Silver War Badge and Kings Certificate

Records of the Silver War Badge – The Long, Long TrailF

The Badge was awarded to all of Imagethose military personnel who had served   a creer

t home or overseas during the war, and who had been discharged from the army under King’s Regulations.

Army Orders 138 and 139 of May 1918 cover the award of the “King’s Certificate” and   “King’s Second Certificate” to officers and men respectively. In the case of the latter, they had to have been discharged under Paragraphs 392 (xvi) or (xvia) of  King’s Regulations:-

(xvi) No longer physically fit for war service.

(xvia) Surplus to military requirements (having suffered impairment since   entry into the service).

Men from 17th Battalion who have been identified as receiving the SWB are

Corporal 8360 A W Adams II Pln. Enlisted 3/9/1914. Discharged 29/3/1918 wounds or ill health from Service. 24y2m. SWB See Service Record (SR)

Pt 8051 T Ainsworth XIV Pln. Enlisted 2/9/1914. Disch. Sickness 7/4/1916. No Overseas Service.

Pte 8048 Thomas Archer.  Enlisted 2/9/1914 XII Pln. Disch wounds 1/6/1917. Pension shows Resident 9 Walter Street, Reddish Lane, Gorton.  Age 25 yrs 144 days. 5’9″ Height. DoB 2/12/1892. Gun Shot Wound right thigh 1/7/1916. Home 8/7/1916.  France 2/1/1917. Home 2/4/1917. Pension for Total Incapacity with Phythisis from active service infection and exposure. Admitted to Sanatorium. Transfer to Oldham Hospital 2/8/1917.  Left Sanatorium 14/10/1917 and couldn’t be traced for Pension which ceased 2/4/1918. Died 19/1/1918 in Stockport. Interred Willow Grove, noting next of kin as Mrs A L Pickford of 9 Old Road, Heaton Norris.  Phoebe Morley noted as Widow receiving Soldiers Effects 7/9/1920. Thomas had married Phoebe Wilkinson on the summer of 1915 in Stockport.  Brother 9415 Albert was Killed in Action 10/10/1918 serving with 18th Bttn KLR numbered 56356.  He had originally trained with XX Pln of 17th Bttn numbered 9415.  Albert also served with 14th KLR.  As he is excluded from the 1914-15 Star Roll it appears Albert was part of E Company that may have been held back from the initial deployment on November 1915 and possibly attached to the KLR as soon as they arrived in France.  The 18th KLR were part of the 30th Division and the two brothers paths may have crossed on the Somme.  Other members of the Bttn who followed the same transfers are confirmed to have served with the 17th Bttn at Manchester (See Day). Albert left his Effects to his mother and Miss Lilly Scott.

Pte 9490 John Edward Astley. Enlisted 27/2/1915 aged 19y 3m. Drawing instrument maker. No SWB, but Pension shows discharge 13/3/1915 as not likely to become an efficient soldier. Valvular disease of the heart.  Born and resident with father at 11 Lillian Grove, Reddish, Stockport.

Pte 9366 John Atkinson. Enlisted 17/2/1915 aged 19y 4m. Clerk.  25 Collyhurst St, Rochdale Road. Next of kin, Mrs Margaret Gemmel.  No SWB, but Pension shows discharge 8/3/1915 as not likely to become an efficient soldier.

Pte 8449 Paul Backhouse. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XIV Pln. Returned Home 20/6/1916. Discharged Sickness 26/9/1916. SR*

L/Cpl 8374 Arthur Barlow.  Enlisted 3/9/1914 I Pln. Disch wounds 24/4/1917.

Pte 8452 John Arthur Barnes. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XIV Pln.  Disch Depot Sick 25/8/1916. See SR

Pte 8055 Allan Arthur Bell. Enlisted 2/9/1914 III Pln. Discharged 24/3/1918 aged 24 wounds at Flers 12/10/1916.

Pte 8377 Philip G Da Bell. Enlisted 3/9/1914 I Pln. DIsch 4/2/1919 aged 26.

Pte 8379 Henry Benjamin Bennett. Enlisted 3/9/1914 II Pln. Disch 24/10/1917 aged 30y 11m.

Pte 8454 William Beresford. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XIII Pln. Disch 18/1/1919 aged 28.

Pte 8405 Charles Soloman Berlyn. Enlisted 3/9/1914 V Pln. Disch 18/4/1918 aged 24.

Pte 8078 John Billing. Enlisted 2/9/1914. SWB 5/12/1917

Pte 9128 Henry Billinge.  Enlisted claiming 19y 9m 1/12/1914 VII Pln. Disch Belton Park underage 28/5/1915 aged 16y 1m. Warehouseman 5’9″ 55 Richmond Street, Newton Heath. Numerous discipline infringements leading to total 29 Days CB.  Renlisted in RFA

Pte 9459 Stanley Black.  Enlisted 22/2/1915.  Painter aged 26y 6m or 25y 6m 49 Cross Street, Didsbury. Father Stanley. Disch 11/3/1915, not likely to become an efficient soldier. Valvular disease of heart. No SWB

Sgt 8078 Charles Bolton. Enlisted 2/12/1914.  NCO. Discharged Sgt 22nd Bttn unfit  SWB 18/3/1919.

Pte 8056 Bertram Booth Enlisted 2/9/1914. IV Pln. Disch Wounds SWB 22/8/1916

Pte 8428 Harold Bowden. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VII Pln aged 19.   BCT ankle and both feet 18/2/1916 Hospital Rouen and evacuated Home on HSS St Patrick 3/3/1916. Former Clerk 5’11 1/2″ height. Resident 41 Lloyd Street, Heaton Norris, Later “Norwood” Hall Street, Stockport. Son of Edwin Bowden.  Discharged Sick with SWB 69th Training Reserve Bttn, Altcar Camp No 24204 28/9/1916.  Disputed Pension for Utitis Media.

Pte 8458 James Bowker. Enlisted 3/9/1914. Warehousman born Salford aged 33y 1m. Discharged 9/2/1915, not likely to become an efficient soldier.  Edmitted Heaton Park Hosp 11/1/1915. Heart and lung complaints. Husband of Jessie Elizabeth nee Handy. Sone of John and Jessie Bowker 19 W Lower Street, Seedley. No SWB

Pte 8081 Arthur Bowker. Enlisted 2/9/1914.  Warehouseman aged 27y 2m. 42 Llandaff Street, Queens Park, Harpurhey.  Born Miles Platting. Disch No SWB 27/1/1915, not likely to become an efficient soldier – defective sight. Wife May with son Harold Abraham.

Pte 9114 James Briddon.  Enlisted 3/12/1914 claiming age 19y 9m, employed as spinner. Discharged 4/1/1915 underage. 35 Piercy Street, Mill Street, Ancoats Parents William & Mary Elizabeth Briddon. No SWB

Pte 9437 Percival Claude Brook. Enlisted 20/2/1915 E Coy, Engineers Assistant.  Disch 11/3/1915, claimed age 19y 7m, not likely to become an efficient soldier – Medical Grounds sight & health. 89 Cowesby Street, Moss Side. Mother Jane Brook. Born Wakefield, Yorks. Later 97 Stockton Street, Moss Side. Reenlisted 1/2/1917 and killed in action 17/4/1918, serving with 9th Bttn, Cheshires No 51842. CWGC. Attended Henshaw Blue Coat School, Oldham.

Pte 8395 A Brown. Enlisted 3/9/1914. Disch Sickness 5/4/1915.

Pte 8396 Henry Brumfitt. Enlisted 3/9/1914  III Platoon. Discharge Wounded with Amputated leg 18/10/1918. Married 26/7/1919 SR* See The Cost

Pte 8072 Harry Bryan. Enlisted 2/9/1914 22 years old salesman.  Discharged medically unfit 22/10/1914. No Overseas. 374 Gt Clowes Street, Ht Broughton. Parents Harry and Nellie.

Pte 8061 Abraham Bull.  Enlisted 2/9/1914 V Pln. Discharged wounds 2/8/1917.

Pte 9473 James Bullock. Enlisted 22/2/1915 E Coy, labourer aged 29 years. Discharged 8/3/1915 not likely to become an efficient soldier – Medical Grounds – Valvular disease of the heart. 4 Park Street, Denton. Married to Lily with four children. No SWB.

Pte 8397 Frank Bunting 3/9/1914-6/2/1918 SWB

Pte 9211 George Caldwell. Enlisted 20/1/1915 XVII Pln. Disch 5/12/1917 aged 34.

Pte 9419 John Candlett. Enlisted 29/2/1915 XX Pln. Disch 26/6/1918 aged 22.

Pte 9323 Charles F Carter DCM Enlisted 16/2/1915. Discharged Depot 19/9/1919 aged 33.

Pte 9428 Thomas Carr.  Enlisted 22/2/1915 Turner’s improver.Discharged 22/3/1915 aged 19y 9m not likely to become an efficient soldier – Medical Grounds.  Later enlisted in RWF and discharged on health grounds. 14 Duke Street, Bradford, Manchester. Father James Carr. No SWB See SR

Pte 9423 Joseph Catlow. Enlisted 20/2/1915 XVIII Pln.  Discharged 1/6/1915, Heaton Park, not likely to become an efficient soldier. Messrs Wilson & Son, Denton, a  Hatter aged 37y 2m resident 43 Osborne Street, Denton. Married to Mary who died 2/3/1917 with 3 children. Reenlisted in 3rd Bttn 27502  12/7/1915.  8/2/1917 transferred to 1at Garrison Bttn Cameron Highlanders 28381, Invergordon. Discharged 3rd Bttn, Cleethorpes 31/10/1917 Neuras Hernia with Pension, no longer physically fit. No SWB. 645 Manchester Road, Denton. See SR

Pte 8462 Francis Clarke. Enlisted 3/9/1914 II Platoon. Discharged 23/10/1917 aged 24y 1m.

Pte 9223 Herbert Clarkson. Enlisted 21/1/1915 XVII Pln. Discharged from 3rd Bttn wounds 6/8/1917.

Pte 9392 Stephen Clarkson. Enlisted 18/2/1915 E Coy. Disch 8/3/1915 not likely to become an efficient soldier – Inguinal Hernia, Heaton Park, aged 21y 2m.  Labourer resident 7 Commission Street, Pendleton. Wife Hannah, No SWB

Pte 9411 Thomas Allen Clayton. Enlisted 19/2/1915 XX Pln.   Resident 19 Hoare Street, Bradford aged 19y 7m. Mother Lavina. BEF 23/12/1915. 17th Bttn 28/2/1915. Wounded Trones Wood 30/7/1916, Gun Shot Wound Buttock.  Home 2/8/1916. 69th TR Bttn 23/2/1917. Disch 16/4/1918 with Pension. SWB not found.

Pte 9284 Robert Collier. Enlisted 13/2/1915, a labourer. Discharged 13/3/1915 aged 26 unlikely to become an efficient soldier, hallua rigidus. 10 Ratcliffe Street, Middle Hollgate, Stockport. Mother Mary. No SWB

Pte 9325 John Martin Patrick Conroy. Enlisted 16/2/1915. Roman Catholic chef, born Ireland, aged 36. Discharged Heaton Park,17/3/1915 unlikely to become an efficient soldier on medical grounds.  18 Thorley Street, Cheetham Hill. Previously 28 Mawson Street, Ardwick Green. Husband of Rebeca. Father of John Patrick Conroy. Died 1922. NO SWB

Pte 9443 Thomas Costello. Enlisted 22/2/1915. Discharged 11/3/1915 unlikely to become an efficient soldier on medical grounds – deaf, aged 25y 9m. Warehouseman resident 69 Sheffield Street, Stockport. Mother Bridget Costello. No SWB

Pte 8506 Edmund James Coucher. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XVI Pln.  Discharged 5/5/1918 aged 30.

Pte 8502 Albert Ernest Cox. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XIV Plm. Discharged 12/3/1918 aged 22y 6m.

Pte 8503 Frederick Norman Creer. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 26y 5m, a porter. Previous Service with 4th Volunteer Bttn, 5 yrs time expired. Discharged 27/1/1915 unlikely to become an efficient soldier on medical grounds – joints. Poor Disciplinary record – drunk & absent.  He was still reported as Good Military character. Resident at 2 Hamilton Place, Hulme. Father & Brother Wm John Creer 35 Hamilton Street. No SWB.

Pte 9224 Norman Donald Crichton MM. Policeman Enlisted 25/1/1915. Discharged 21/9/1918 aged 34. Escaped POW

Pte 8505 Joshua George Crosby.  Enlisted 3/9/1914 XIV Pln.  Disch 24/3/1916 25th Bttn, Southport heart complaint, aged 25y 1m. Pension.  Transferred to 25th Bttn 30/8/1915. Warehouseman / Liftman 16 Claremont Road, Moss Side.   No SWB.

Pte 8490 Rowland Collins Crowder. Enlisted 3/9/1914 X Pln & Bugle Band. Discharged 3/4/1918 aged 24y 1m.

Pte 8529 James Daniels. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XV Pln & Bugle Band. Discharged Depot wounds 2/3/1917.

Pte 9326 Frank Darkin, Enlisted 16/2/1915.  Disch Heaton Park 26/2/1915, aged 21y 11m unlikely to become an efficient soldier on medical grounds – epilepsy.  Baker born Pendleton, resident 294 Cheatham Hill Road. Father Frederick Darkin of Catford.

Pte 8516 Thomas Davies. Enlisted 3/9/1914. Disch 5/12/1917 aged 35.

Pte 9350 Cyril Day. Enlisted 15/2/1915 B Coy.  Disch Larkhill 6/11/1915 aged 20y 4m. No longer fit Lymphoneia. Ships Steward resident 4 Thurloe Street, Rusholme. Son of Samuel & Annie. Married Annie Evelyn Owen 21/6/1915.  Reenlisted in RASC M/304341 648 MT Coy. Died 17/11/1917. 52nd Lowland CCS Mingoyo, Tanzania.  Grave concentrated to Dar Es Salaam.  Wife received Effects.

Pte 8122 A Deaken. Enlisted 2/9/1914 VII Pln. Discharged 14/2/1918 aged 24y 8m.

Pte 8507 Thomas Donnelly. Enlisted 8/9/1914 A Coy . Disch Heaton Park 24/2/1915 aged 35 unlikely to become an efficient soldier – feet. A Dyer resident 3 Barrack Street, Hulme  with wife, Margaret & 2 children. No SWB

Pte 9390 Walter Drinkle. Enlisted17/2/1915, E Coy. Disch Heaton Park 11/3/1915 unlikely to become an efficient soldier – flat feet. Blacksmith aged 23y 5m 90 Wooley Road Winton Eccles. Had married Ada George at Patricroft 15/2/1915. No SWB

Frank Dunn with his new wife. This photo was carried in his tunic during his time on the Somme.

Frank Dunn with his new wife. This photo was carried in his tunic during his time on the Somme. Courtesy Clive Dunn.

Pte 8528 Frank Dunn. Enlisted 2/9/1914 XII Pln. Discharged 10/12/1918 aged 27.

Pte 9394 William Dunstan.  Enlisted 18/2/1915. Discharged 8/3/1915 aged 19y 7m unlikely to become an efficient soldier-poor physique. Box Maker resident 9 Atkins Street, Bradford Road. Reenlisted 8/4/1915 3655 2/4th Royal Scots, transferred to 293070 Northumberland Fusils . Served in France, Egypt & Sudan. Ankle injury Sept 1916. Treated in Etaples and Oxford. Disembodied Fit L/Cpl 2/8/1919. No SWB

Private (Signaller) 8131 Charles Allen Edmondson  Brother of Leonard Alfred Edmondson – signed up one after the other to be Boarders (no. 339 and 340), and also to enlist in the Army (8131 and 8132). Charles survived the war but his brother was killed at Flers.  Enlisted 2/9/16. Aged 24 & 6 months.  Employed as Clerk with brother Leonard in The Fine Cotton Spinners & Doublers’ Association Ltd.  Discharged 23/11/14 Physically Unfit.  “Not likely to become and efficient soldier.” Resident 231 Heald Place, Rusholme.  Parents Alfred and Madeline living at 60 St Bee’s St, Moss Side with brother Sean Alfred  in 1914. Manchester Warehouseman and Clerks Orphans’ School

Pte 8133 Arthur Edwards. Enlisted 9/9/1914 XII Pln. Discharged 11/7/1917.

Pte 8537 William Evans. Enlisted 3/9/1914. Posted 25th / Disch 2 Gar Bttn 26/5/1916. No overseas service.

Cpl 9313 Joseph Farmer MM. Enlisted 15/2/1915 XVIII Pln. Discharged following wounds at Ypres aged 29 17/2/1919.

Pte 8141 Charles MartinFarrington.  Enlisted 2/9/1914 Pte XVI Pln. Discharged 16/10/1917 aged 32.

Pte 9136 James Fell. Enlisted 2/12/1914. Disch 21/12/1914 aged 30y 5m.  Medically unfit.  A Carter resident 6 Chepstow Street. with wife, Annie. No SWB. Possibly RDC-87073

Pte 8557 Joseph Fitzpatrick. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 25y 9m. Disch 27/1/1915 unlikely to become an efficient soldier-defective sight. Driver resident 7 Kendrick Street, Ancoats. No SWB

Pte 8558 Percy Fletcher.  Enlisted 3/9/1914.  Warehouseman aged 19y 8m. Hosp. sprained ankle & laringitis. Disch 22/3/1915  unlikely to become an efficient soldier-hernia. 32 Moulton Street, Hulme

Pte 8546 Michael Christopher Foley. Enlisted 3/9/1914 A Coy.  Disch 2/10/1914 aged 32y 9m unlikely to become an efficient soldier. Born Dublin. 5’11”. Umbrella trade. 1 Redcar Street, Moston.  No SWB. Son served in 20th Bttn

Pte 8559 John Robert Foulkes. Enlisted 3/9/1914 C Coy. Disch in Manchester 27/1/1915 aged 28y 3m unlikely to become an efficient soldier – hernia.  Warehouseman from 41 Lilley Street, Miles Platting. Born Hulme. Husbans Gladys Still. No SWB

Pte 9347 Abraham Freedman.  Enlisted 16/2/1915 claiming age 19y 3m. Disch Heaton Park from 25th Reserve Bttn 15/10/1915 aged 16y 11m mis-statement as to age.  Suffered tonsillitis and 2 days in Heaton Park Garrison Hospital in August 1915.  Awarded 4 days CB for braking out of camp for 4 days 21/9/1915.  Machinist from 88 Broughton Lane, Salford. Father Morris Freedman.  One of the few recruits identified as Jewish. No SWB.

CSM 9073 James Gale. Enlisted 23/9/1914 E Coy. Discharged 6/4/1918 aged 45y 8m.

Pte 8588 George William Garft. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XIV Pln. Discharged wounds SWB 3/8/1917 with Pension. An insurance clerk from Leigh Arms Hotel, Knutsford. GSW Right shoulder. Returned Home from France 17/7/1916, wounded at Montauban 1/7/1916 while placing barbed wire to consolidate position – struck by machine gun bullet.  Treated No 5 General Hospital, Rouen and after 3 weeks transfered to Muswell Hill aux. Hospital and 1st Western Hospital Fazakerley, Liverpool where various operations took place including removal of bone.  George died on 26/11/1918 and is buried at Sale (Brooklands) Cemetery.  Son of Mrs. Jessie Almond (formerly Garft), of 13, Chelford Rd., Knutsford, and the late Harry Garft.  Jessie arranged the inscription “May his Reward be as Great as His Sacrifice”

Pte 9431 Andrew Garside. Enlisted A Coy  20/2/1915 aged 25y 3m.  Disch 11/3/1915 unlikely to become an efficient soldier- valvular heart disease.  Warehouseman of 145 Oldham Road, Miles Platting.  Brother of Issac Garside, No SWB Pg 54

Pte 8577 George William Godfrey Enlisted 3/9/1914 V Pln. Discharged from Depot at Preston 4/7/1916 Wounds aged 24y 3m.

Pte 9283 Morris Goldstone. Enlisted 13/2/1915 XVIII Pln aged 19y 10m. Claimed former Bengal Lancers.  Discharged Sick Comm. Disch Depot 11/8/1917 with SWB no longer fit – left hand & forearm, whitlow finger Aged 22y 4m.. admitted De Beauvoir Hospital Hackney.  Carpenter/Upholsterer/Cabinet Maker Born Lower Broughton, Salford.  Married to Dolly Freeman 1912- Jewish. 8 Stanley Street, Cheetham, 104 Grosevenor Street, Chorlton and later 21 Moston Street, Strangeways. Also wife, Eugenie 3 Greek Street, Chorlton. SOn died 1919. Father Herman Goldstone, 8 Thompson Street, Strangeways. 25th Bttn 9/11/1915 (Bttn went to France on 8th).  France 1/1/1916. Depot 27/3/1917. Arrested July 1917 for wearing false wound stripes and medals. Re-enlisted 9/7/1918 T/438390. Driver in RASC with whom he had poor discipline and Court Martial at Woolwich in 1920. Fraudulently enlisting in Labour Corps 699172 while deserted 23/5/1919 from RASC charged  12/6/1919.  Discharged 7/8/1920 as absentee.  Re-enlisted in W Yorks Regiment April 1921. Deserted July 1921. PG55

Pte 9424 Charles William Goodwin. Enlisted 1/2/1915 claiming 19y. Disch Heaton Park aged 18y 0m 8/3/1915 having made mis-statement as to age.  Clerk resident 60 Chester Street, Hulme. Father Charles. No SWB.  Renlisted 7th Seafoths and KiA 14/10/1916

Sgt 8150 Frank Gordon. Enlisted 2/9/1914 IX Pln. Discharged Depot Wounds and received 16/6d Pension 29/3/1917.

Pte 8572 Harry Gouldsborough. Enlisted 3/9/1914 II Pln.  Discharged 17/3/1915.

Pte 8578 John Charles Grant. Enlisted 3/9/1914 V Pln. Disch Depot 13/11/1916 sickness.

Pte 9328 Charles Ambler Greenwood. Enlisted 16/2/1915. Disch Heaton Park 1/6/1915 aged 35y 9m unlikely to become an efficient soldier-colic.  Previous service with 7th Bttn Time Expired. Warp Dresser, born Bury, resident 11 Abbotsford Street, Harpurhey. Wife Lily Clarke. Children; Clarence Arthur,  Hilda & Ernest.

Pte 9391 William Gregg.  Enlisted 17/2/1915.  Disch 3/3/1915 unlikely to become an efficient soldier-epilepsy.  Clerk aged 36y 9m. 39 East Road, Longsight.  Father Edwin. Previously enlisted in Depot 16524 12/1/1915 disch 16/1/1915.

Pte 9356 William Grundy. Enlisted 16/2/1915 XIX Pln. Discharged 30/10/1917 aged 22y 9m.

Pte 8616 Albert E Hall DCM.. Enlisted 3/9/1914 V Pln. Disch wounds 29/3/1917.

Pte 9329 Herbert Hannaby. Enlisted 16/2/1915 aged 31y 10m. Posted 25th TR Bttn 30/8/1915. Disch 6/9/1916 no longer fit-chronic bronchitis. No SWB. Hospital Heaton Park in March 1915 – Bronchitis. Baker resident 6 Cotsworth Street, Moss Side.

Pte 8175 Charles Cyril Hands Enlisted 2/9/1914 IX Pln. Discharged from Depot Wounds 15/6/1917.

Pte 9410 Alfred Harrison. Enlisted 19/2/1915 XX Pln. Disch from Depot wounds 22/2/1917.

Pte 8628 John Hanley Enlisted 3/9/1914 XII Pln.  Disch from 3rd Bttn wounds 25/9/1917 aged 28.

Pte 8592 Arthur Hampson. Enlisted 3/9/1914 I Pln. Disch 7/1/1918 aged 23y 3m.

Pte 8156 George Hawkins. Enlisted 2/9/1914.  Disch 3rd Bttn 7/9/1917 aged 22y 1m.

Pte 9053 George James Hayers. Enlisted 12/9/1914 aged 34y 8m. Disch 13/11/1914 unlikely to become an efficient soldier. Re-enlisted 11/9/1915- Dischaged not effiecient 15/9/1915. Labourer / warehouseman born London. Resident 11 Cyprus Street, Ancoats with wife Annie Selina & 6 children.

Pte 8161 James Hayes. Enlisted 2/9/1914 II Pln. Disch 5th Bttn wounds 26/12/1917 aged 22y 11m.

Pte 9178 William Hayton. Enlisted 11/1/1915 XV Pln.  Disch 6/12/1917 wounds aged 34y 4m.

Pte 9148 Albert Hawksworth. Enlisted 2/1/1915 III Pln. Transferred to 4th Training Reserve Bttn Cheshire Regt. France 9/11/1915. Disch 57 TR Bttn  3/10/1917 aged 35.

Pte 9087 John Chadwick Heywood. Enlisted 24/9/1914 – Bugler. Discharged underage 31/10/1914 aged 17y 8m. Re-enlisted 1874 ASC 10/11/1914 East Lancs Div. Territorials.  Posted ASC Regulars 1/9/1916.  France in 1918.  Home 7/4/1919. Disch 5/5/1919.  Clerk resident 13 Higher Temple Street, Chorlton. Father Sidney Perkins Hetwood. Mo Annie. No SWB

Pte 34425 Leonard Higgins. Enlisted 15/2/1916. Discharged Unfit SWB 15/4/1919

Pte 8598 Fred Hirst. Enlisted 3/9/1914. Discharged sickness 9/1/1915. No overseas service

Acting Sgt 9038 Albert Hitchen.  Enlisted with brother 7/9/1914 . Disch 29/10/1914 unfit aged 24y 6m. 5’10 1/2″ Tall.  Assistant buyer resident 44 St Hilda Street, Old Trafford. Fa Albert No SWB

Pte 9037 Leonard Fred Hitchen. Enlisted with brother 7/9/1914. Disch 9/8/1916 Wounds

Pte 8611 Percy Holt. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 24y 4m. Disch 23/9/1914 Not likely to become and efficient soldier-unfit, flat feet. No Overseas service.  Salesman resident with wife Edith Mary at 118 Southwell Street, Harpurhey. Received SWB.

Pte 9396 Edward Henry Hopkinson. Enlisted 18/2/1915. Disch 3/3/1915 aged 31y 7m unlikely efficient. Previous Service in 5th Bttn.  oiner resident 183 Levenshulme Road, Gorton. No SWB. Wife Mary McGlyn. 2 Daughters Mary & Ellen Agnes

CQMS 8181 Bertram Houchin. Enlisted 2/9/1914 XI Pln.  Discharged 15/5/1919 aged 27.

Pte 9418 Irvine Howard. Enlisted 19/2/1915. Disch unlikley efficient 11/3/1915 aged 19y 1m. Accountants Clerk of 5 Ramsden Place Wardle, Rochdale. No SWB.

Pte 9189 Stanley Robert Howe. Enlisted 14/1/1915 IX Pln. DIsch 9/1/1918. Aged 22y 8m.

Pte 8188 Thomas Howe. Enlisted 2/9/1914, aged 31y 9m.  Forfeits pay for absence 29/12/1914. Transfer to 25th Reserve Bttn 9/11/1915 and discharged no longer fit 10/12/1915. Warehouseman, born Hulme. Bro Wm 52 Shipton St. Mo Elizabeth Biffnell. 156 Warde Street, Hulme. No SWB.

Pte 9106 Andrew Hoy. Enlisted C Coy 1/12/1914. Disch 27/1/1915 aged 23y 6m unlikely efficient-inferior physiacal development. Re-enlisted 3rd Bttn Welsh Rgmt 6/5/1915 37552. Disch Unfit 28/7/1915 valvular disease of the heart.  Re-emlisted RDC 22/7/1918 28715. Born Hulme. Collier of 32 Burton Street, Rochdale Road, Collyhurst. Wife Ada Sheridan. Daugh Ada Emily. No SWB Pg75

Pte 8601 John Hulme. Enlisted 3/9/1914. Disch 27/1/1915 unlikely efficient-hernia. No overseas service. Still SWB and Pension award. Packer of 4 Glentyne Road Irlam O’th Heights. Wife Amelia Wool. 22 Swallow Street, Longsight.

Pte 9311 Albert Hurst. Enlisted 16/2/1915 XVIII Pln. Discharged wounded Trones Wood 14/12/1918 aged 20.

Pte 9525 Henry Ingham. Enlisted 21/5/1915. Disch 3rd Bttn 13/7/1917 wounds.

Pte 9373 Harold Irwin. Enlisted 17/2/1915 claiming 19y 1m.  Disch 25/2/1915 aged 14y 9m; mis-statement as to age. Labourer of 25 Gaskill Street, Bradford. Fa Henry. Pg 78

Pte 9169 Thomas George Jacob. Enlisted 11/1/1915 XIII Pln.  Disch 1/2/1918 aged 27.

Pte 9452 J H Jamieson. Enlisted 22/2/1915 XX Pln. Disch 9/7/1915 Not likely to become and efficient soldier. No Overseas service.

Pte 9233 Arthur William Jenkinson. Enlisted 25/1/1915.  2 days sCB for being late on Parade in June 1915 at 6am. Disch 4/10/1918 Preston unfit aged 23y.  Amputated Left leg.  France 7/11/1915 with Bttn Transport.  Home 20/4/1918.  Wounded 17/3/1916  treated 96 Fld Amb 18-19/3/1916.  GSW Left Wrist.  GSW 21/3/1918 St Quentin causing compound fracture.  97 Fld Amb, 61 CCS, 3 Gen Hosp.  Jome on HS St David. 2 Gold wound stripes and Pension award. Treated in Netley, Brighton, Roehampton & Queen Marys.  Plumber of 59 Wellington Street, Stockport.  Married Millicent Hutchinson in Heaton Norris in 1923

Charles Johnson. March 1915

Charles Johnson. March 1915

CSM 8196 Charles Johnson. Enlisted 2/9/1914 C Coy. Disch wounds received TronesWood 18/2/1918 aged 25y 5m. See also Two from the cannon’s mouth men?

Pte 8678 Thomas Johnson. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VIII Pln. Disch wounds 1/9/1916.

Pte 8672 Arthur William Jones. Enlisted 3/9/1914 I Pln. Disch 3rd Bttn 30/10/1917 aged 27.

Pte 8677 Robert Jones. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VIII Pln.  Disch 16/9/1918 aged 38.

L/Cpl 8694 Stewart George Kinnimonth. Enlisted 3/9/1914 IV Pln. Disch wounds 3/4/1917.

Pte 9376 Charles Kemple. Enlisted 17/2/1915 and 29y 5m.  Disch 8/3/1915 unlikely efficient.  Labourer 108 Walnut Street, Hightown. Mo Ellen Kemple.

Pte 9332 John Kerridge. Enlisted 16/2/1915.  DIsch Belton Park 18/6/1915 aged 17y 8m.  Mis-Statement age. Carter of 13 Boundary Street, Strangeways. Fa James.

Cpl 8700 James Kershaw. Enlisted 3/9/1914.  Appointed L/Cpl 7/3/1915. Transferred 25th Bttn 9/11/1915 & 69th TRB 24325 1/9/1916. Disch 27/9/1916 unfit – gastric ulcer with pension.  Warehouseman born Bolton. Bro Herbert, 28 Stanley Grove, Longsight.

Pte 8996 James King. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VIII Pln.  Disch Sickness 5/11/1915. No Overseas.

Pte 9074 Harry Kirkman. Enlisted 23/9/1914 aged 17y 7m.  Disch 31/10/1014-Too young for War Office.  Warehouseman Assistant, born Rusholme.  Fa Fred 170277 Royal Fleet Reserve.

Pte 8688 John Knight. Enlisted 7/9/1914 (SWB) II Pln. Disch 3rd Bttn wounds 19/10/1916.

Pte 9213 W B Knight. Enlisted 19/1/1915 XVII Pln. Disch 21/6/1918 aged 22.

Pte 8203 Stanley Knowles. Enlisted 2/9/1914 II Pln. Disch Depot 2/12/1916 wounds.

Pte 9383 Joseph Lawrenson. Enlisted 18/2/1915 E Coy.  Disch Heaton Park aged 27y 3m 8/3/1915 unlikely efficient-ankle fracture.  Colier of 20 Taylor Street, Dukinfield. Born St Helens.  Wife Edith Andrews. 2 Children. No SWB

Pte 9450 David Lea. Enlisted 22/2/1915. Disch Heaton Park 17/7/1915 aged 20y 2m mis-statement age. Tailor of 35 Caroline Street, Lower Broughton. Mo Annie Lea.

Pte 9436 Percy George Lee. Enlisted 20/2/1915 claiming 19y. France 25/12/1915. Posted 17th Bttn 20/2/1916.  Influenza 20/2/1916. Treated Rouen & other places.  Home on HS St Patrick 14/3/1916. Disch 25th TR Bttn Altcar 14/7/1916 aged 16y 4m – mis-statement age.  Hospitilised for 56 days in April 1916. Warehouseman of 12 Nelson Terrace, Cumpsall Manchester. Fa Wildred George Lee.  Born April-June 1900.  Still 15 years old when he served in France and returned Home.

Pte 8719 Edmund Lees. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 29y 8m. Disch 29/10/1914. Cloth porter born Moss Side. Fa Henry. Mo Alice 147 Beresford Street, Moss Side. No SWB

Pte 9061 Harry Leigh. Enlisted 14/9/1914 aged 35.  Disch 8/12/1914.  A Carter born Harpurhey. Bro George Albert and 6 Sisters at 18 Rowe Street.

Pte 8218 George Lilof Enlisted 2/11/1914 aged 30.  Disch 3/11/1914 – not a British Subject. Born Alexandria, Egypt. Traveller, Resident 285 Wellington Road, Heaton Chapel. Wife Evelyn Dorothy & 2 Sons

L/Cpl 8224 Henshaw Little. Enlisted 2/9/1914 XVI Pln. Disch Depot 9/4/1917 wounds with Pension 8/3.

Pte 8713 Hugh Lloyd. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VI Pln. Disch 1/10/1918 aged 24.

Pte 9339 Gustaff Manuel.  Enlisted 16/2/1915 aged 19y 1m. Disch 8/3/1915 unlikely efficient flat feet.  Re-enlisted 27885 12/8/1915. France with A Coy 12th Bttn 23/12/1915. Wounded shell burst Longueval 5/8/1916. Base Hosp Rouen & Home 2nd Western Hosp 15/8/1916. 57 TR Bttn 17/3/1917.  Dish Kimmel Park SWB 11/5/1917 unfit with Pension. Chemist Hoist man at Christico Milles, Doylesdon.  Resident 160 Greenside Lane, Droylesdon. Fa William Charles. Mo Annie.

Pte 9336 Sydney James Marshall. Enlisted 16/2/1915 aged 24y 6m. Disch 8/3/1915 unlikely efficient. Waiter, resident 11, Admiral St, Dewsbury Rd Leeds. Mo Ellen. Re-enlisted 16572 Sussex Yeomary 1/3/1916. Base Depot, France 6/12/1916. 9th Royal Sussex 24/12/1916. Home with Depot 25/3/1917.  Disch 6/6/1917. Resident Madiera Hotel, Brighton. Disembodied 6/6/1917 unfit. Mo now 12 Crown Street, Brighton.

Pte 9407 James Henry Maxfield. Enlisted 18/2/1915 aged 19y 2m. Disch 22/3/1915 unlikely efficient medical.  Warehouseman of 93 Gorton Road, Gorton. Fa Henry. Poss Service in S Staffs & RDC.

Pte 8722 Edmund May.  Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 28y 5m.  Disch sick 5/4/1915 Disorderly Action of Heart 18/1/1915. Warehouseman Received SWB & Pension. Mo Catherine. Bro Sidney. 3 Queen’s Grove, Longsight.

Pte 8728 (not 9728) James Hastings McCaig. Enlisted 3/9/1914 III Pln. Disch 3rd Bttn wounds aged 28. SWB.


Pte 8729 Joseph Hastings McCaig. Enlisted with brother James 3/9/1914 aged 27y 1m. 6 ft tall.  Disch 12/3/1915 not efficient.  Hospital 3 days, sciatica, Heaton Park. Born Thornhill, Dumfries.  Salesman. Father John, Mother Jessie. 2 Westmoreland Road, Urmston.

Pte 8239 Alfred McGrath. Enlisted 2/9/1914. France 8/11/1915. 19/3/1916. 21 Days Fd Punishment No 1 for improper conduct on sentry duty.  Attached 90th Bgd Trench Mortar Battery 8/7/1916. Home 20/5/1918 with Newrasthernia. Disch Preston 21/9/1918 aged 27  no longer fit. Warehouseman born Salford, resident 8 Sandford Street with Mo Sarah Jane and Fa William John.  Bro Charles of Knutsford. SWB & Pension.Pg 101

CQMS 9044 Percy James McKellan. Enlisted 8/9/1914 ages 36. Promoted Sgt same day.  CQMS 27/1/1915. Transferred Cycling Corps, 30 Div 18/8/1915. France 7/11/1915. 11/5/1916 XIII CCB. Home 23/12/1916 T.C. Disch 4/6/1917, no longer fit. 9121 with Army Cyclist Corps.  Previously served with 2nd Volunteer Bttn.  An accountant born Mellor, New Mills, Derbys. Wife Priscilla Milner, Fa Wiliam, Mo Hannah. Heath Bank Road, Cheadle Hulme.

Pte 9338 John McNulty. Enlisted 25/2/1915 aged 19y 4m. Disch 25/2/1915 mis-statement age.Groceres Assistant resident 18 Lathbury Rd, Harpurhey. Born Staffs.  Brother James Andrew McNulty enlisted 3/8th Bttn. No SWB

L/Cpl 8736 Thomas Millichip. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VI Pln. Disch 9/10/1918 aged 33.

Pte 8761 Samuel Mills. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 27y 2m.  Disch 29/11/1914.  Warehouseman born St Clements, Ardwick.  Wife Florence Edith Dawson. Daugh Florence Kate.

Pte 8232 Donald Moores. Enlisted 2/9/1914 VIII Pln.  Disch Depot 25/7/1917 sickness

L/Cpl 8740 F Morley. Enlisted 3/9/1914 X Pln. Disch 6/2/1919.

Pte 8750 Henry Moss. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XII Pln. Disch 30/11/1917 aged 27y 3m.

L/Cpl 8735 William Wheal Mottashead. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VIII Pln. Disch Depot 5/5/1917 wounds SWB

 Pte 8238 Frank Mottram  Enlisted 2/9/1914 aged 19y 11m. Admitted Bulford Mil Hosp in Oct 1915 with scabies. 5 CCS with Chill Feet 26/1/1916. 10 Gen Hosp 2/2/1916. Rejoined Bttn 24/3/1916. Southern Gen Hosp. Wounded Trones Wood – 96 Fd Amb 9/7/1916.  Home 28/7/1916.  Kings Heath Birmingham 10/5/1917 30 days with GSW both legs, Eastbourne 11 days then furlough before returning to duty. Boulogne 28/7/1917. 30 IBD Etaples 29/7/1917. Labour Corps 23/10/1917. Home 11/1/2/1917. 15/12/1917 Impetigo in Sheffield Hosp 77 days.  A Coy 365 Employment Coy Labour Corps, Aldershot, 23/3/1918. Boulogne 14/4/1918. 160 Labour Corps 20/4/1918.Transferred  20th Bttn 30/6/1918. Italy 7/7/1918 D Coy 21/8/1918. Disch fit from 3rd Bttn 5/3/1919 with Pension for GSWs back right & left legs on 4/10/1918 in France. 77 Fd Amb 5/10/1918,  4 Gen Hosp and Home 11/101/1918.  Northumberland War Hosp Newcastle. 363 Employment Coy Labour Corps No 393518. Warehouseman  Thomas Collier & Co, resident 21 Humber Street, Weaste. Born Weaste, 5’10” tall.

Sgt 8742 Frank W Moxon MM. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XIII Pln. Disch 28/11/1917 aged 23y 6m. SWB

Pte 9479 Edwin Mulliner. Enlisted 23/2/1915 aged 33y 3m. Disch 8/3/1915 unlikley efficient – syphilis.   Labourer resident 10 Ventnor Drive, Disdbury. Wife Margaret Sullivan & 5 Children.

Pte 9099 Harry Neal. Enlisted 2/12/1914.  IV Pln. Discharged 25th Bttn wounds 27/5/1916.

pl 8247 T Newey. Enlisted 2/9/1914 VI Pln. Disch 30/7/1918 aged 23.

Pte 8768 Harry Newton. Enlisted 3/9/1914. Disch 17th Bttn 27/1/1915. No overseas service. SWB

Pte 9103 Luke Nolan. Enlisted 1/12/1914 VII Pln. Disch Depot 26/2/1917 wounds.

Pte 8765 James Henry North. Enlisted 3/9/1914.  Packer aged 34y 4m. France 8/11/1916. Home 30/4/1916. 29/6/1916 Epsom Hosp & 19/8/1916 with septic finger. 2nd Garrison Bttn Lincs 30174 6/10/1916.  ASC Grove Park 12/10/1917.  Disch 65068 4th Bttn RDC London 2/3/1918 aged 37y 9m. No longer fit small pension..  A Cook and Packer. Resident Singleton Road, Kersal. Mo Rachael, Bro Charles, Sis Rachael. Wife Alice Doris 5/9/1915. Daugh Betty b 8/7/1917. Born Aintree, Liverpool.

Pte 8261 Eric Lewis Pass. Enlisted 2/9/1914 E Coy then XVI Pln. Disch 14/6/1918 aged 25.

Pte 9267 Albert Pemberton. Enlisted 3/1/1915 E Coy then XIII Pln. Disch 17/12/1918 aged 21. Also served with 2/6th Bttn.

Pte 8266 Samuel Parkin. Enlisted 2/9/1914 XII Pln. Discharged wounds 29/11/1916.

Pte 9409 John Priestnell Enlisted E Coy 19/2/1915.  Discharged Heaton Park 8/3/1915 aged 37y 11m unlikely efficient-chronic dyspepsia and hernia. Tinker resident 46 Pryme St Hulme, Manchester. Wife Elizabeth Ann Metcalf. Son John,

Pte 9221 John Oliver Pugh. Enlisted 23/1/1915 II Pln. Aged 27y 2m, 6’1 1/2″. Promoted Sgt 5/1/1915. France 8/11/1915. Reverts Pte at own request 31/12/1915.  Cpl 2/7/1916.  Reverts Pte 2/1/1917 for being Drunk, Absent from Billet and out of billeting area without approval. Wounded 31/7/1917, GSW L  thigh & L arm. 13 Gen Hosp Boulogne 3/8/1917. Home 8/8/1917. Depot  & East Leeds War Hosp 9/8/1917. Disch unfit 13/2/1918 aged 30y 3m. SWB and Pension dor shrapnel to L thigh. CofE. Police Constable previous service with 5th Volunteer Bttn. Resident 7 Ancoats Square, Every Street, Ancoats.  Wife Emma Hasledine. Chil John Edwin & Jessie.  Returned to Police 3/4/1918 and died for causes associated with Service 17/11/1918.  Manchester Southern Cemetery. Soldiers Effects left toe Emma.

Pte 8830 Alexander Rae. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VI Pln. Discharged 25th Bttn sickness 7/9/1916. Did Overseas.

Pte 9341 Thomas Ralph. Enlisted 19/2/1915 XIX Pln. Disch 26/12/1917 aged 29y 10m.

Pte 9498 T C Ratcliffe. Enlisted 3/3/1915 XVIII Pln. Disch 19/12/1917 aged 22.

Cpl 9247 Percy  Robinson. Enlisted 25/1/1915 D Coy. Cpl 19/2/1915.   Discharged Larkhill 5/11/1915 unfit aged 21y 9m – Upper Jaw problem. Police Constable resident 117 Lightbourne Road, Moston. 6′ 2 1/2″ Tall.

Pte 9426 David Rodgers. Enlisted 20/2/1915. Discharged Heaton Park 17/3/1915 aged 19y 2m unlikely efficient – health, chest 31″ on man 5’8″ tall.  Iron Turner resident 45 Alice Street, Clayton Lane, Openshaw. Fa John Rodgers. No SWB

Pte 9088 Joseph Round. Enlisted 24/9/1915 aged 15y 1m 5’1″ tall. Disch 31/10/1914 – under 18. Clerk. Born Dukinfield. Fa Frank. Mo Margaret of 65 Grey Street, Stalybridge. No SWB

L/Cpl 8843 Bernard Walter Russel. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XII Pln. Disch 24/6/1918 aged 38.

Pte 9066 Thomas Russell. Enlisted 15/9/1914 aged 38y. 8yrs time expired in 2nd Bttn Lancs Fusils. Disch 10/12/1914. Clerk born in E Indies. Wife Lily Leedham resident 41 Upper Jackson Street, Hulme.

Pte 8893 Alfred Seddon. Enlisted 3/9/1914, aged 34y 3m. Disch. 21/9/1914 unlikely efficient – advanced syphilis. Greaser born Rock Ferry, Birkenhead. Wife Mary of 6 Fairlawn Street, Moss Side. No SWB.

Pte 8894 Arthur Shaw. Enlisted 3/9/1914. Disch 9/11/1914 No overseas service.

Pte 8288 William Shearer. Enlisted 2/9/1914 VIII Pln. Disch 13/7/1917 GSW Leg agred 21y 1m

Pte 9249 Frederick Shepherd. Enlisted 28/1/1915 XV Pln. Disch 21/1/1918 aged 23y 2m.

L/Cpl 8876 James Slater Sherlock. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VII Pln. Disch 30/7/1916 Sickness

Pte 8870 Albert Singleton. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VIII Pln.  Disch Depot 26/7/1917 wounds

Pte 8880 Joseph Simpkin. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 24y 4m. Disch 15/12/1914. Cutter born Ancoats. Fa Elijah. Mo Elizabeth. Bro Fred of 6 Gledden Street, Bradford Road, Ancoats.

CSM 8295 Frank Howard Silcock. Enlisted 2/9/1914 XV Pln. Disch 21/3/1918 aged 36y 6m.

Pte 9306 Walter Edwin Smith.Enlisted 15/2/1915 XIX Pln. France 23-25/12/1915. Home 10/7/1916. Boulogne 4/3/1917. 30 IBD Etaples 11/3/1917. Time in Hospital Stoppage 51 Gen Hosp and IBD. Joined [23rd on MIC] Bttn X Coy 23/7/1917.  Wounded 21/8/1917.  Treated 107 Fd Amb, 55 CCS & 11 Sty Hosp.  Home on Hosp Ship Western Australia 28/8/1917.  Disch 3rd Bttn physically unfit with Pension 1/6/1918 aged 25y 7m. GSW Left arm a& compound fracture of humerus. SWB & 2 Gold [Wound] stripes.  Resident 38 Shinstone Road, Rotham Park, Birmingham.

Pte 9388 Thomas Spencer. Enlisted 15/2/1915 E Coy Disch Heaton Park 8/3/1915 aged 26y 4m. Unlikely efficient-Inguinal Hernia. Previously RNVR. Porter of 39 Kensington Road, Southport. Fa William of 10 Hope Street, Southport. No SWB

Pte 8287 Uel Spencer. Enlisted 2/9/1914 II Pln. Disch 18/10/1917 aged 27y 4m.

Pte 8886 Harold Eustace Spink. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 21y 4m. 7 days CB for irregular  conduct on parade 21/1/1915 Disch 12/2/1915 unlikely efficient-deafness.  Warehouseman born Attergham, Shrewsbury. Mo Annie 13 Princes Road, Levenshulme.

Sgt 8289 Reginald Streat Enlisted 2/9/1914. VII Pln. Disch Wounds SWB 3/1/1917

L/Cpl 8862 John William Stringer. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 33y 11m A Coy. Promoted L/Cpl 19/11/1914. Disch 2/12/1914 unlikely efficient-unfit. No overseas service. SWB & Pension. Warehouseman. Wife Fanny Davies. Daugh Louisa Ann. 2 Gordon Street, Ardwick.

Pte 9445 Robert Thomson. Enlisted 22/2/1915. Disch E Coy Heaton Park, 8/3/1915 aged 34y 11m unlikely efficient-inguinal hernia.  Previous Service 2nd Volunteer Bttn HLI.  Fitter of 4 Stepney Street. Born Scotland.  Sister in Scotland. No SWB.

Pte 8902 Leonard Toft. Enlisted 3/9/1914 IV Pln. Disch wounds 6/3/1917.

Pte 8917 John Towler. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 28y 8m. Disch 5/3/1915 old fracture to femur. Electrician. Wife Ada. Son John. 20 Dunsford Road, Chorlton on Medlock.

Pg 150

L/Cpl 8918 Oscar Leslie Tunningley XIV Pln Enlisted 3/9/1914. Disch wounds 31/1/1917.

Pte 8308 Frank Milner Turner. Enlisted 2/9/1914 XII Pln. Disch 15/9/1916 sick

Private Leonard Snowden. Discharged 25/10/1918.

Pte 8923 Herbert William Vernon. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VIII Pln. DIsch  11/11/1916. Arthur Bell’s brother in law.

Pte 9043 Robert Walkden. Enlisted 7/9/1914 XV Pln. Disch Depot 21/8/1917 wounds.

Pte 9351 James Walker. Enlisted 16/2/1917 aged 19y 8m. Transferred 26th Bttn 18/6/1915. France 17th Bttn 11/2/1916.  21st Bttn 31/7/1916.  Classified Permanent Base 19/8/1916.  Att P of W Coy 27/1/1917.  Home 29/3/1917.  Murthly War Hospital 18/4/1917-20/6/1917+. Disch 11/7/1917 no longer physically fit-mental defect “has been under fire”. Pension.  Chairmaker from 13 St Andrew’s Close, Droylesdon or 8 Atkinson Street, Gorton. Fa Thomas 52 Kershaw Street.

Pte 8986 Ernest Edward George Warner. Enlisted 3/9/1914 ages 19y 10m. Discharged 27/1/1915 unlikely efficient-neurastheria. No overseas service SWB. Warehouseman former Apprentice  Kendal Hulme, born Collyhurst.  Mo Teresa 415 Rochdale Road, Manchester.

Pte 8987 Cecil Wallace Waygood. Enlisted 3/9/1914.France 8/11/1915-21/11/1916.  Compound fracture great toe from GSW 16/11/1916.  Disch 3rd Bttn 6/8/1917.  SWB & Pension. Clerk of 39 Marshall Road, Levenshulme.

Pte 9001 Harold Westall.  Enlisted 4/9/1914 aged 32y 6m. Transferred 25th TR 9/11/1915.  France 23/12/1915.  Fractured tibia  Bomb wound 12/1/1916 in Belgium – not 17th Bttn. 10 CCS & 74 FA & Hosp Etaples & Brighton. Depot 23/1/1916.  Command Depot 30/4/1916. Disch 24/6/1916 no longer fit with Pension.  Traveller born Bolton.Wife Anne Aston.  Sons Arthur Kenneth & Eric (b 29/101/1916) of 473 Chester Road, Old Trafford.

Pte 8346 John Westray. Enlisted 2/9/1914 aged 29y 2m.  Disch 24/12/1914 unfit. Former apprentice Manchester Guardian. Wife Margarette Lancaster. Sons John & James.  59 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme. No SWB.

Cpl 8961 Albert Williams. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 21y 4m. Trench Fever 1 week 4/12/1915.  Promoted Cpl 7/1/1915.  Inluenza March 1916. Wounded Montauban.  Home Disch Fit from Depot  Bttn 20/1/1919 with Pension for loss of parts Left index finger by GSW 1/7/1916.  No 5 Gen Hosp Rouen, Leaf Sq Hosp Manchester & Haslingden Mil Hosp.  Resident 140 Stockport Road, Cheadle Heath.   Bleachers & Dyers Association, employed as Maker Up / Dyer by Mellard & Cowards Ltd, Heaton Mersey.

L/Sgt 8962 Charles Williams. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 19y 8m. Served in India from 17/3/1916.  L/Cpl 20/3/1916.  Cpl 9/8/1916. Hosp in India (Feb 1918) Singapore (Aug 1918), Egypt, Brighton & W Didsbury.  Disch 1st Garrison Bttn 7/3/1919 suffering VDHeart Class Z.  Resident 6 Lily Lane. Moston. Employed as Warehouseman by Joseph Wood & Sons, 17/191 Main Street, Portland Street. Next of Kin 8 Alton Street, Queens Road. Solely entitled to British War Medal.

Pte 8978 Richard Dolben Williams.  Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 20. France 8/11/1915. Depot Home 10/3/1917. 3rd Bttn 19/6/1917.  360th Reserve Employment Coy, Labour Corps, Strensall 27/6/1917. Disch Sick 219791 Labour Corps 15/9/1917 unfit SWB. Salesman of 48 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton com Hardy.  Fa Richard Dolben, Mo Florence. Bro Reginald of 46 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton c H.

Pg 162

Private 8933 Stanley Williams. Discharged 29/3/1917.

L/Cpl 8328 Percy James Willison. Enlisted 2/9/1914 VIII Pln.  Disch wounds 1/8/1916.

Pte 8329 Harry Edward White. Enlisted 2/9/1914 VI Pln. Transfer Reserve Pension 8/3d 24/6/1917 wounds aged 23.

Pte 8929 Alec Whyatt. Enlisted 3/9/1914 I Pln. Disch 21/11/1918 aged 23.

Pte 8990 George Williams. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XV Pln. Disch 5/7/1918 aged 34

Private 8981 Reginald Moncrief Wood. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XI Pln. Disch Depot wounds 5/7/1917.

Pte 43218 Arthur Woodcock.  Enlisted 26/7/1915. Disch 2/12/1916 sick.

Pte 9349 George Woodward. Enlisted E Coy 15/2/1915. Disch 8/3/1915 aged 31y 7m unlikely efficient.  Plasterer of Holly Cottage, Common Side, Norley, Nr Warrington. Wife Jessie Whitby. Son Alan.

Cpl 8955 Leslie William Wright. Enlisted 3/9/1914 VIII Pln. Disch Depot 26/7/1917 wounds.

Pte 8994 George Wrigley.  Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 34y 2m. Disch unlikley efficient 25/9/1914. Warehouseman.  Wife Jane 3 children. 17 Ventnor Street, Harphurhey. No SWB.

Pte 9096 Tom Arthur Yarwood.  Enlisted 3/11/1914 aged 42y 11m.  Pensioner enlisted 26/5/1893 1st E Lancs 4112 RQM Sgt. Promoted RQMS 3/11/1914.  Disch to Commission 9/3/1915.  Clerk. Wife Elizabeth Owen. Daugh Winifred Hilda born Khan Spur, India, of 23 Japan Street, Broughton. No SWB

Pte 9420 Fred Young. Enlisted 20/2/1915 aged 19y 10m.  Disch Depot 1/6/1915 unlikely efficient. Hosp 20 days from 13/4/1915 with pain from previous  appendicitis operation. Gardener of 258 Simister Road, Rhodes Nr Middleton No SWB.

Pte 8358 James Willliam Younghusband. Enlisted 2/9/1914 B Coy aged 29y 1m. Disch 15/10/1914 aged 29y 3m unfit. Fa John James. Mo & Sis Harriet. 2 Bros 37 Langdale Avenue, Levenshulme. Pension No SWB.


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