Frank Dunn 8528

Frank Dunn’s Grandson, visited the GUEST BOOK and introduced me to his Grandad’s record.   This post was originally to help Clive.  Clive then provided some remarkable photos of his Grandad’s postcards.  They are shown here as a gallery and provide some great examples on photos showing the Pals at Heaton Park and during convalescence.  Many are subsequently used in the static content of the main site.  Huge Thanks to Clive.

Frank enlisted on 2/9/14 and trained / served in the same places as featured on this site for Arthur Bell. Frank was posted in XII Platoon of C Company.  Clive indicated that Frank was “was wounded (shrapnel and gas) shortly after and returned home.”   I am aware that the Germans used gas shells on the night of 30th July (Lieutenant Miller was killed by one); and also during the advance on Trones Wood on 9th July.

Frank recovered at home and was discharged with a Silver War Badge on 10/12/18.  The SWB Roll is on line but I can’t publish it due to Copyright.

7 thoughts on “Frank Dunn 8528

  1. Clive Dunn

    I think Frank Dunn was the standing in the second row down, and he was third from the left…….
    Thank you for the photo – I hadn’t seen it before. It makes it all come alive.

  2. Stuart Upton

    Hi Clive
    Do you please have any family details, descendants etc of Frank. I wondered if he may have resided in Burnage at any time as I have some details of a Frank Dunn who lived there.
    Stuart Upton

    1. Clive dunn

      I think there were a lot of Frank Dunns. My Dad was another! As far as I knew he grew up and lived in Stockport all his life. No cars then for army privates…..

  3. 8055bell Post author

    Burnage is right next door to Heaton Reddish, north of Stockport, where Frank was born and married Ellen North. Ellen lived at 25 Reddish Road and Frank lived at 189 Old Road Stockport when they married. Both about 2 miles from Burnage
    I reckon Stuart may have the right man.

  4. stuart upton

    Thank you for your replies. The Frank Dunn i am researching was unfortunately killed by an exploding armament in 1944/5 down south although I understand that he lived in “Burnage” where his friend visited his parent(s). Sorry to be vague.


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