Commemmorating Lance Corporal Alf Ridge. Died of Wounds as German Prisoner 21st January 1918.

1095 Alfred Ridge with Poppy

Alfred Ridge – Harlebeke New British Cemetery

Alf Ridge was an Old Contemptible of the 1st Battalion Manchester Regiment and was previously a member of the 6th Volunteer Battalion, before his service with the Regulars in India.  He later served in the 12th and 11th Battalions during the Great War and was finally posted to the 18th (3rd Pals) Battalion.

Alf was wounded in the backside by a German granade during a local assault near Polderhoek Castle in Flanders.  He was taken prisoner and treated in a German Field Hospital near Wevelgem.

Alf died from his wounds on this day in 1918.  He was buried in Menen Wald German Cemetery and concentrated to Harelebeke New British Cemetery in the 1920s.

Alf was my grandfather’s cousin.  My family and friends have visited his grave to pay our respects on a number of occasions.  Alf is definitley not forgotten and I hope a few others will rememember him on the Centenary of his death.

For more photos and background see my original research. 1095 L/Cpl Alfred Ridge

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