Army Cyclist Corps and men from the 17th Manchesters

Percy Murch of17th Manchesters, III Platoon transferred to 30th Division Cycling Company, which became XIII Corps Cyclist Battalion of the newly formed Army Cyclist Corps (ASC).  Many pre-War Territorial Cyclist Battalion men joined the ASC, including 2nd Lieutenant John Edward Brown, on attachment from 5th (Cyclist) Battalion of the East Yorkshire Regiment.  He was the father of wonderful lady in North Ferriby who passed away in August.  I know this is not fully on topic, but here’s part of a great collection of photos that I’m hoping site visitors will help with dating and clarifying.

This is useful link to the 25th London Cyclists About.

The Cyclists were not suited to static trench warfare and only made significant impact in the last 100 days.  John Brown literally chased the Germans out of France on the 11th November 1918!  Please leave a comment if you know anything about the East Yorks / XIII Cyclists, or can help explain the photos.

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