Historic Correction to Dail Mail

Captured by men from Manchester, Liverpool and 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers

Despite firmly refusing to collect WWI bits and bobs, I couldn’t help bidding for this postcard on an Auction site.  On successful delivery, I am perfectly happy with the photographic acquisition.  The images clearly shows the ruins of Montauban after the 17th Manchesters passed through the village, reflecting a minor success on an otherwise disastrous day for the British Army.

The text on the rear of the postcard is less satisfactory.  This inaccurately states

“The ruins of houses in the once pretty village of Montauban, captured by two Scottish regiments.”

Graham Maddocks’ certainly introduced the importance of the 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers in his book – Montauban.  The Scottish Regulars formed part of the 90th Brigade’s final assault on the village.  This included three other Manchester Battalions (16th, 17th & 18th).  Recognition is also made to the men of the 19th Manchesters, 17th – 20th Kings Liverpool Regiment, 2nd Battalion Bedfords, Wilts and Yorkshire Regiments.  These consisted 21st & 89th Brigades which formed the first wave of the attack.

Unless the English county Regiments or the Cities of the north west have moved since the publication of the post card, a significant error was made.  The Official Censor approved the card – but we can bet he wasn’t a Manchester man!

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