Australian War Memorial – Thank You.

The Australian War Memorial provides some wonderful photos and records.  Today I found some amazingly detailed information about an Old Boy from Manchester Warehouseman & Clerks Orphans’ School.  The details from the Australian Red Cross and AWM provide a more detailed picture of a casualty than i have ever seen before.  Well done Australia.

Courtesy Australian War Memorial with thanks.

Courtesy Australian War Memorial with thanks.

This is the most vivid letter in the files for William Barker Hart.  RCDIG1046079 Aus Red Cross and AWM 131 – Service Details The other data allows verification on a basis that is simply impossible from the records I have found for British Army casualties.  RCDIG1067840 AWM Nominal Roll on Ship – HMAC Ceramic

Following further assistance I found an even greater treasure trove of data on AIF Database.  This includes a synopsis of Service Records and links to the original data.

The Luftwaffe wiped out many of our records, but I am not certain the British Red Cross compiled such data.

This is way off topic, but acknowledgement needs to be given to the Australian people.  Equally, William probably knew my grandad…

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