90th Brigade Padre Robert Balleine

Heaton Park Brigade HQ from Book of Honour

Rev Balleine

Rev Balleine

Balleine MEN 14.2.1916

Balleine MEN 14.2.1916

This chap found some eggs for the 17th Manchesters on 3rd July 1916 when the remains of the Battalion were relieved from Montauban.  Records show he spent most of the time with 16th Battalion.  He also spent time away from the front – notably dining at the Godbert in Amiens (Lt. Nash’s Diary).  After the war Rev.  Balleine became the rector of St. Crispins – sometimes the patron saint of martyrs.  St Crispin’s day notably falls on 25th October; the date of the Battle of Agincourt.  Shakespere also wrote the St Crispin’s day speech for Henry V “…the fewer men, the greater share of honour…”

The men clearly had respect for the Padre as recorded in the local paper.

Rev. Balleine's former home

Rev. Balleine’s former home

The photo shows the Balleine brothers as Rector and Parish Curate alongside the Bishop of Manchester.  Their father was the Bishop of Jersey.  See Museum of the Manchester Regiment | The Men Behind the Medals

Rev Balleine

Rev Balleine Courtesy St Crispins Church Fallowfield

The family funded the development of a new vicarage and the brothers lived there with their sister.  A new church was developed following fundraising efforts.  This was designed by Hubert Worthington from B Company of 17th Manchesters.

Hubert named his son Crispin, at the time he was working on the church project*.  Crispin Worthington then went on to design a new stained glass window when he was a young architect.  This shows a shoe and boot reflecting the more benign patronage of St Crispin to cobblers and leather workers.

Courtesy Ian Fair

Courtesy Ian Fair

* Thanks to Captain Robert Bonner for information on Crispin Worthington. Both men were commissioned in the Manchester Regiment.  Crispin was 5 Platoon Commander in Kroh.


3 thoughts on “90th Brigade Padre Robert Balleine

  1. 8055bell Post author

    You are most welcome. My Parish Rector was known as Vicman to the kids in the youth club. You must be known as Vic Vicman! Do you have a particular interest in Rev. Balleine?
    PS Rest in Peace David Bulman.

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