Centenary of the Somme – 12th Day of March

The Twelve Days of the Centenary Christmas

On the 1st Day of July – our family returned to Montauban
On the 2nd Battle of Ypres – we searched for a cousin and an uncle
On the 3rd day  we review 3 War Memorials
On the 4th day we  seek four Battalions at Montauban
On the 5th day we have 500 rounds in a minute
On the 6th day we view a six pointed Star
On the 7th day we had seven Pals from Manchester
On the 8th day we have an 8th Panel at Brookwood
On the 10th day we find 10 Corps & Regiments for Co-op men
On the 11th day we see eleven amazing images of Montauban

On the 12th day of March the casualties continued

The 17th Battalion Manchester Regiment suffered numerous casualties during the first six months of 1916.  Many were killed in the trenches of Maricourt and Vaux, with other men who fell in the reserve positions of Suzanne.  There are exceptional examples of a man drowning and others who died from disease.  Private 8209 Charles Kerr is just one of many men who were commemorated this year.  Charles’ death has a heart-warming commentary from Nurse Edith Appleton.  Edith care and loving affection for the dying man captures the hearts of a wider audience and leaves a flavour of positive redemption for her future.  “I did kiss the boy, first for his Mother & then for myself”


Edith Appleton Courtesy Dick Robinson


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