Lewis Andrew Foulkes 377293 and Frederick Foulkes 304004 Manchester Regiment

The Silver War Badge was instituted in 1916 and awarded to men who were honourably discharged.

The Silver War Badge was instituted in 1916 and awarded to men who were honourably discharged.

Lewis Foulkes

Lewis is the second of Arthur Bell’s cousins who served in the Manchester Regiment during the War and discharged wounded with Silver War Badge (H/1103/1)  These records show Lewis (Fowlkes) enlisted on 3rd June 1916 and discharged aged 30 on 22nd July 1918.  It also confirms he served overseas with the Regiment.

His Medal Index Card shows Lewis received the British War Medal and Victory Medal (H/1/104B42 Pg 8542).   Having obtained a copy of the medal roll, I have found he served in the 2nd/10th Territorial Battalion.  Brief details of the Battalion History can be found on themanchesters.org 2/10th Battalion.  It appears likely Lewis entered France in March 1917 and received his wounds in northern France or Ypres.  The Battalion suffered 115 fatalities in the period before Lewis’ discharge.  48 men died in 9th October 1917 at Passchendeale.

Lewis was discharged with a Disability Pension for Gun Shot Wound to his Right Thigh.  He had 50% disability and lived at 8 Laurel Avenue, Moss Side.

I picked up the link to Lewis from the 1891 census.  At this time he lived at 35 Renshaw Street, Manchester with his father, Lewis – a baker- and extended family.  This included his Grandfather

Andrew, Hannah & Richard Bell with Lewis Foulkes Snr & Mary Anne Foulkes Nee Bell

Andrew, Hannah & Richard Bell with Lewis Foulkes Snr & Mary Anne Foulkes Nee Bell

Andrew Bell (my great great Grandad); his mother Mary Ann and uncle Richard Bell – Arthur Bell’s father – my great grandad.  Andrew died in 1892 and is buried in Manchester Southern Cemetery in the same plot as his wife, Hannah, who had died in May 1916* while her Grandson Arthur Bell was serving in France.  Lewis was born in August 1887.

Richard Bell had died in December 1901 and buried in the family plot with his father.  His brother in law Lewis Foulkes Snr, shares the same plot, having died in February of 1901.*  As such, Arthur Bell and his siblings had the unfortunate common factor of losing their father; as well as Lewis Jnr. and his brother Frederick.

In 1911, Lewis Jnr. still lived in the family home – now 48 Renshaw Street – with his mother, Mary Ann  – Polly – (nee Bell).  He was then aged 21, and working as a shipping warehouseman.  Lewis married Alice Lawson in 1913 and his son Norman was born in December that year.

Lewis died in August 1961 and is also buried in Southern Cemetery.  His son Norman shares the plot, having died in March 1986.

Frederick Foulkes

Lewis’ brother Fred also served with the Manchester Regiment and he was awarded the same two medals .  His number indicates he may have enlisted in 1/8th Territorial Battalion, although his Medal Roll entry confirms service with 21st Manchesters** .  The June 1918 remembrance message in the MEN for his cousin Herbert Bell indicates Fred was serving in Italy; where the 21st Battalion was serving at that time. The Absent Voters List* shows Fred was away from home in the Summer of 1918 and posted to the 72nd Section, Anti-Aircraft Battalion.   Fred had been a bookkeeper prior to enlistment*.  His address on the AVL in 1918 was confirmed as 48 Renshaw Street, Hulme.  The June 1918 article also indicates aunt Bella lived with her sister Polly Ridge, following the loss of her son Alfred Ridge in January 1918.

* Courtesy Mack http://www.themanchesters.org/

** Courtesy Monsstar http://www.themanchesters.org/

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