“New” commemorations at Thiepval

On this day 30/07/1916 90/Brigade assaulted Guillemont. Most of 2/Royal Scots Fusils & 18/Manchesters were killed, wounded or missing & 16/ 17/Manchesters also suffered heavy losses.  Recent work has identified 64 men attached to the Brigade who lost their lives. Many were not previously identified as such. Attached from 13 different Regiment, it’s good to see their final military service accurately acknowledged. Nine commemorations are being added to Thiepval from the Menin Gate and one from Loos. #notforgotten

Harry Fisher is one example of a man attached from 9/Royal Sussex to 17/Manchesters- See CWGC revised Roll

Pte Harry Fisher’s entry in the De Ruvigny Roll. No attachment was identified even though he was serving with 17th Manchesters when he died. Harry’s commemoration has now been moved from the Menin Gate to Thiepval Memorial

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