Lord Kitchener’s Parade 21st March 1915

This zoomed scan of a postcard shows the detailed image of the 2nd Manchester Pals as they marched through Cheetham Hill from Heaton Park.  Lord Kitchener, inspected all  of the Manchester City Battalions and other local Regiments at a huge parade held in Albert Square.  The Pals left for Belton Park, Grantham soon after, so this was the opportunity for the proud City to cheer the pomp and ceremony of their Manchester Brigades.

At the head of the Battalion is their Commanding Officer.  Lt Col H A Johnson is striding out in a nonchalant style, he is easily distinguishable by his stature.  Marching beside the C.O. will have been one of the Company Commanders.  This may be Captain Stanley Kenworthy (Killed Montauban See Photo at St Bees ) of C Company, or possibly Captain

Sgt Joseph McMenemy II & III Pln

Sgt and A/CSM Joseph McMenemy KiA 30/7/17

Edward Lloyd (wounded January 1916) of Arthur Bell’s A Company – or is that wishful thinking.  Immediately behind the Officers is a Senior NCO, most likely the Company Sergeant Major.  We then see a Platoon or Section NCO leading four ranks of men.  They are clearly marching at ease with some broad smiles and rifles shouldered in different places.  I wonder if i can see Joseph McMenemy (Two from the cannon’s) in the third rank….

The location is identified as Cheetham Hill in the Book of Honour and it has been found that the shops on the left are King Edward’s Buildings at the southern end of Bury Old Road.  Beyond the bend in the road in the middle ground, is Cheetham Hill Wesleyan Church.  This was closed in 1967 and the site is occupied by retirement flats and a Jewish School.

17th Bttn 21st March 1915

17th Bttn 21st March 1915

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