Welsh Division Memorial, Mametz Wood

IMG_7201This is poignant memorial is tucked away in the valley north of Mametz, on an unpaved roadway in Caterpillar Valley.  It commemorates the 38th (Welsh) Division’s advance into Mametz Wood on 7th – 14th July.  The Welsh cleared the wood at a cost of 4,000 casualties.

In common with many infamous woods on the Somme, the Germans had made strong points amongst the undergrowth, in their second / third line positions.  The Welsh had a particular challenge here, because they had no cover in their advance down the opposite (steep) slope of the valley and maintained this vulnerablility as they crossed the open land in front of the wood.

The current tranquility of this quiet part of the Somme hides the horrors of the previous century.  Visitors may try to envisage the plight of the combatants.


The Welsh Dragon overlooking Mametz Wood