17th Battalion Service Records

This post provides a synopsis of the surviving Service Records held at National Archives – where these can be identified as 17th Bttn.  On the whole, the original 2nd Manchester Pals who left for France in 1915 have numbers in the sequence 8000-9000.  This is the first search with a clear understanding that this will always be work in progress and inconclusive due to at least two thirds of records being burned in the Blitz.  Alphabetically:-ramsd

Cpl 8360 Arthur William Adams. Enlisted 3/9/1914 II Pln aged 20y 9m. France 8/11/1915. L/Cpl 2/7/1916. Cpl 22/9/1916. Home Depot 27/8/1917. Disch 29/3/1918 SWB GSW Neck, Chest & L Shoulder 31/7/1917. Treated Lord Derby War Hosp, Warrington. Seriously Ill 28/8/1917. Draughtsmans Clerk employed 5 yrs by Mather & Platt Ltd, Park Works, Newton Heath born Harpurhey. Resident 56 Park Lane, Irlam O’th Heights. Mo Frances Anne. Sis Laura Emily. 56 Park Lane, Irlam. SR SWB

Pte 8362 Percy Ainsworth. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 24y 7m.  Promoted Cpl & L/Sgt 19/9/1914.  Chooses to Revert to Cpl 25/11/1914. Discharged to Commission 16/4/1915. London Gazette 2/Lt 17/4/1915 9th Manchesters 42nd Division, then, 4th Training Squadron Royal Air Force, Captain. Warehouseman. Fa Edwin James, Mo Isobel, Bro Jack, Sis Isobel.

Pte 8365 Francis George Allsopp. Enlisted 3/9/1914 V Pln aged 21y 7m. France 8/11/1918. Unpaid L/CPl 9/12/1916. PoW April 1918. Repatriated Leith 11/12/1918. Warehouseman. Demob 17/7/1919/ 29 Richardson Street, Collyhurst, then 26 Birley  Street, Liverpool Square, Seedley. Mo Isabella, Bro George Henry, Sis Martha. 9 Collyhurst Street, Collyhurst. Married 23/3/1919.

L/Sgt 8047 Percy Alfred Amos Anniversary 1st July 1916 – III Platoon

Pte 8369 Edward Rose Ashworth.  Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 25y 2m IX Pln. L/Cpl 23/10/1914. Chose to revert to Pte 29/10/1914. Trained as Machine Gunner. 3 days CB for creating distrubance on barrackroom after lights out. France 7/11/1915 with Bttn Transport. Minor wound treated in Field 11/1/1916. GSW Right buttock 17/6/1916 at Maricourt. Treated 97 FA, 21 CCS,2nd Gen Hosp Abbeville 19/6/1916. Evacuated on Hosp SHip Salta.  Home Depot 22/6/1916. Tidworth Gen Hosp 23/6/1916- 8/7/1916. 10 days Furlough at parents. 25th TR Bttn 18/7/1916.  3rd Bttn 30/9/1916. Officer Cadet 25/101/1916. Disch to Commission 2/Lt in MGC 24/2/1917. Trained with 4th Bttn at Clipstone Camp, Notts in March 1917. Killed 28/3/1918 with 5th (56th? See John Hartley’s Book) Bttn MGC. Buried Orchard Dump Cemetery.  Originally buried near Gavrelle.  Clerk working at William Deacon’s Bank Chorlton 0n M Branch. Born St Pauls, Withington. Fa Edmund of same Bank, Mo Zillah, Sis Liliian Maud. 26 Pine Road, Didsbury.   Also See GM 1914 and Edward Ashworth. Commemorated at Didsbury War Memorial.

Pte 8449 Paul Backhouse. Enlisted 3/9/1914 XIV Pln aged 24y 1m. Posted Depot at Home 20/6/1916.  Disch 26/9/1916 unfit. SWB.  Insurance Inspector born C-on-M.

Pte 8432 George Herbert Bagshaw.  Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 23y 8m.  Tonsillitis Heaton Park Hosp 4 days 19/1/1915. Killed in Action 28/1/1916. Warehouseman born Miles Platting. Fa George, Mo Martha Elizabeth, 23 Albion Street, Miles Platting.Bro William Thomas. 37 Leach Street, Prestwich. See   Maple Leaves in England

Pte 8451 Robin Bailey.  Enlisted 3/9/1914 XIV Pln aged 20y 6m. L/Cpl 19/9/1914. CPl 26/11/1914. Choose to revert to Pte 27/7/1915. Embarked Soton 7/11/1915.  Pyrexia of Unknown Origin 16/11/1916. 43 CCS, 11 & 24 Gen Hosp Etaples.  Home on HS Formosia Entric Fever 5/1/1917. Depot 7/1/1917. Mill Road Infirmary, Liverpool 7/1/1917 ?Addington Park War Hosp 26/2-22/8/1917. 3rd Bttn 8/5/1917. 30 IBD 16/7/1917. 17th Bttn 15/7/1917.  14 days Leave 12/3/1918. 1/6th Bttn 3/9/1918. Leave in UK 28/12/1918 2 weeks. Heaton Park retained 11/1/1919. Demob Class Z 8/2/1919. Tailor apprenticed Blackburn? Thornton? 4 1/2 Yrs 22/2/1915. 49 St Charles Road.  Fa Samuel, Mo Agnes, Bro Mansergh, Sis Mary. 26 High Street, Rishton.

Pte 8388 John Bardsley

Enlisted on 3rd September 1914  II Pln, two months before his 20th birthday.  John spent more than three years, almost continual service, in France from November 1915 to the end of January 1919.  His entry on the Absent Voters List in December 1918 shows him still serving as a Private with 90th Brigade HQ and a home address as 14 Ashwell Street, Pendleton.  Brothers Ambrose and Charles were serving with the Labour Corps and South Wales Borderers.  John was discharged from 16th Battalion (17th was disbanded) in February 1919.

The only break in John Bardsley’s Service seems to have been two weeks leave from overseas in October 1918.  He took advantage of this opportunity by marrying Annie Hurst at Pendleton Church on the 19th October.  Two years before Pt. Bardsley had been disciplined for overstaying leave.  In view of the prompt wedding in 1918, one may imagine he was delayed courting Annie.

John was demobilised in February 1919, with an conditional weekly allowance of 7s6d.  This principally related to DAH – Disordered Action of the Heart – attributable to Service.  The allowance took account of his wife and new daughter.  They couple lived at 9 Annes Street in Salford.

Pte 8452 John Arthur Barnes. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 23y 11m XIV Pln. L/Cpl 21/10/1914. Reverts Pte inefficiency 26/11/1914. France 7/11/1915.  Home 5/7/1916 [Presume wounded 1-2/7/1916. Posted Depot 6/7/1916.  Unfit Salisbury Plain 11/8/1916. SWB 15/12/1916.  Disch SWB 15/8/1919. With Pension. 39 Persia Street, Accrington. Warehouseman born Clitheroe. Resident 1 Bridge Road, Ridgrove Staffs in 1920.   1931 wife made inquiries with War Office. 33 Second Avenue, Kidsgrove, Staffs. Fa John Thomas, Bro William, Sis Mary Jane.9434

Cpl 8057 Arthur Barratt. Enlisted 2/9/1914 aged 19y 11m V Pln. Machine Gunner. Cpl 2/7/1916.  Wounded 23/4/1917 Waricourt? & captured Prisoner of War. Lachislaga? 18/5/1917. Demob Class Z Depot 7 Cardiff Street, Harpurhey 11/3/1919. Pension for  Nervous Debility & Weakness of Heart.  Buyers Assistant. R Barbour Bros Ltd, Briant House, Granby Row.

Pte 8402 Thomas William Batey. Enlisted 3/9/1914 V Pln ages 24y 4m.  France 5/11/1915?? Wounded / Sick 28/4/1916. Missing PoW Trones Wood 10-11/7/1916. Repatirated Leith 13/12/1918. Demob 14/3/1919 Class Z. Draper born Hesketh, Carlisle. Fa William. Bro John 1 Low Nags Head, Wythenshaw. Later Rose Cottage, Grasmere.

Pte 8434 Walter Beasley. Enlisted 3/9/1914 IX Pln aged 25y 11m. France 8/11/1915. Unpaid L/Cpl 2/7/1916.   Range Finder. Wounded 30/7/1916 Guillemont. Missing reported 1/9/1916.  Death Assumed 17/8/1917.   Commemorates Thiepval Memorial. Soldiers Effects & SDGW suggests 18th Bttn. Clerk born Hulme. Fa John Henry received Medals, Mo Mary Ellen, Sis Mrs G Earley. Bro Norman. 16 Frimley? Street, Moss Side. Later 4 Monton Street, Moss Side.

Pte 8436 Herbert Leslie Bellamy. Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 19y 11m. Disch  Bank Clerk born Cheetham Hill.  Disch 30/7/1915 for purpose of enlisting in Inns of Court O.T.C. with a view to taking a Commission. Commission 2/Lt Lancs Fusils 9/11/1915LG .  France 24/3/1915. Retired 28/3/1919 due to ill health caused by wounds LG SWB. Fa Herbert, Mo Louise, Sister Edith.  Heath Bank, Park Road, Higher Crumpsall. 1919 Resident Newlands, Holden Road, Kersal. 1921 Leeds.

Pte 8437 Herbert Bennett CWS

Pte 8453 John Bennett. Enlisted XV Pln 3/9/1914 aged 21y. Labourer. 3 days CB for making an improper response to an NCO 16/3/1915. France 8/11/1915. Missing and Death Assumed 10/7/1916. Mo Mary Jane. Bro Harold & William. Sis Lily. 10 Barnswick Street, Factory Lane, Harpurhey.

William Beresford Pg 24

Pte 8488 Arthur James Berriman Coradine Commissioned SLI from Ranks see letter in Percy Ainsworth file.

Pte 8522 Clifford Dale See June 1917 Cost

Pte 8133 Arthur Richard Edwards Enlisted XII Platoon 2/9/1914. 26 year old salesman at Messrs Wilson, Bothamley and Co. Born Luton with brothers still resident there WWI Luton. Paid Lance Cpl 26/11/1914 and returned to Private 5/11/1915 at own request. Wounded [GSW through left thigh] 1st July. Posted Depot at Home in Chatham Hospital 5/7/1916.  Command Depot [Heaton Park?] 24/2/1917. 3rd Reserve Bttn, Cleethorpes 2/3/1917. Discharged [SWB ?] 11/7/1917 with 13/9 Pension for 26 weeks.  Mother Sarah, Bro William and Sis Beatrice lived at 77 Russel Street, Luton. Arthur lived at 39 Heywood Street, Moss Side. He returned to live with his mother. See Montauban for Press Article

L/Cpl 8554 Ernest Falla. A bank clerk in Lancs & Yorks Bank shot through the temple in the advance to Montauban on 1/7/1916. Buried in Montauban and concentrated to Dantzig Alley, Mametz.  Enlisted 3/9/1914, aged 21y 2m.  Unpaid L/Cpl 7/1/1915 and reverted to Pte on own choice 2 days later.  L/Cpl again on 3/11/1915, 5 days before arriving in France and appointed as paid on 2/12/1915.  Son of James and Hannah. Brother Arthur, Primrose Bank, Dean Avenue, Newton Heath.  Ernest was 6′ 2 1/2″ tall, much taller than all his peers.

Pte 27321 Charles Robert Felstead Salesman aged 23y 5m. Attested Derby Scheme 10/12/1915 to Reserve. Enlisted 25th TR Bttn Manchester 9/2/1916. France 21/5/1916 Posted to 17th Bttn. KiA  1/7/1916, Resident 17 Neptune Street, Long Street, Ancoats.  Fa Charles Robert. No Mo. Bros Sidney OHMS, Albert & Harold OHMS. 3 Sisters. Also mentioned on National Roll.

Hubbard Thomas. Courtesy @Jennaanwatts

T Hubbard courtesy @jennannwatts

Pte 8189 Thomas Hubbard. Enlisted 3/9/1914 age 23 y 1m. Posted 8/9/1914. Born St Pole, Bury.  Employed as clerk – poss Calico Printers?. 2 + 7 Days  Confined to Barracks for being late and absent. Embarked Folkestone 8/11/1915. (Trained XIV Pln) Qualified as Range Finder. Wounded Trones Wood 10-11/7/1916.  Died 5th Casualty Clearing Station, Gun Shot Wound to head 11/7/1916.  Son of Robert Hubbard 6 Foundary Road, Bury. Mo.(Betsy) deceased. Bro Charlie in Egypt.  2nd Brother Robert and sisters Ethel and Eliz. United Methodist religion. 5′ 4 1/2″ (CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION SON OF ROBERT AND BETSY HUBBARD, OF 25, BOND STREET, BURY, LANCS.) See My great Uncle Thomas Hubbard

Pte 8195 John Frederick Arthur James. Clerk aged 22y 3m when he enlisted 2/9/1914. Appointed unpaid L/Cpl 3/11/1915 before embarking for France 8/11/1915.  26/3/1916 Admitted 55 Field Ambulance with impetigo. Returned to duty 30/3/1916. Clean Conduct sheet. Qualified as Listener Grenadier. Wounded 1-2/7/1916.  Killed in Action 2/7/1916 and buried in La Place, Montauban by 11th Royal Scots on 7/7/1916.  Relocated to Quarry Cemetery in 1919. Father Jonathan James received Effects at 21 Duffield Road, Pendleton. Mo Sarah, Sis Elsie Adeline. Later Mill Road, Southport. Born Salford. Baptist.

CSM 8196 Charles Roland Johnson.  Warehouseman Tootal Brodahurst & Lee  – Salesman Prineted Cotton for 7 years. aged 33 yrs when he enlisted at ALbert Hall  2/9/1914. Born Bowden, Cheshire. Sgt 19/9/1914. CQ/MS 7/3/1915. A/CSM 1/10/1915. WOII 17/101/1915.  France 8/11/1915. Wounded Trones Wood 9/7/1916. Rescued by 2/Lt RM Miller and Pte A A Bell. Posted to Depot 14/7/1916. Treated Norwich. Discharged SWB  & Pension18/2/1918. Character V. Good.  Recovered with parents in W S Mare and returned to Tootals.

Pte 9375 Lewis Edward Jones Enlisted 17/2/1915 aged 25y 3m.  Transferred to 25th Training Reserve Bttn 30/9/1915,  Folkestone 24/12/1915- Boulogne 25/12/1915 BEF. 30th Infantry Brigade Depot.  Joined 2nd Entrenching Bttn 7/1/1916. 17th Bttn 20/2/1916. Initially reported Wounded, then Killed in Action at Montauban 1-2/7/1916. Reported buried by Chaplain of  1st South African Infantry Bgde. No known Grave, Commemorated Thiepval. Butcher (CWS?) resident 24 Victoria Street, Middleton with Wife, Sarah – new Whitaker married 15/1/1912- and Marian b 25/6/1912 & Eunice 17/2/1914. Father Edward, Bro Arnold, Sis Esther.

Pte 8682 Lloyd Jones.  Enlisted 3/9/1914 aged 28y 9m. Confined to Barracks in April and October 1915 for absences. France 8/11/1915. Hosp with Piles 17/2/1916, 2nd Gen Hosp Le Havre. 30 Infantry Brigade Depot, Etaples 1/3/1916. Returned to Bttn 24/3/1916. KIA 13/11/1916.  Thiepval. Packer. 28 Sedan Street, Hightown. Mother received medals at 6 Percival Street, Hightown. Father, William. Bro Edward, Sis Helen.

Private 9515 Levi Kenyon. Collier Enlisted Manchester 27/3/1915, aged 28y 3 m. Clean Conduct Sheet. Embarked Folkestone 20/5/1916. 30 IBD Etaples 21/5/1916. Posted 17th Bttn 5/6/1916.  Killed in Action Montauban 1-2/7/1916. Buried in Maricourt and later concentrated to Peronne Road. Effects to James & Una Esther Machin of 5 Stavelely Street, Harpurhey. This family home. Fa William. No Mo. 4 Sisters. CofE

Corporal 8834 Percy Gordon Ramsden see Ramsden Brother Killed at Heninel 23/4/1917

Pte 9427 Thomas Staniforth. Enlisted 19/2/1915 aged 37 years 3 months.  Bricklayer resident 70 Ravald Street, Oldham Road.  France with 17th Bttn 8/11/1915. 1st Class shot. Crimed for Absence Heaton Park, 13/3/1915 and overstaying leave passes 10/4/1915 in Manchester & 8/5/1915 in Grantham.  Transferred to 61st Labour Corps 24/5/1918 No 581295. Furlough 14/11/1918. Lived at 22 Sun Street, Newton Heath when discharged fit for duty, 23/2/1919, aged 41. Married Mary Ford, 6/6/1914 at Chorlton Reg Office. Pensioned with 1 child, Thomas, born 6/9/1915 in Ancoats. ?Bronchial Caborrah? 20% disab. attributable to service. 1914/15 Star with 17th Bttn.  BWM/VM with LC. Worked in Brewery in 1911. Brother Edmond KiA with Cheshires 3/9/1916. Vin Staniforth visited GUEST BOOK in August 1916. Younger brother John served in 2/8th Bttn. Enlisted 7/9/1914 Discharged unfit 28/6/1916. Died at home in Sun Street, 25/2/1920. Pension for Heart Complaint originating during Service.  Having obtained his Death Certificate, we found John died from TB, so he was not considered a casualty of the Great War. See Walking the Somme by Vin Staniforth

Sergeant 8336 Frederick Arthur Wilkinson
Clerk aged 24y 1  1 1/2 m when he enlisted in Manchester on 2/9/1914. Born and resident Wilmslow. Promoted Sgt 19/9/1916 & 26/4/1915. Clean Conduct Sheet. Embarked Southampton with advance / transport section 7/11/1915. Killed in Action 1-2/7/1916 by German artillery  in charge of machine gun section on road to Quarry Cemetery.  Buried in Montauban and exhumed to Dantzig Alley.  GRU report describes initial grave as NEAR MONTAUBAN 5 1/2 miles R. of Albert(Report 92.1).  Parents Thomas Howarth and Sarah Jane Wilkinson of ‘Waltham’, Wilmslow. Sisters Agnes Lilian & Edith Emily. Address for Fred as 12 Sackville Street. CofE.

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