CQMS H Waddington – A small Breakthrough

Research continues and it is really satisfying to find new data on the core men of A Company who served with my Grandad.  Today I’ve found out Henry Waddington was a Manchester Policeman before he enlisted in early 1915.  There were numerous Policemen in 17th Battalion, similar to the other groups of Pals from the City’s businesses.  A number were decorated and some didn’t return.  Henry did.  Here’s his summary:-

CQMS Waddington - unconfirmed from II Pln Book of Honour

CQMS Waddington  II Pln Book of Honour

CQMS Henry Waddington MBE 9348

Henry Waddington’s MIC indicates his arrival in France in November 1915 and rank of WOI with the Manchester Regiment.  The 1911 census shows Henry had been a married Police Officer living at Bosworth Street, Openshaw. Manchester Police records [Huge thanks to Mary] show he had been a Sergeant in E Division who resigned from the Police on 20th February 1915 to join the Army.  On 13 February 1913 he had been promoted to Acting Sergeant and shortly after the outbreak of war he volunteered as a drill instructor for the training of the new armies.  He had earlier served as an Officer with Gloucester Constabulary.  At 5’10” he was significantly taller than the other men in the II Platoon photo.

Henry was a Reservist who had previously served 9 1/2 years, rising to the rank  Lance Corporal with the 1st Battalion, Gloucester Regiment, including the defence of Ladysmith in the 2nd Boer War.

RSM Waddington was commissioned 2nd Lt. in August 1916, having been RSM with 19th Battalion.  It is likley Henry had been wounded in July 1916 and returned as an Officer after recuperation.  His service as 2nd Lt. was also with 19th Bttn.   Manchester Constabulary records show Henry had transferred to the Royal Flying Corps on 15th April 1918, attaining the rank of Major.  2nd Lieutenant Waddington’s Manchester Regiment MIC identifies his 1921 address as 115 Harley Street, Higher Openshaw.  He had resigned his Commission and rejoined the Police on 8th January 1919.    He went on achieve the Police rank of Detective Inspector in his later Police career.  On 3rd June 1919, he was Gazetted for his MBE Military Division.

He remained at Harley Street until his death in July 1932 at Nell Lane Hospital, Didsbury.  Henry had married Alice Amy Green and in 1905.

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