The Cost – August to December 1917

WALKER               GEORGE ERNEST              21           06/08/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘46710’               LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERY         Son of Edwin and Esther Walker, of 187, Wellingon St., Bradford, Manchester. Died of Wounds No 2 Canadian CCS. BEF after 1915.   Transferred from 19th Bttn.            Grave

TRAVIS  PHILIP   33           13/08/1917         Corporal              17th Bn.               ‘47446’  ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY          Son of Mrs. Ann Travis, of 104, Staveley (Stanley) St., Harpurhey, Manchester. Died of GS wounds.  BEF after 1915.        

McCANN             WILLIAM             21           31/08/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘32493’  TYNE COT MEMORIAL         Son of Charles and Bertha McCann, of 7, Balfour Rd., Urmston, Manchester. Educated at Davyhulme Church School, Urmston, and Manchester Grammar School. Brother, Eric, fell serving with KLR. Trained with 3rd Bttn BEF after 1915. Wounded and missing presumed dead with C Coy.       

STOREY HARRY   20           03/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘51134’  OUTTERSTEENE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, BAILLEUL    Son of Walter and Ruth Storey, of 29, Gladstone Rd., Ware, Herts. BEF after 1915. Formerly S4/184645, R.A.S.C. home service. Died of wounds No 1 Aus CCS.    

RIGBY    PHILLIP 24           08/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘7552’    POND FARM CEMETERY Son of S. H. and Elizabeth Rigby, of 89, Cheltenham St., Collyhurst, Manchester. BEF with 16th Bttn after 1915. KIA at Wyrschaete.             

Credit Bury Archives
Credit Bury Archives

RICHARDSON WILLIAM  39  09/09/1917  Private  17th Bn.  ‘203181’ POND FARM CEMETERY Son of the late John and Betsy Richardson, of Bury; husband of Edith Richardson of 121 Birley Street, Bury. Overseas with 5th Bttn (6697) after 1915. Lewis Gunner. KIA by German shell at Wijschaete. His son Clarence was lost at Sea in the Dover Patrol in 1918. 

JACKSON             WILLIAM LEWIS 35           14/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘48647’  TYNE COT MEMORIAL         Son of Sarah Elizabeth Jackson, of 6A, Higher Moor, Oldham. BEF after 1915.  KIA at Wijschaete.      

ARNOLD              ROBERT               26           15/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘51084’  TORREKEN FARM CEMETERY NO.1   Son of Thomas & Mary Arnold  Greenwich.  Sister of Hetty Elizabeth Arnold. Resident Walworth. Formerly, S4/110060, R.A.S.C. home service.  BEF after 1915. KIA.       

Kenyon Robert 36707 Credit

KENYON ROBERT  25 24/09/1917 Private East Lancashire Regiment       (Formerly ‘8699’ 17th Manchesters) 7th Bn. United Kingdom ‘36707’ Belgium BUFFS ROAD CEMETERY. Son of Lawrence Kenyon of 20 Wellfield Road, Blackburn. Enlisted Sept 1914. France after 1915. Service with 25th Bn ‘24234’ and transfer to E Lancs. Killed in action.

SMITH   JOHN     0             25/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘203118’               TYNE COT MEMORIAL         Husband of Edith Smith of 19 West Brunswick Street, Salford. Territorial enlistment and ome service. BEF after 1915. KIA.Unpaid L/Cpl.           

TAYLOR THOMAS              19           25/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘203100’               POND FARM CEMETERY             Son of Thomas & EmilyTaylor, of 20, Ashton St., Pendleton, Manchester. Enlisted Territorils. Home service. BEF after 1915. KIA       

FREE      ROBERT MALCOLM          28           25/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘42139’  LOCRE HOSPICE CEMETERY        Son of the late George Arthur Free, of Bayswater London; husband of Charlotte Free, of 64 Brixton Rd., Radford, Nottingham. Later 37 Heathcote Street. Formerly  13100, Notts and Derbys Regt and overseas 07/05/1915 T4/064411 RASC. Died of wounds 57th Fd Amb.    

GEORGE               HORACE               0             26/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘41619’  POND FARM CEMETERY             Husband of Mrs. Mercy Smith (formerly George), of 162, Elm Rd., Kingston-on-Thames. Three children. Formerly 15541 9th & 3rd R West Kents. France after 1915.      

HUMPHREYS       WILLIAM EDWARD           0             26/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘43123’               POND FARM CEMETERY Nephew of Mrs. Harriet Davies, of 61, Reservoir St., Bolton. Formerly 15027, 7th LNL. France 17/07/1915.  KIA.              

CRANE  JAMES   0             26/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘45052’  POND FARM CEMETERY Son of Henry Crane of Walpole St Andrew, Wisbech, Cambs. France after 1915. Missing presumed dead.              

BARNES               WIDMER              23           28/09/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘43130’               OUTTERSTEENE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, BAILLEUL   Son of William and Flora Barnes of 14 Arkright Street, Bolton. Born at Preston. Sister of Florrie Clare of 34 Levnshulme Street, Bolton. Formerly 17653, 9th North Lancs Regt. France 25/09/1915. Died of wounds.  

CREIGHTON PERCY 23 04/10/1917 Private Manchester Regiment “B” Coy. 22nd Bn. (Previously 17th Bn.) United Kingdom ‘8465’    Belgium TYNE COT MEMORIAL    Son of Peter (Retried Col Sgt in West Yorks) and Mary Elizabeth Creighton, of 83, Fenney St., Higher Broughton, Manchester. Motor trimmer had been a cleaner on Salford Trams in 1911. He enlisted 03/09/1914. Trained IV Pln. Extensive CB Record. France 08/11/1915. FP No1 on 2 occasions. GSW Right Leg Montauban 02/07/1916. Evacuated Home on HS St George 10/07/1916. Depot 11/07/1916. 10 days Furlough from 02/09/1916. Depot. 3rd Bn 31/12/1916. Posted to France 02/02/1917. 24th Bn 20/02/1917, then 22nd Bn 02/08/1917. Killed in action.

JOHNSON WILLIAM VINCENT 22 04/10/1917 Lance Corporal Manchester Regiment “A” Coy. 11th Bn. United Kingdom ‘8667’ Belgium TYNE COT MEMORIAL Son of William and Alice Gertrude Johnson of 41 Duncan Road, Longsight. Enlisted Sept 1914, trained I Pln. France 08/11/1915. Transfer to 11th Bn. Wounded & missing presumed dead.

Suffolk and Essex Free Press 31 October 1917

TWINN  CYRIL ARTHUR   0             04/10/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘41614’  GLEMSFORD (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD      Son of Wallace Walter and Alice Elizabeth Twinn of Tye Green, Glemsford, Suffolk. Formerly G/15128, Royal West Kent Regt. France after 1915. Died of wounds received at Heninel 23/04/1917 at War Hosp Bath. Septic bowel poisoning. His brother Wallace also fell serving with 7th Susses.             

ELWELL ERNEST EDWARD             26           06/10/1917         Second Lieutenant           17th Bn. attd. 21st Bn.         ”             TYNE COT MEMORIAL     Son of Mrs. Alfred Elwell, of Wood Green House, Wednesbury, and the late Alfred Elwell. Born Walsall 7/11/1891.  Educated Bilton Grange, Rugby and Gresham School. Owned tool manufacturers. Enlisted in Public Schools Battalion and volunteered as Despatch Rider in Royal Engineers, going to France on 28th October 1914.  He returned home sick and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant on 1st March 1915.  Ernest went overseas  as 2nd Lt in C Coy  in November 1915 and returned home with sickness in Spring 1916.  He returned to France in 1917 attached to 21st Battalion.  He was killed at Passchendaele on 6th October 1917    Obituary

ENTWISLE  JAMES HENRY    37           09/10/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘38429’  MONS (BERGEN) COMMUNAL CEMETERY            Son of William and Martha Ellen Entwisle, of 321, Bolton Rd., Kearsley, Farnworth, Lancs. Father of Annie Shittle. Her mother / guardian was also Annie Shittle.Trained 3rd Bttn. France after departing Cleethorpes 01/01/1917. C Coy captured as POW at Cherisy on 23/04/1917. Died from inflamation to the kidneys.

FAULKNER JOHN 21 09/10/1917  Private  Manchester Regiment 2nd/9th Bn. (Formerly ‘8545’ 17th Bn) United Kingdom ‘353165’ Belgium TYNE COT MEMORIAL. Son of James & Edith Faulkner of 216 Morton Street, Longsight. Enlisted 03/09/1914 and trained IV Pln. France 08/11/1915. Transfer to 2/9th Bn. Killed in action.

LEE         THOMAS              0             19/10/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘41622’  NEW IRISH FARM CEMETERY          Husband of Ruth Thomas with three children at 32 Denmark Street, High Wycombe, Bucks. Plumber attested 01/12/1915 and mobilised 31/05/1916, 2416 3rd County Pallatine Brgd RFA and  G/16885, 9th & 3rd Royal West Kent Regt. Teansferred 17th Bttn 21/10/1916. KIA Wieltje.       

BRUNTON           JAMES   22           20/10/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘43154’  BERLIN SOUTH-WESTERN CEMETERY      Son of Mr. and Sarah Brunton, of 22, Cliffe St., Nelson, Lancs. Employed by Victory Gum Works.   Formerly 24996, East Lancs Regt home service.  France after 1915.  B Coy, Captured POW at Cherisy 23/04/1917. Died from bronchial pneumonia.    

WRIGHT  WILLIAM JOSEPH 22 21/10/1917 Serjeant  17th Bn.  ‘9116’    YPRES RESERVOIR CEMETERY      Son of Sarah Hannah Hindle (formerly Wright), of 101, Marlborough Rd., Higher Broughton, Manchester, and the late Thomas Wright. Telephone operator enlisted 01/12/1914. Trained XI Pln. France 08/11/1815. L/Cpl 01/07/1916. Cpl 12/10/1916 & Sgt 26/01/1917.  Returned from two weeks leave commencing 12/09/1917.  Killed in Action at Wieltje working with Railway Company, RE.  

 LINNEY ALBERT 25 24/10/1917-27/10/1917 Lance Corporal Manchester Regiment 21st Bn. United Kingdom ‘8720’  Belgium PERTH CEMETERY (CHINA WALL) Son of William Linney, of 102, West Park St., Salford, Manchester, and the late Mary Eliza Linney. Enlisted Sept 1914 and trained XV Pln. France 08/11/1915. Reported wounded 17/02/1916. Present at Montauban 01/07/1916. Transfer to 21st Bn. Missing presumed dead. Albert’s brother, Fred Steel Linney was killed on 22/07/1916 with the Royal Scots. Salford Central Mission Memorial.

CRITCHLOW CHARLES 28 26/10/1917 Second Lieutenant Manchester Regiment 21st Bn.     United Kingdom formerly ‘8116’  Belgium TYNE COT MEMORIAL    Son of the late Bernard and Lucy Critchlow, of Manchester. Clerk at George Robinson & Co when enlisted 17th Bn on 02/09/1914 and trained XIV Pln. France 08/11/1915 & appointed L/Cpl 09/02/1916. Wounded Montauban 01/02 July 1916 three bullets through the leg and a scratch in the eye. Treated in 96 Field Ambulance and Hospital at Rouen. Home 7/7/1916. Furlough 86 Conyngham Road, Victoria Park in October 1916 after which he was posted to 69th Training Reserve Battalion. Discharged to Commission 25/4/1917. Posted to 21st Bn at Ypres.

Manchester Evening News 21 November 1917

GORDON GEORGE            0             27/10/1917 Private Manchester Regiment 21st Bn. (Formerly 17th Bn) United Kingdom ‘8151’    Belgium TYNE COT MEMORIAL. Husband of Lily Gordon of 3 Wittington Street, Pendleton. Employed by Tootal Broadhurst, Lee & Co. Enlisted 02/09/1914, France 08/11/1915. Killed in action. 24-27th October.

MILVERTON        ERNEST GEORGE              25           29/10/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘51121’               YPRES RESERVOIR CEMETERY      Son of James and Elizabeth Milverton, of Crewkerne, Somerset. Enlisted Weymouth. Formerly S4/125770, R.A.S.C. home service.  France after 1915. Killed in action.             Grave

Gethin S North Wales Weekly News 06 May 1915

GETHING STANLEY 27 30/10/1917 Private London Regiment (Artists’ Rifles) 1st/28th Bn.     (Formerly ‘9206’ 17th Mancheters) United Kingdom ‘763850’ Belgium TYNE COT MEMORIAL Son of George and Emma Gething, of Tan-y-Bryn, Colwyn Bay. Attended Shrewsbury School. Pianist enlisted Jan 1915, trained XIX Pln. Transfer to Inns of Court OTC ‘9849’. Commissioned RFA 19/12/1915. . Relinquished Commission June 1916. 28th London (Artists Rifles) 763850 14/12/1916. France 20/03/1917. Joined 1st/28th Bn London 01/04/1917. Killed in action.

SMETHURST FREDERICK JAMES   27 Military Cross 30/11/1917 Captain South Lancashire Regiment 1st/5th Bn. (Formerly ‘8882’ 17th Manchesters)    United Kingdom France   CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL Son of Robert Henry and Mary Barkley Smethurst, of “Holmlea,” 48 Bignor St., Cheetham, Manchester. Clerk at Miles Platting Branch of Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank. Played for Kersal Rugby Club. Enlisted Sept 1914, trained IX Pln. Inns Of Court OTC 6/5/5999 on 02/09/1915. No 4 OCB 07/03/1916. Commissioned S Lancs R. 16/06/1916. Wounded Sept 1916. Confirmed 2/Lt 29/11/1916. A/Capt in command of a Coy, 24/08/1917. MC published as 2/Lt, A/Capt on 29/11/1917 with no citation. Lt confirmed A/Capt 16/01/1918. A/Capt in command of a company 02/02/1918. Missing, later confirmed as killed in action.

TAYLOR SAMUEL ERNEST              34           03/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘38500’  TYNE COT CEMETERY          Son of Henry and Mary Ann Taylor, of Oldham; husband of Sarah Annie Taylor, of 55, Mayfield Rd., Oldham. One daughter. France after 1915. KIA.        

TUPMAN             EDWARD             0             03/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘47328’  TYNE COT MEMORIAL         Husband of Elen Tupman (Remarried Cavanagh) with two childern of 11 Mortimer Street, Oldham. Cotton Spinner at Olive Mill. France after 1915. KIA.    

CROOK  WILLIAM             19           03/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘377783’               TYNE COT MEMORIAL         Son of Albert and Elizabeth Crook, of 205, Warrington Rd., Lower Ince, Wigan. Home service with 3/5th and France after 1915 with 2/10th Bttns. Died of wounds.  St Marys Memorial, Ince and Ince Cenotpah         

LUSHER JOHN     0             03/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘27135’  TYNE COT MEMORIAL               Brother of James Lusher (5th Bttn) of 72 Hardbutts Road, Wigan, Collier enlisted 16th Bttn, 7835, 08/06/1915. Hosp knee injury 24/06/1915. 25th Bttn 30/08/1915. BEF with 16th Bttn 28/04/1916. Hosp Hernia May 1916. 17th Bttn 18/07/1916. KIA Gheluvelt.

WILKINSON        EDWARD             22           03/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘43201’  TYNE COT MEMORIAL         Son of Joseph and the late Mary Ann Wilkinson, of 13, Beech Grove, Hamsterly Colliery, Co. Durham. Hairdresser, attested 14/12/1915 and mobilised 08/03/1915, 30/267, Northumberland Fusiliers. 30th Tyneside Irish. Posted France 25th Tynside Irish 29/06/1916. Transerred 17th Bttn 01/09/1916. KIA            

DAY        JAMES   28           03/12/1917         Lance Corporal  17th Bn.               ‘28054’  TYNE COT MEMORIAL         Son of Mary Jane Day, of 116, Robinson St., Cowhill, Oldham; husband of the late Betty Day, of Middleton Rd., Royton, Oldham.Son, James Edward, born 06/03/1914. Collier enlisted 24th Bttn 30/06/1915. Posted 27th Bttn 09/11/1915. Overseas 24th Bttn 29/12/1915. Home 28/04/1916. 27th Bttn 27/06/1916.  BEF 22nd Bttn 15/07/1916.  Home 08/10/1916.  Depot 01/12/1916. 14th Bttn 23/02/1917.  BEF 11th Bttn 20/05/1917. Transfer 17th Bttn 06/06/1917. KIA.              

ROBERTS             HARRY   19           04/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘303149’               BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORD          Son of Alfred and Elizabeth Ann Roberts, of 2, Manchester Rd., Irlams-O-th’-Height, Manchester. Employed by Messrs E Whiteway & Co. Territorial enlistement, 7306, 1/6th Bttn and home service. France after 1915. Died of wounds.          

GRINDEY             HARRY   24           04/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘51107’  TYNE COT MEMORIAL         Son of Thomas and Ann Grindey, of 27, Bagnall Rd., Milton, Stoke-on-Trent.  Formerly S4/184683, R.A.S.C. home service. France after 1915. Died of wounds.      

SMITH   GORDON             22           04/12/1917         Lance Corporal  “D” Coy. 17th Bn.             ‘32381’               BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORD      Son of Louisa W. Smith, of 16, Beaufort Avenue, West Didsbury, Manchester, and the late James A. Smith. Draughtsman attested 23/11/1915. Mobilised 20/01/1916. France posted  17th Bttn 08/07/1916. Joined in the field 18/07/1916. Unpiad L/Cpl 20/12/1916. Wounded Gheluvelt 03/12/1917.  28 Fd Amb. Died of wounds. Wallet, spectacles, photos, letters and Testament were retrurned to Louisa.  Brother, Gordon 12715, served with 19th Bttn and also fell with 12th Bttn of the Regiment.             

FARTHING           ALWYN 20           06/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘39401’  BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORD          Son of Harry David and Eliza Farthing, of 80, Junction Rd., Hulme, Manchester. Died of wounds. Grocers assistant enlisted 18/10/1916, aged 18y 11m. Trained 4th Bttn. BEF 17/01/1917. Joined 17th Bttn 21/01/1917.  Slight GSW R Arm 23/04/1917. Wounded Gheluvelt 03/12/1917. Died of wounds 53rd CCS.           

BROWN THOMAS GARDINER 21  06/12/1917 Private Manchester Regiment 2nd Bn. (Previously 17th Bn). United Kingdom ‘8086’ Belgium TYNE COT MEMORIAL Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Muir Brown, of 4, Church Lane, Gorton, Manchester. Enlisted 02/09/1914. Trained XIII Pln. France 25/12/1915. Wounded or sick 1916. Posted 69th Training Reserve 09/09/1916, 24292. Overseas 2nd Bn. Killed in action.

CHINN   ALFRED 0             19/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘51095’  RAILWAY DUGOUTS BURIAL GROUND (TRANSPORT FARM)      Husband of Florence Chinn of 38 Portland Street, Liverpool. France after 1915. Two children. Fitter in picture trade in 1911.  France after 1915. Killed in action. Grave

MURPHY              GEORGE               0             25/12/1917         Corporal              17th Bn.               ‘47353’               TYNE COT MEMORIAL     Husband of Harriet Derbyshire (formerly Murphy).  Spinner re-enlisted, 1915,  in 9th Bttn on 18/03/1914 having served 4 yrs in the Bttn. Attached RE. MEF 09/05/1915.  Attached RE. Tansfer 17th Bttn. Killed in action.        

NORMAN  GEORGE ALFRED  28    25/12/1917 Serjeant  17th Bn.   ‘8250’    TYNE COT MEMORIAL     Son of the late Alfred and Amy Norman; husband of Frances Fingland (formerly Norman), of 40, Salisbury St., Moss Side, Manchester. Employed by E Hulton & Co. Enlisted 02/09/1914.  Trained VI Pln. France as Pte 08/11/1915.  Killed in action. 

Manchester Evening News 03 January 1918
2/Lt W Truran Jones (C) livesofthefirstworldwar

YORKE-JONES     KENRICK              19           26/12/1917         Second Lieutenant           17th Bn.               ”               POELCAPELLE BRITISH CEMETERY             Son of Herbert and Leila Yorke-Jones, of “Leekhurst,” Northenden, Manchester. Pupil Manchester Grammar School (1911-17)  When he left the school he was in the Modern VI, and had won an Exhibition for Modern Languages at Christ’s College, Cambridge. At Cambridge he joined the Cadet Battalion, and went to France September 1917. Member of MGS the Lacrosse Team. Scout and afterwards in the O.T.C., and at home worked for the Wesleyan Sunday School at Northenden. His sincere, unassuming nature and his gentle manliness endeared him to all who knew him, and no one leaves a more stainless record. Comnissioned LG 29/09/1917. Joined 17th Bttn for duty 4/10/1917. KIA.  Northenden and Manchester Grammar War Memorials          

SILLEY   RICHARD CHARLES           35           26/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘51132’               POELCAPELLE BRITISH CEMETERY             Son of Mrs. Flora Ann Silley, of Chiselborough, Stoke-under-Ham, Somerset. Formerly S4/143449, R.A.S.C. home service. France after 1915.  KIA.             

Manchester Evening News 03 January 1918
2nd Lt Philip Ward Courtesy Steve Ward

WARD   PHILIP   19           27/12/1917         Lieutenant           17th Bn.       TYNE COT MEMORIAL         Son of James and Ellen Ward, of Avenue Terrace, Leigh, Lancs. Educated at Leigh Grammar School, 1907-1911; Rossall School (with Scholarship), 1911-1915; Manchester University, 1915-1917. Profile

PEPWORTH         EDWIN ARTHUR               19           27/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘54921’               TYNE COT MEMORIAL     Son of Frederick and Charlotte Mary Pepworth, of 39, Enbridge St., Salford, Manchester.  Formerly 18551, Lancashire Fusiliers home service. BEF after 1915. Killed in action by Gas poisoning.

BUTLER ROBERT               0             27/12/1917         Private  17th Bn.               ‘48775’  TYNE COT MEMORIAL         Husband of Beatrice Butler of 17 Middleton Street, Preston.  France after 1915. Killed in action..