9 thoughts on “Maricourt WWI

  1. Dianne norwood

    My grand-dad Srg George Royle 9014 17th Manchester PALS received DCM & Military medals. we are at the moment visiting the Somme area, trying to trace were he & the men fought. It has been a really eye opener & are so very proud of our men. We lost so many very young & brave men.

  2. Dianne norwood

    Thanks going to Ypres on Friday. Where is the best place to see where my grandad was, believe is was near la douve. Any more ideas would’ve great. I believe there are two cemeteries in that area which we intend to Visit to pay our respects. The trip hS been a really eye opener. My dad is over the moon that we are doing this trip. His father died of mustard gas poisoning when he got back to the uk. My dad was only 10 years old when he passed away. Such a shame I never knew him. Thanks

    1. 8055bell Post author

      Hi Dianne,
      You have a very powerful story there and I’d like to compare notes when we’re both back in UK.
      I always find myself returning to Maricourt and Montauban as the seen of the 17th Battalion’s greatest success on the 1st Day of the Somme. Suzanne is also worth a visit and Eclusier Vaux, purely because it’s so pretty and different to the rolling hills and wide skies of Picardy downland.

  3. Dianne norwood

    Off to Suzanne today & Ypres tomorrow that will be a long day as we want to be there for the last post. Hear from you soon. Hope you have a good trip.

  4. Dianne norwood

    Suzanne a lovely little village, had a cuppa coffee at the little bar the village, walked down to the cemetery & there wee many Manchester pals headstones, so very sad. we also visited the La petite train which again was very interesting,

  5. Anne Warn

    Hello, Like Dianne, myself and my husband are soon to visit France and Belgium to commemorate ancestors who died in the First World War. I have made several searches on two great uncles: Ernest McNamara on the 18th (3rd city) Battalion, Reg no; 10555, and believe he died in action 1.7.16 at Mountauban. He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial. His brother, Arthur McNamara of the 6th Bn Yorkshire Regiment, Reg no; 41668 died in action on 27.8,17, and is remembered at the Tyne Cot Memorial. Neither uncles have a grave. I have tried to search for them on Manchester Memorials but had no success. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Could it be there is no record of them in the Manchester area. Their parents were living at Brooks Bar Manchester, when their son’s died.

    1. 8055bell Post author

      Hi Anne,
      Thanks for leaving the comment. I’ve posted some pictures of Ernest in his Platoon on the Home page. Feel free to let me add any details and sources as you find it.
      When you visit next week, walk on the track north from Maricourt past Machinegun Wood on your right and up into the field towards Montauban. This is within 100 Yards or less of Ernest’s advance on 1st July.
      I hope you have better weather than our flooded trip!

      1. dianne norwood

        Anne, we have just got home after an intensive 14 days of going around places where my grandfather fought. A very moving & emotional trip, fought out more about what the men did & how many died for us. We ended our trip going to Ypres & the Last Post which was a fitting end to our trip. Many tears. Still got questions thought. What the lads went through was hell.

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