90th Company, Machine Gun Corps at Montauban

Captain C L O Grundy. Courtesy Emma - eyonge

Captain C L O Grundy. Courtesy Emma – eyonge

Updated with photo of Captain Grundy

Historians from Oxford Preparatory School have recently published a letter  from Captain Leslie Grundy of the Machine Gun Corps during the assault and defence on the First Day of the Somme.  He confirmed the position of a row of artillery guns in front of Oxford Copse on the evening before the Big Push. Source: July 27th 1916 | The Skipper’s War

More importantly we learn that the detachment of 17th Battalion Manchester Regiment retired from Triangle Point at 7am – holding out for three and a half hours.  It also seems the lives of these men was saved by the 90th Machine Gun Company, who covered their withdrawal to a shell hole from the German Infantry counter-attack.

The draft post became too extensive and a little off topic, so here’s a more detailed account in the Battlefield Sleuth Series. Machine Gun Corps at Montauban

Q 1419

Q 1419



7 thoughts on “90th Company, Machine Gun Corps at Montauban

    1. 8055bell Post author

      Please use the photo. The family provided the picture and they are fully on board with our work.
      Your article about Leslie Grundy was groundbreaking. There were opposing reports of the specific time on 2nd July that my grandad had to withdraw from Triangle Point and Leslie’s diary clinches it for me. I believe this was the furthest sustaied advance on the First Day, so it’s significant for others too. It looks quite likely Leslie’s section saved the lives of the 17th Bttn men at Traingle Point, so thank for posting this.
      I posted a link to Wallace Hardman on the Manchester Regiment Forum. I endeavour (many exceptions) to keep this site on topic with 17th Bttn, but these personal stories on the Regiment are always of inteest.

    1. 8055bell Post author

      I’m really sorry but I can’t find it. I must have gained consent for the photos, but I can’t find a record. If it pops up, I will let you know.
      BTW has James Keeley been in touch? He has another photo of Capt Grundy.


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