Remembering 9439 Private Percy Grundy. 17th Battalion Manchester Regiment. Died 1/2/1919

XX Pln, E COy 17th Bttn Photo

XX Platoon Photo in Spring 1915. Individuals are not identified. Courtesy Book of Honour

Percy Grundy was one of the 17th Battalion casualties who has not been readily apparent in records, being shown as serving in the Labour Corps or 3rd Battalion Manchester Regiment.
Percy died on 1st February 1919, aged 42. He is buried in COLOGNE SOUTHERN CEMETERY with the inscription “At Rest” paid for by his father. This post remembers Percy alongside other Pals in the 2nd City Battalion.

CWGC records show Percy served with 3rd Battalion Manchester Regiment and transferred to (432349) 212th Area Employment Company, Labour Corps. This was part of the Army of occupation, formed as a condition of the Armistice. His Victory & British War Medals were issued to Labour Corps roll but the 1914/15 Star was issued on the 17th Manchesters roll, noting arrival in France on 25th December 1915. Neither Medal Roll indicates when the transfer to the 3rd Battalion or Labour Corps took place. The initial posting to 3rd Reserve Battalion in Cleethorpes is quite likely to have followed his wounding or sickness in France.

The Roll of Honour shows Percy trained with XX Platoon. This was part of E Company, which became the 25th Training Reserve Battalion for those men that stayed in Manchester when the majority of the Battalion left for Grantham in the late spring of 1915. Many men were also transferred in to A to D Companies at this stage, but it is anticipated Percy stayed behind, or he would most likely have arrived in France with the Battalion on 8th November 1915.

Percy was the son of Samuel and Mary Ann Grundy, of 32, Tewkesbury Drive, Sedgley Park, Prestwich, Manchester. He was born in Salford in 1878 and the family lived at 130 Broughton Lane, Salford in 1881. In 1911 Samuel lived with his elder brother George and family at 22 Coudray Road, Southport, employed as a trading clerk, West Africa.

Percy Grundy's name in the Book of Honour.

Percy Grundy’s name in the Book of Honour.


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