Glenalmond College – Perthshire

Living in the deep south of England renders few opportunities to revisit Scotland, where I spent some great summers in the early 1980s.  Although not the subject of this blog, a wasp sting and synchronised swimming competition in Glasgow provided the unanticipated prospect of a visit to the former school of one of my World War I subjects.

Ralph Marillier Miller left Trinity College Glenalmond and commanded my grandad’s Platoon at Trones Wood  He lost his life soon after on 29th July 1916.

Great thanks to Elaine for her generous hospitality and tour in the footsteps ‘Jockey’ Miller. We each found new data and opened up communication with Ralph’s niece.  I also read his obituary which includes an extract of a letter from the father of CSM Johnson; who had been saved by Ralph Miller and Grandad on 10th July 1916.  There’s a possible dilemma with focusing on the exploits of the two men on that day – but not when visiting Glenalmond College which is taking steps to take pride and remember all the men who fought in the War, particularly those that lost their lives.

In memory of Ralph Marillier Miller 27th Feb 1896 – 29th July 1916.  Here’s some pictures for ‘Brave Jockey’ (more to follow with better net connection) :-

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