Centenary of the Somme – Six Pointed Star

The Twelve Days of the Centenary Christmas

On the 1st Day of July – our family returned to Montauban
On the 2nd Battle of Ypres – we searched for a cousin and an uncle
On the 3rd day  we review 3 War Memorials
On the 4th day we  seek four Battalions at Montauban
On the 5th day we have 500 rounds in a minute

On the 6th Day we view a six pointed Star

The Star of David has caught my attention at visits to British and German War Cemeteries.  I’ve taken particular interest in Maurice Sugarman and the Kohnstamm Brothers.  Using the Jewry Roll of Honour I’ve started building a record of men who served in the . Manchester Regiment Jewry Roll.

I have heard that the Jewish grave markers at Fricourt German Cemetery were removed by Nazi troops in WWII.  Lest we forget such actions.

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