Centenary of the Somme – Eighth Panel at Brookwood

The Twelve Days of the Centenary Christmas

On the 1st Day of July – our family returned to Montauban
On the 2nd Battle of Ypres – we searched for a cousin and an uncle
On the 3rd day  we review 3 War Memorials
On the 4th day we  seek four Battalions at Montauban
On the 5th day we have 500 rounds in a minute
On the 6th day we view a six pointed Star
On the 7th day we had seven Pals from Manchester

On the 8th day we have an 8th Panel at Brookwood

Source: Great War Casualty now commemorated 100 years after his death.

Research on Co-op rolls of honour produced the name of Joseph Locker, with a surprisingly incomplete record.  He is named on various Memorials, but no entry could be found with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  With the help of SWARM and MRF, a submission was made to through IFCP.  Joseph was then acknowledged as a casualty of the Great War and originally commemorated in the United Kingdom Book of Remembrance.  Various unsuccessful have been made to find out where Joseph is buried.  As a result, his name has now been added to the Brookwood 1914-18 Memorial .  I was passing the extensive Brookwood Cemetery on the Sunday evening, immediately after a group of new names had been added.  It was a very powerful moment to see Joseph’s name inscribed in the stone of Panel 8, more than 100 years after he died.

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