Flers 12th October 1916

Flers 12th October 1916

Flers 12th October 1916

This photograph shows the view from Gird Support Trench as seen by the supporting troops on 12th October 1916.

The British front line was situated at the bottom of the depression close to the vegetation marking the track running across the image from the chalky white storage area next to the road.

The German front line – Bayonet Trench – was located at the top of the rise overlooking the British advance.  The 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers assaulted on this section of the line, with the 17th Battalion Manchester Regiment immediately to their left (north).  Neither Battalion made much progress in the face of withering machine gun fire from the German defenders.

Arthur Bell was wounded by shrapnel in the foot at this place.  He was evacuated home.


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