Manchester City Battalions Book of Honour, Sherratt & Hughes 1916 – Review

The Book of Honour has been a wonderful resource for this site.  Platoon rolls provide a list of names and group photographs of the Pals that trained together at home in Heaton Park Camp.  With the help of various forums, the images of individual men have been identified from the Platoons – truly helping to remember these men for generations to come.  The large volume also provides HQ photos and list of men serving from large Manchester firms.  This clearly shows the context of the young men enlisting in autumn 1914 and helps illustrate to likely impact on the City they left behind.



7 thoughts on “Manchester City Battalions Book of Honour, Sherratt & Hughes 1916 – Review

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  2. Mrs Bamber

    My grandad. Ebeneezer Ashton service no 9287 E company is among the soldiers in the photo but it does not show which row he is on. How do I find out where he is

  3. 8055bell Post author

    There’s no known order to the Rolls, I’m afraid. If he was an NCO, you may have been able to spot him. Other than that, it’s comparison with photos. I took ages to find my Grandad in III Pln, but I’m still not 100% certain.
    Ebeneezer did not go to France with the rest of the Battalion in Nov 1915 and probably arrived in early 1916. He was later transferred to the Labour Corps 641360 – probably after wounding. He was discharged and received a Pension until 1937.

    1. Mrs Bamber

      Many thanks for the reply info , I know my grandad had shrapnel wounds to his legs and had to wear callipers do you know where he was when he got injured , I cannot find this information

  4. 8055bell Post author

    Your family story is consistent with him being transferred to the LC, but no dates are known. My guess would be wounding on the Somme in 1916. If he needed callipers, Ebeneezer wouldn’t have been serving with the LC, so it’s possible he was wounded a second time.

    I can’t see Ebeneezer receiving a Silver War Badge, which is a bit odd considering the extent of his wounds and length of Pension. I wonder if this means he was disharged in late 1919 and poss wounded in 1919. Guessing though…

  5. Mrs Bamber

    Hello again re grandad Ebeneezer Ashton 9287 would I be able to find out more information at the Museum of the Manchester Regiment which is housed in Tameside Gtr Manchester

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