Happy Valley

Kenneth Callan-Macardle describes the defence and withdrawal from Montauban. He was killed at Trones Wood a few days later.

GM 1914

Today we conclude the blog written by volunteer Chris Prince containing the powerful words of soldier 2nd Lieutenant Kenneth Callan McArdle who was killed in action at the Battle of the Somme.


The concluding part of the journal of Kenneth McArdle.

6th July 1916 continued…

As there was no available dug-out in ‘B’ company’s side (the East) of the village Humphreys, who took over when Vaudrey was killed, had his H.Q. in a shell-hole.

We instructed our men to dig holes for themselves under the parapet of Nord Alley which was about eight feet wide, but first. They had to make fire-steps. The trench soon had many dead and wounded, they called for water but there was none. Those badly wounded called pitiably for stretchers, but eight stretcher bearers had been killed and three of our four stretchers smashed. The M.O. was overwhelmed with work. It was impossible…

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