Dilemma on reporting success on the First Day of the Somme

Graham Maddocks summed up the challenge “…even after the passage of more than eighty years [90], this is still not a well known or accepted fact.  Despite obvious and catastrophic set-backs, the men of these two divisions [18th & 30th] accomplished near miracles over difficult and varying terrain and even though it is odious to compare their success with the total failure elsewhere, it is that very failure that has fueled the public’s perception of the Somme battle ever since.”

Any feedback on how I have struck the balance in this site would be welcome.


2 thoughts on “Dilemma on reporting success on the First Day of the Somme

  1. AnElephantCant

    May I say how touched I am by your visit and response to my piece on this subject.
    I feel we all have a duty to remember and to ensure it never happens again.
    Thank you

    1. 8055bell Post author

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks for the response. We can all help people remember these events, but it seems more of a challenge to ensure there are no further repeats.


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