The FGCM of 1957 Pte. William Hunt 18/Manchester Regiment (Part 1.)

This site is particularly relevant to the thoughts of Joe being shot at dawn in The Village BBC drama. Reading the court martial is deeply sad. As writer of this site, I’ve tried to avoid 21st century views on perceptions of events a century ago. The history needs to be told though.

Pt. Hunt was shot at dawn in November 1916, following his absence from post in the Flers assault on 12th October.  This was the assault Arthur Bell received his Blighty wound of shrapnel in his foot.

Blindfold and Alone

The Charge.

 Section 12 (1a) of the Army Act 1881

The accused No. 1957. Private W. Hunt, 18th. Service Battalion MANCHESTER REGIMENT, a soldier of the Regular Forces is charged with :-

When on Active service deserting his Majesty’s service, in that he on 12th October 1916 when his battalion was in the front line absented himself without leave from the afternoon of October 12th 1916 until the evening of October 16th 1916 with intent to avoid doing duty in the front line.

(Signed)  H. B Williams  Lieut. Colonel


Form for Assembly and proceedings of Field General Court Martial on Active Service.

3 Nov 1916 Headquarters 30th Division


At* On Active Service this second day of November, 1916

Whereas it appears to me, the undersigned, an officer in Command of 90th Infantry Brigade on active service, that the persons named in the annexed Schedule…

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