ‘9143′ 17th Manchesters) United Kingdom MANCHESTER (PHILIPS PARK) CEMETERY Son of John and Elizabeth Conroy, of 10, Apollo St., Livesey St., Manchester. A Painter & Decorator who Enlisted 30 December 1914, trained III Pln. Unpaid L/Cpl 02/06/1915. France 08/11/1915. Paid L/Cpl 25/01/1916. GSW to knee 01-02/07/1916. Treated 47 Fd Amb, 45 CCS and 23 Gen Hosp, Etaples. Posted home on 04/07/1916. Furlough for 10 days from 30/12/1916.

On 18/08/1917, he was posted to 362 Reserve Employment Coy, Labour Corps ‘13081’ and attached to the Royal Army Medical Corps, 3rd Hospital in Blackpool. He was transferred to RAMC on 05/09/1917. Ernest suffered Influenza with Bronchial Neurosis, being admitted to hospital for eleven days on 25th November 1917. Ernest moved on to Gateshead Borough Asylum, where he was posted as a Mental Health Attendant at No 8 RAMC Hospital in January 1918.

In October 1918, Ernest was transferred to Notts. County Hospital in Radcliffe on Trent.  The day after the Armistice, Major Howard recommended him to be registered as Mental Health Attendant.  Ernest was appointed a Mental Attendant on 19th November.

Ernest contracted influenza again.  He was admitted to his hospital with progressive to signs of pneumonia and heart failure.  Ernest Conroy died at 1.30am on 25th November 1918, aged 28.  Cpl. Conroy’s name is remembered on the  Kearsley Cross Memorial, Bolton, St Sephen’s Church, Kearsley Memorial the Philips Parks Memorial in Manchester.

Ernest’s brother Edmund was in C Company of the 17th Bn.  Edmund was more fortunate than his brother and survived the war.  Ernest’s effects were collected in February 1919 and his medals were received by his sister Elizabeth in September 1921.  Ernest’s mother Elizabeth was on the original Register of Effects.

Buried in a common grave in the Roman Catholic Section and commemorated on the screen wall.

Phillips Park Screen Wall

GARFT GEORGE WALTON 25 26/11/1918 Private Manchester Regiment      17th Bn. ‘8588’  United Kingdom SALE CEMETERY Son of the late Harry & Jessie Almond (formerly Garft), of 13, Chelford Rd., Knutsford, and the late Harry Garft. Employed by Vulcan Insurance Company when he enlisted 03/09/1914. Trained XIV Pln. France 08/11/1914. Placing wire on Montauban defences received GSW 1/7/1916.  Home Depot 18/07/1916. 5 Gen Hosp, Rouen and Carlisle Hosp. Three operations in hospital. Discharged 03/08/1917 due to GSW R Shooulder. Lived at Legh Arms Hotel, Knutsford. Died from pneumonia & flu. Photos Jane Goodier

JOHNSON FREDERICK WILLIAM   21 01/12/1918 Private    Manchester Regiment 17th Bn.    ‘9406’ Germany BERLIN SOUTH-WESTERN CEMETERY    Son of the late Frederick William Johnson and of Lucy Manford (formerly Johnson), of Manchester. Tailor enlisted 18/02/1915, aged 17 Trained XX Pln. Signaller.. France 08/11/1915. Captured B Coy at Trones Wood 09/07/1916. Died of influenza as POW Sprotau Camp while waiting for repatriation.

HOYLE   FRANK   22 05/12/1918   Serjeant Royal Defence Corps 162nd Protection Coy. (Formerly ‘8604’ 17th Manchesters) United Kingdom ‘67160’ United Kingdom BURY CEMETERY, REDVALES Son of James Hoyle, of 93, Church Rd., Kearsley, Farnworth, Bolton. Husband of Lillian Hoyle. Employee of Haslams Ltd. Enlisted Sept 1914 and trained with III Pln. France 08/11/1915 as Cpl and Marksman. Home 14/7/1916. Prisoner escort with 3rd Bn on 19/03/1917. Transferred to RDC. Died of pneumonia / influenza at Colsterdale Camp Hospital.

CHARNOCK THOMAS 23 01/01/1919 Corporal Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘47428’ Germany HAMBURG CEMETERY    Son of Richard and Ellen Charnock, of 11, Mitchell St., Newtown, Pemberton, Wigan. France after 1915. Captured A Coy, Cherisy 23/04/1917.  Died from GSW Back. + Pneumonia in German Hosp.

STOCKS WILLIAM 30 18/04/1919 Private  Manchester Regiment     Labour Corps      17th Bn. ‘9151’ United Kingdom SALFORD (WEASTE) CEMETERY   Son of Stephen and Margaret Stocks; husband of Ellen Stocks (now Mitchell), of 15, Bridge Lane, Ramsey, Isle of Man – previously 35 Sarah Street, Bradford. Two sons. Warehouseman / Farm Labourer enlisted 08/01/1915. In Hosp (14-16/04/1915) with influenza when Platoon Photos were taken. C Coy. France 08/11/1915. GSW Back at Trons Wood 09/07/1916. Home 13/7/1916. 25th 22/8/1916. 69th TRB 1/9/1916. 69th Training Reserve 09/09/1916, 24272. LC-243630 422 Agric Coy 23/2/1917. Died from TB at Lord Derby War Hosp, Warrington. Also had liver cancer.

Appleby Percy Norman 24 29/09/1919 70th Employment Company, Labour Corps. Private ‘41412’ (Formerly ‘9150’ 17th Manchesters). Son of Percy and Annie Alice Appleby of 143 Bury Old Road, Prestwich. Shipping Clerk with Stewart, Thomson & Co prior to enlistment @ Jan 1915. Trained II Pln. France 08/11/1915. Wounded / Shell shock (MEN 04/07/1916) and posted home. Transfer to 534rd Coy Labour Corps ‘41412’ in 1917. Transfer to Reserve Class Z 19/2/1919. Died of lympho sarcoma thoracis in Manchester Royal Infirmary. His father was present. Buried in Southern Cemetery. Percy is not commemorated by CWGC.

TWEDDLE DUNCAN 24 06/05/1920 Private Manchester Regiment 17th Bn. ‘27331’ United Kingdom MANCHESTER (PHILIPS PARK) CEMETERY Son of John Clarke Tweddle and Mary Hannah Tweddle, of 14 Garden Street, Ancoats. Brother of 8318 Charles Tweddle, killed 01/07/1916. Warehouseman attested 24/11/1915. Mobilised 25th Bttn 09/02/1916. France posted 17th Bttn 21/05/1916.  Captured D Coy POW 26/04/1918. Repatriated Hull 21/12/1918. Discharged mental instability SWB 01/05/1919.

Heap A E. DCM Citation

HEAP ARTHUR EDWARD 26 Distinguished Conduct Medal 24/07/1920 Serjeant Manchester Regiment “B” Coy. 2nd Bn. (Formerly 17th Bn ‘9131’) United Kingdom ‘3512663’ Iraq BASRA MEMORIAL Son of Henry Oswald and the late Charlotte Heap, of 3, Peel Avenue, Higher Ardwick, Manchester. Sister, Marie. In 1911 he worked in his father’s wathcmaking business. Enlisted Dec 1914, trained VII Pln. France 08/11/1915. Maintained post-war service with 2nd Bn. DCM Award published 05/12/1918. Killed in action at Hillah (possibly died later as POW) during Arab Revolt. Entitled to Great War 1915 Star Trio with General Service Medal and Iraq Clasp.

RIDING THOMAS 30 02/04/1921 Private Border Regiment 1st Bn. ‘29740’ (Formerly 17th Manchesters ‘8837’) United Kingdom DARWEN CEMETERY. Son of Thomas & Annie Riding of 100 Regent Road, Blackpool. Warehouseman at Tootall Broadhurst Lee when he enlisted in the 2nd City / 17th Battalion on 3 September 1914. He trained with X Platoon of C Company. Thomas disembarked with 17th Battalion on 8 November 1915 and served with them until disbandment in July 1918. He had a period of Leave in England and was subsequently transferred with many of the remaining 17th Bn men to 1st Battalion Border Regiment, as Private 29740 on 24 September 1918. Thomas returned home on 5 April and he was demobilised on 30 April 1919. A Pension was awarded for TB attributable to service. Thomas Riding died from TB on 2 April 1921. We have applied for commemoration with CWGC.