Commemorating the Middlesex Regiment on Remembrance Sunday 2020

Inaugaration of Middlesex Regiment Memorial at Mill Hill Barracks in November 1923. The Prince of Wales was present and the memorial was unveiled by Lt Gen Ivor Maxse, the Colonel of the Regiment and former CO of 18th (Eastern) Division

In a quiet reflective visit my dog and a daughter, we visited the Middlesex Regiment War Memorial this morning.  I was thinking of numerous casualties from the Manchesters, but also six Privates from the Middlesex Regiment, who are not yet recognised as serving alongside 17th Battalion Manchester Regiment.

PW/4808 Ernest Green.  NOK not known
PW/4872 Harry Percy Brighton*.  Son of James and Eleanor Brighton, of Bungay, Suffolk.
PW/1996 John Fairlie.  Husband of Annie Fairlie of Muswell Hill, Middlesex
PW/1272 Joseph Shone.  Son of Thomas Shone, of 8, Black Bank, Newcastle, Staffs.
PW/3555 Albert Frederick Witten.  Son of Albert and Kate Witten; husband of Maud B. Witten, of 2, Cranbury Rd., Fulham, London.
PW/5210 Henry G Clark*.  NOK not known

Four men (and two others unconfirmed*)  from 18th (Public Works) Battalion Middlesex Regiment were attached to 17th Manchesters in mid-July 1916.  The group were all casualties at Guillemont on 30 July 1916.  With no known graves they all these men are commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission roll identifies the casualties as 18th Middlesex Regiment, with no reference to their actual service on the Somme. It seems integral to the commemoration of men to have their Military exploits recognised with an accurate context.  As such, there are current applications to have the records updated to identify the attachments to the 17th Manchesters.

As shown on the plaque, the memorial was moved from the Mill Hill Barracks site in 2012. We went to have a look there.

We also had a chat about a 17th Bttn London Regiment DCM Award

And also passed the imposing memorial for Mill Hill School – we missed the Mill Hill village memorial….

Lest we forget.

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