Lance Corporal Tom Sharples 9048. Killed in Action in Montauban 1-2/7/1916

Annette Roberts is one of a number of site visitors who have left a comment – in Annette’s case, concerning her great uncle.  Here’s some bits for her research.

Annette has mentioned that Tom worked in the contracts dept of Manchester City Council.  Here's the Roll of Honour for the Town Clerk's Section.  My Grandad worked in the Rates Department after the war.

Annette has mentioned that Tom worked in the contracts dept of Manchester City Council. Here’s the Roll of Honour for the Town Clerk’s Section. My Grandad worked in the Rates Department after the war.

XIV Pln D Coy - Book of Honour

I Platoon Roll in April 1915, showing Tom as Lance Corporal

I Pln A Coy 17th Bttn Photo

Tom is somewhere in this I Platoon photo with 1 stripe on his arm.

From Annette – My Great Uncle Tom Sharples was one of the Manchester Pals, 17th Battalion 2nd Platoon killed on 1st July 1916 at Montauban, he was the third son of William Alexander and Mary Ann Sharples and brother to George, Alexander, Richard and Mary Ann Abbott (Polly) Sharples.
He worked in the Contracts Dept., Manchester Town Hall and was well known in his tennis club and Secretary to the Mens Association, St Johns Church, Cheetham.     From the Anniversary Edition of the Manchester Evening News 1/7/1917:-

SHARPLES – In ever loving memory of our dear brother,
“Lance-Corporal TOM SHARPLES, 2nd Pals, who fell in
action at Montauban, July 1, 1916.
One of the best.
Sadly missed by all at home, GEORGE and ALICE.

Annette tells me “The ‘Maud’ referred to is my late grandmother. George and Alec were his brothers along with Richard (Maud’s husband) my late grandfather.” Annette also reports Tom was killed close to midnight on 1st / 2nd July 1916.  At this point a large part of A Company were on the northern outskirts of the village of Montauban near the road to Quarry Cemetery and suffered ongoing problems with the German artillery.  This is likely to be scene for his death.  There was the A Company outpost at Triangle Point in front of the main Company positions, but these men reported little problems until the main German counter-attack at 3-4am.  I’d be interested to see the source of the estimated time of Tom’s death to cross-check.

Tom Sharples was born in the Parish of St John’s in Cheetham Hill and was employed as a clerk before hostilities.  He enlisted in Manchester on 11/9/1914, aged 24 years 6 months.  He was promoted unpaid Lance Corporal on 9/1/1915 and paid by 1/6/1915.  He arrived in France with the majority of the Battalion on 8/11/1915.  Tom’s disciplinary record shows he was Ration Corporal in Maricourt / Suzanne when reprimanded twice for neglect of these duties and there is a third reprimand for damaging Government property.  Service Records show the dual date of death of 1/2 July. His father William received Tom’s effects in 1916.  Tom’s £8 War Gratuity and 1914/15 Star was later provided to his brother Alexander (Alec).  His mother Mary Ann received his British War Medal and Victory Medals.  She lived at Northlea, 48 Woodlands Road, Cheetham Hill with youngest son Richard (Annette’s Grandfather) and Mary Ann.  Tom’s Service Record includes part a letter from Fanny Bithell, who seemed to be seeking information about him and may have been a girlfriend.  She lived at 39 Falcon Street, Oldham and had been referred to in Form A2033 on 22/3/1916.

9 thoughts on “Lance Corporal Tom Sharples 9048. Killed in Action in Montauban 1-2/7/1916

  1. Dianne Norwood

    Just put the Tower Poppy onto the first world war site. Hope all well with you. Yes I do keep up with what you put on your site. I have sent a copy of the Platoon to see if my dad can find his dad on it…..

  2. 8055bell Post author

    Hi Dianne, That is a great photo and I just love the poppy. My sensible wife suggested I buy a Poppy to commemorate I then find I should have had a second for Regrettably my grumpy attitude stopped my buying one and I am deeply regretful. I was very proud of my City and our people when I visited the Tower poppies. I was back last week for a meeting and admit further pangs of sadness when I looked at the grass growing back in the moat.
    Please may I add George’s medal display to

    1. Dianne Norwood

      Yes that is no problem. I bought poppies for my children as well so they had a poppy & a book I did on my grandfather, so they have something to pass onto their children. Also I bought a poppy to put into a mount which I will then take with my grandfather’s things in time to the Museum as I noticed some of the newspaper clippings are getting very thin & so very delicate. When I have done it I will send you a photo. Take care.

  3. 8055bell Post author

    Oh Yes, George is in the middle of the 2nd row from the back, almost behind Lt Whittall. 4th from Right as we look at the pic. I can give you a crisp image if you’d like??


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